When it comes to reaching out to your customers there are many outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, email, text messages, well the possibilities are endless. But how do you reach potential customers and convince them that you are exactly what they are looking for? You let your customers tell them. In order to be able to use your customers’ opinions as a marketing tool in the form of testimonials or customer reviews, there are a few steps to follow before actually asking anything.

Since you will be “surveying” your customers in a sense, you should have a clear idea of what you want to find out, therefore work that into your questions. Make this as beneficial for you as possible. You will also need to know what you will use to incentivize your customers to provide you with their opinions and feedback. From there it is up to your testimonial writers to make the magic happen, make sure you get the information you desire to better your business, and the information mainstream America needs gets published.

Customers are interviewed according to your needs and their experiences with your business, and unique and optimized articles are generated for each customer. Each piece is properly optimized so that the URL, title and meta-description match and are enticing to the reader. Truth is Google loves displaying reviews articles, and with the star ranking displayed right next to your article’s link more clicks are achieved. All pieces are properly linked to the appropriate pages on your website to achieve maximum interest levels, increase conversion and help improve sales.

The testimonial writers at The Pen Crew are dedicated to writing articles that perfectly combine quality, depth and optimization for search engines, resulting in content that Google loves to present and that searchers respond to. A team of professional journalists, The Pen Crew is talented in the art of writing for businesses, and trained in the science of writing for search engines. Marketing has evolved and so have the skills these writers have developed, from trade magazines to social media, the way to reach customers sure has changed. Having a basic understanding of how everything from search engine optimization to blogging works is good, but having someone that can tie them both together and help you rank in page one of Google, on your side is great.

When customers are online, they want to be informed, they want content they will find useful, something that answers their questions, enlightens them as to how you can help them, or teach them how to do something themselves. All content should promptly address whether you can help them or not, and if so reassure them via how similar problems have been solved or ideally through a successful customer’s testimonial.

For more information on how this skilled team of writers can benefit your business visit their website www.pencrew.com and contact them with any questions you might have.

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