Searching for the best custom shipping container builders or company that build cabins out of freight containers?

No doubt you have seen the container homes people are living in. They have come a long way since people were just remodeling the actual container. Now, you can have yours custom-made.

Enjoy the rustic feel of your cabin at the lake, or in the city. Custom containers for homes and vacation cabins are gaining popularity and there is a good reason for that. They are beautiful.

Out-of-service shipping containers are being turned into homes, cabins, offices, studios, and they are continuing to grow in popularity. People can afford a shipping container and the construction needed to make it livable.

Whether you are looking at a first home, an additional home for guests, or a cabin at the lake, there are plenty of reasons to consider using a shipping container.

Widely available, they cost far less than other types of prefab homes. You can have a custom-made home within a few weeks, rather than months. Almost all of the work and the inspections are completed at the factory.

You already have the entire package built, all you need to do is fill it in with what you want. Once it is completed, they are easy to transport anywhere in the world.

They are often a far greener option, as well. With millions of shipping containers sitting around empty, there are far fewer needed resources to complete the final construction.

They make a great home or cabin. You can set up a studio in it or use it as your company’s offices. There is far less overhead with a custom-made shipping container.

If you are looking for a shipping container for your retirement or your starter home, you won’t have far to look. Here are a few of our favorites you may want to check out.

You likely already have something in mind, so take a look through this list and see if anything looks like something you would be interested in.


Top 10 Best Custom Shipping Container Home and Cabin Builders



CargoHome is a small, Waco-based company that specializes in turning shipping containers into elegant, efficient living spaces. These portable, sturdy tiny houses are perfect for a weekend home or a guest house. They would be happy to discuss your dreams for tiny living in a shipping container home.

In 2016 they built their first tiny house and by fall of 2020 had moved into their current 18-acre manufacturing facility on I-35 just north of Waco.

They typically have over a dozen CargoHome units in construction at a time now and are shipping them from coast to coast.

P.O. Box 16
Elm Mott, TX 76640
Phone: (877) 61-CARGO


CW Dwellings

During the design phase, they discuss your housing requirements and either configure one of their standard models or create a concept house that will address those requirements. The estimated cost is one of the deliverables of this phase.

There are several steps involved in the construction of a container house. The first step is the metalwork then the framing, plumbing, electricity, and finishing details.

When the construction is finished, they check to make sure that everything is working properly and according to the specifications, and that the unit is ready to pass the inspections required by the local government.

CW Dwellings
489 Pugh Rd
Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: (484) 580-901


Container Homes USA

Headquartered in the heart of Cleveland, it is their belief that they will be surrounded by a vast wealth of untapped human resources that are eager to work, hungry for knowledge, and thirsty for opportunity.

Container Homes USA is an innovative, cutting-edge company focused and dedicated to providing the very best in modular container structures. Quality-oriented, infinitely customizable, from “do it yourself” to delivered to your specifications—they do it all.

They understand that the world has changed. Traditional structures no longer fit every need. Something needed to change. And that is where they come in.

Container Homes USA
3387 East 75th Street
Cleveland Ohio 44127
Phone: (216) 372-8250

Containers In Motion

Containers in Motion is a leading global brand that provides modified shipping containers into various types of residential, recreational, farm, or commercial applications.

The company provides a wide range of products to a substantial and diversified client base that includes individuals, corporations, farming, and government agencies. The firm is headquartered in Florida.

Using experienced construction teams to construct each unit and backed by a support team ensure that they will deliver the finest quality finished products.
Containers in Motion offers low prices and high quality using the finest components. They consider the environment in all they do.

Containers In Motion
7777 Glades Rd. suite 100
Boca Raton, FL 33434
Phone: (561) 807-1969


Backcountry Containers

The founder of Backcountry Containers has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. While working as an aeronautical engineer, he became intrigued by the concept of tiny living.

He knew with his engineering background, he could make a unique, functional, and structurally sound dwelling space. With the support of his wife, he quit his job and built the first Backcountry Container.

