Are you searching for the best custom chicken coops or top-rate chicken coop builders?

Every day, hundreds of people all around the USA search for “chicken coop builders near me”.

Did you know that you can have a top-of-the-line chicken coop built for you and delivered right to your front door?

Owning a chicken coop is no longer reserved for farmers. Many cities and municipalities allow people to keep chickens on their property. Even people living in large cities with limited space can have a chicken coop.

What’s better is you can have your chicken coop custom-made. If you want to just have a few chickens for the fresh eggs and a bit of company, or you want a few dozen chickens to sell the eggs, it is all possible.

Also gone are the small-framed cages with a bit of wire. Chicken coops can be as elaborate as you want them to be. Add lights, heating, a few layers, and even several exits for the chickens to come and go as they please.

Building one yourself might seem simple enough, but you want to make sure the coop is built with the chickens in mind. People who built chicken coops understand the space and the style that will be best suited to keep your chickens comfortable and safe.

Chickens need to have enough space to move around, have a way to get out of the coop, and have space from other chickens who may be aggressive or violent.

You also want your chicken coop to be easy to access and clean. You need space to be able to go in and collect the eggs without scaring or disturbing the hens.

Urban farming doesn’t just mean a vegetable garden. Keeping chickens is growing in popularity and the chicken coops of today reflect that. Large, small, elaborate coops are cropping up all over.

Get your custom-built to fit perfectly in your backyard. Limited space, slanting yard, awkward shapes are no challenge for the professional chicken coop builders. Here are a few great companies to get you started.

If you already have a design in mind, let the team know when you contact them. If not, ask them for suggestions.


Top 10 Best Custom Chicken Coop Builders and Companies


Rita Marie’s Large Chicken Coops

Each and every pre-built chicken coop isn’t made until you order it. This way you can choose your own personal design, features, paint or stain colors, trim, and roof materials. They use materials that have been proven to last, even through harsh winters year after year.

They know that happy, stress-free chickens live long and live well. This is why they offer lots of predator-proof chicken coop options as well as insulation for weather protection.

Their coop designs have been tested and proven by hundreds of happy customers, from the extra headroom to door latches inside and out, easy clean-outs, and external nesting box lids for quick egg gathering.

Rita Marie’s Large Chicken Coops
5017 Teasley Lane #145-15
Denton, Texas 76210
Phone: (877) 550-9346


The Hen House Collection

They don’t sell trashy backyard chicken coops. Their coops are designed for longevity and built with materials that will last well into the future. Also built into the design are features that make caring for your chickens easier.

Solid construction helps to keep your chickens secure at night. A chicken coop from the Hen House Collection could become an attractive feature in your backyard and an interesting conversation starter as you entertain your guests.

If you enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast, consider a chicken coop for your backyard. Fill your deluxe chicken coop with chickens and you’re well on your way to creating memories and teaching lessons that will last a lifetime.

The Hen House Collection
470 Millwood Rd.
Willow Street, PA 17584
Phone: (800) 490-3163


Carolina Coops

Carolina Coops is dedicated to functional farming at its very best, and they are proud to offer one of the country’s best selections of superior-grade chicken coops and accessories.

Carolina Coops began as an idea of how nice it would be to have fresh eggs available every day while living within city limits. Inspired by a love for animals, a talent for woodworking, and a unique business opportunity, the combination became a dream come true.

Carolina Coops, a division of DuBoise Enterprises INC. is a family-owned and operated business located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Rochester, NY.  They are looking forward to helping you decide which coop is just right for you!

Carolina Coops
2144 E Lyon Station Rd
Creedmoor, NC 27522
Phone: (919) 794-3989


Horizon Structures

Horizon Structures is a full-service company that stands behind their Amish barns and other structures 100%. From the 6×6 pressure treated base to the 25-year asphalt roof, you are guaranteed, IN WRITING, that their Amish barns, sheds, garages, and horse barns for sale are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

You can rest assured that your horses will enjoy a dry, comfortable and safe shelter for many years to come. Vehicles, tools, and personal belongings will be secure and protected as well.

Horizon Structures is now the industry’s leader in quality-built horse barns, horse stables, and run-in sheds.

Horizon Structures
5075 Lower Valley Road
Atglen, PA 19310
Phone: (610) 593-7710


Westphalia Trading Co

Their chicken coops are built to last with quality materials, craftsmanship, pressure-treated lumber, screws instead of nails, and real lumber, not plastic and particleboard.

Also, all of their coops can be adapted for use as a rabbit hutch or a dog kennel. As an add-on feature, they can install a solar-powered door that opens and closes at sunrise and sunset, so you don’t always have to be there to let your chickens in and out.

Please note that this does not come standard, and there is an extra charge for this feature. For more information about all of their add-on features.

Westphalia Trading Co
1343 Missouri Highway 63
Loose Creek, Missouri 65085
Phone: (573) 680-0426


Ranch Coop

They are a small family farm in northeast Texas. They make and sell chicken coops; most of them designed to be shipped nationwide. They also raise chickens, ducks, geese, and goats.

Handcrafted coops, brooders, and portable fence posts were a sideline that came into being when neighbors and family wanted ones like those they had made for our flock. They are all sturdy, predator-proof, and easily ready for winter.

Find chicken coops, fences, custom-made, large or small. They can make you a coop for a large number of hens, or just a few for your backyard. Window and insulated.

Ranch Coop
314 FM 1903
Greenville, Texas. 75402
Phone: (972) 561-8326


The Chicken Coop Company

Each coop they offer has been pre-treated with a water-based treatment to ensure the health of your chickens. Each coop is pre-built with pre-drilled holes, all hinges attached, all mesh preset, and more.

They love their chickens and customers. Their chickens give them eggs, and their customers give them kind comments and photos by email which they always love receiving!

The continued evolution of the design and details assures that customers are getting a fantastic addition to their property. All their coops and accessories are shipped from the USA within 24 hours of purchase.  All items are shipped via FedEx and you are provided a tracking number.

The Chicken Coop Company
1600 S 160 W
Hurricane, UT 84737
Phone: (888) 209-4643


Lancaster Chicken Coops

Starting in 2012, they have consistently built and delivered thousands of luxury Amish coops, all over the country. Each and every one of their coops is built by a team of Amish men, led by two brothers.

They have remained a small, family (and chicken) oriented company through the years, but you can be sure, they will provide your chickens with a high-quality, long-lasting coop they’ll feel spoiled in.

They have set up camp on an Amish Farm in Lancaster County, and their builders work from sunup to sundown, making sure your hen house is built just right for your Goldi-chicks.

Lancaster Chicken Coops
6285 Plank Rd
Narvon, PA 17555
Phone: (717) 553-0215


Cutest Coops

They build the highest quality chicken coops with thoughtful design features that make chicken keeping a fun and easy hobby. To ensure the craftsmanship of their hen homes is unrivaled, each one is hand-built, with high attention to detail and careful measurements, leaving you with a flawless finished product that is perfect for you and your feathered pets.

Their coops are predator safe, weather-resistant, easy to clean, and have superior ventilation. Their larger coops offer an interior design package that provides for convenient storage areas for your feed, treats, and shavings. Due to our overall mission to build the Cutest Coops, we also offer a complimentary coop design service.

Cutest Coops
7640 Old Mill Road.
Gates Mills, OH 44040
Phone: (216) 309-0722


Utah Chicken Coops

They have been building chicken coops, sheds, and other outdoor structures for backyards since 1995. Whether you want to buy one of their smaller do-it-yourself kits or you want them to build a custom coop for your backyard poultry operation, they have a solution for all your needs.

Their chicken coops are built to stand the test of time.  They use only the best materials and the best construction techniques in building and assembling all of their products.  Most chicken coops on the market will only last a few years at best. You can feel confident knowing that their products will continue to be useful and look good for many, many years.

Utah Chicken Coops
810 W Utah Ave, Building #8
Payson, UT 84651
Phone: (801) 609-1682


Top 10 Best Custom Chicken Coop Builders and Companies

As you can see, there are certainly plenty of great options available for your new chicken coop. These companies can accommodate you and the space you have available for a great chicken coop.

Be sure to check them all out and find a few you are happy with. Then, call them up with all your questions and find out which company seems to be best suited for your new chicken coop.

Ask about their prices, if there are any extra features available, and mention any special items or features you may be interested in. Custom-made should mean you can have whatever you want.

Ask them for references, if you need to, and ask if they have any photos not available on their website. Most of these coops should come exactly how you want them to.

Be sure to mention if your backyard or the area you want the chicken coop has any special mentions they should know about. You may have a huge slope to your yard, a large vegetable garden, or trees they will need to build around.

Your chicken coop will bring you years of joy, so make sure you find the company that will build the chicken coop of your dreams.

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