She has always been a talented decorator and was able to balance out his practical, modern design with stylish decor and rustic design finishes. The first 20 ft blue container home was a hit and laid the foundation for what was about to become a booming business.

Backcountry Containers
3906 Meadowlark Way
Pearland, Texas, 77584, United States
Phone: (713) 817-9326


Container King

Since 2006, Container King has supplied quality secure shipping and storage containers, office containers, and mobile office trailers for sale. They supply new and used shipping containers (also called Sea Cans or Conex Boxes) at the best prices.

Each container is hand-checked by its staff to ensure quality standards. All of their containers are guaranteed wind and watertight. Nothing is more important than you and your satisfaction.

They can accommodate almost all modification requests. Whether you need roll-up doors, windows, or a custom paint job, their staff will be happy to assist you. New or used is the best option for many of your storage needs.

Container King
13555 S Stemmons St
Sanger, TX 76266
Phone: (866) 961-5464


Bob’s Containers

Bob’s Containers was built with the intention of supporting sustainable communities and spreading our knowledge to all of those looking to expand their own. One of the most common questions involves the process and expectations.

Their team of experts will advise and consult, but having a good idea of the purpose, functionality, and location of your container will help kick off the project more smoothly.

You can either browse and select one of their models available, elect to build it yourself with varying levels of help or bring your own custom design to them for a quote.

Most of the options available on their website are significantly cheaper than traditional housing and office options.

Bob’s Containers
11411 FM812
Del Valle, TX 78617
Phone: (833) 265-3269


Colorado Container Homes

Ready to build your very own man cave, shed, playhouse, or maybe even use a container for your construction job site? No problem. They are your one-stop-shop for buying used storage containers and container modifications.

Using a shipping container for your project really depends on what suits your needs. It takes a lot of researching and planning to get to your desired result. You will have to consider a lot of factors but at the end of the day, safety and comfort is still the most important thing to consider when using a shipping container for your home, cabin, or even storage purposes.

Colorado Container Homes
8561 CO-86
Kiowa, CO 80117
Phone: (720) 381-1714


Stackhouse Container Homes

Their team designs custom shipping container commercial, residential and mobile spaces. These sleek, modern homes can be ready to occupy in 30%-50% less time than using standard construction methods.
The possibilities are endless.

They can build a container with a size anywhere from 100 to 5,000 square feet in size. Go over your ideas for your future home with one of their crew, and they will construct your new home or mobile venue space accordingly.

Their r management team goes over every detail of the project so you are truly a part of your new home.

Stackhouse Container Homes
600 S Bell Blvd Ste. 212
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone: (512) 906-0245



A HONOMOBO is a factory-built home constructed with rigid steel. Their homes are meticulously designed for extreme durability, efficiency, and right-sized for modern living.

All of their floor plans are fixed with defined options for finishes and upgrades; just enough choice to make your home suit you without slowing down the momentum of a factory build. This provides predictability in unit costs and timelines.

Their process is designed for full transparency; from developing a project budget, creating foundation drawings for use by your local contractor, to the final delivery and installation of your Honomobo Home.

6908 Roper Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T6B 3H9, Canada


Now Your Are Ready to Hire the Best Custom Shipping Container Home Builders

Hopefully, this list has helped you find the company you want to work with. Perhaps it’s even given you a few ideas for your custom-built shipping container home.

Contact a few of these companies and ask a few of the questions you must have. If you don’t find the answer on their website, just ask them. Many of them have a form you fill out for contacting them that allows you to provide some details of what you are looking for.

You can see how fantastic some of these homes and cabins can be. Even as an office, it can make a big difference to your productivity level. There are so many sizes and structures to choose from.

When you contact them, make sure you let them know what you have in mind. It will help them move the process along faster. If you don’t really know, tell them that, too. They will be more than happy to provide samples and give you some ideas.

Shipping containers for homes is a great idea, they will help you save money, and they can be transported anywhere you like. Make some calls, get some quotes, and get started on your brand new home.

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