Are you searching for log home builders or reviews for the best log cabin kits online?

Every day, hundreds of people around the USA search for “log cabin builders near me”.

When it comes to log home builders and log cabin kit companies, there are a lot of choices out there.

Even with the trending popularity of shipping container homes, log cabins are still the all time favorite dwelling of choice for most outdoor lovers.

But which one is the best?

It can be dizzying to search through all the online log cabin kit companies, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which one are affiliate marketers and which ones are real companies.

Luckily, we’ve done your homework for you and ranked the top 10 log home builders that you can count on!

The log cabin companies were ranked based on varied criteria including factors like quality, value, integrity, and design.

It is with great pleasure that we give you this compelling list of the best names in the log home and log cabin kit businesses respectively.

Spending the money to build a log home is a considerable investment and requires a great deal of careful thinking to get the best experience.

With so much money on the line, it pays to make the best decision possible.

Making the best decision takes high-quality information and a grasp of what you want to have built.

While quality in construction, design, and materials is imperative, you also need to take your own tastes and desires into account.

For example, how important to you is it to have your log home constructed entirely of cedar or do you prefer other varieties of timber?

What Type of Wood Tree Timber is Best for Your Log Cabin Home?

There are many log cabin wood tree species to consider such as:

  • Pine (Eastern White, Lodgepole, Ponderosa, Red, Yellow, Western White)
  • Cypress (Red, Yellow)
  • Cedar (Atlantic White, Norther White, Western Red)
  • Fir (Douglas, True)
  • Hemlock (Eastern, Western)
  • Spruce
  • Oak (Red, White)
  • Walnut

Then follows the question of which log home builder is experienced working with the type of timber you want.

What questions should you ask your log home builder?

  • What is your buying process?
  • What is included in the purchase price?
  • How long have you been building log cabin homes?
  • What type of log cabin building technique do you use?
  • How long does it take to build a log cabin once we hire you?
  • What size log homes have you built?
  • What areas of the country have you built log homes?
  • What type of warranty do you offer on your log cabin kits?
  • Can you send me 5 references from recent clients?
  • What kinds of wood species do you use for your log cabins?
  • Where do you source your timber?
  • What does the final walk-through process look like and how do you address punch list items?

Keep these questions in mind when reviewing our top 10 list of the best log home builders and log cabin kit companies.

When you know exactly what you want, you’ll have a much easier time getting it from one of these outfits.


The 10 Best Log Home Builders & Log Cabin Kit Companies


PrecisionCraft Custom Log Homes & Timber Homes

For those looking for a log home in the mountains, PrecisionCraft Custom Log Homes & Timber Homes should be at the top of your list! The company has distinguished itself with its exquisite and inimitable designs coupled with its use of high-quality woods.

PrecisionCraft is graced with 25 years of experience and a reputation for the finest in customization. If you want a custom log home experience, you want PrecisionCraft! The diversity in sizes, floorplans, and timber speaks for itself and is nigh impossible to beat.

PrecisionCraft Custom Log Homes & Timber Homes
711 E Broadway Ave,
Meridian, ID 83642
Phone: (800) 729-1320


Frontier Log Homes

Frontier Log Homes has proven itself to be one of the most innovative log cabin kit companies on the market. IT is considered to offer excellent value for the money and make log cabin kits that are a cut above the rest.

They don’t just build log cabins, they build dream homes that you can enjoy and reflect upon with pride. Quality is often a primary concern when it comes to log cabin kit companies. When you partner with Frontier Log Homes, all you’ll have to worry about is how to fend off your friends and relatives who will want to stay in your cabin.

Frontier Log Homes
60813 Maple Grove Road
Montrose, CO 81403
Phone: (970) 289-9765


Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

When choosing a log home design, the timber you pick can make a huge difference. Those who value the inimitable look and scent of authentic cedar represent a special caste among log home connoisseurs. If cedar is the wood for you, then Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is the builder for you.

Based in Maine, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is committed to preserving the environment by exercising highly sustainable practices and is setting a commendable tradition to follow. The variety in floorplans is nothing short of spectacular, and the quality is worth every penny.

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes
205 Smyrna Road
Oakfield, ME 04763
Phone: (800) 845-4533


Coventry Log Homes

Coventry Log Homes carries some of the best designs for cabins, log homes, Adirondack hybrids, and garages. One of the major advantages of partnering with Coventry Log Homes is that they are highly energy-efficient. That means that these homes are both sustainable and affordable!

Another advantage of working with Coventry Log Homes is that they are factory direct, which means you can rely on experienced professionals who are familiar with the designs at any time. Being a factory-direct company also helps keep the costs down as they don’t have any dealers expecting commissions.

Coventry Log Homes
108 South Court Street
Woodsville, NH 03785
Phone: (800) 308-7505


Riverwood Cabins

In the middle of our list, stands Riverwood Cabins is a fine choice for anyone looking for a great value in a log home. Riverwood Cabins doesn’t just build log houses, it makes memories. The homes that they’ve built are designed to give owners many years’ worth of enchanting memories. Founded in 1983, both the quality construction of their homes and the memories that are forged in them, stand the test of time.

If you have a tight timeframe, Riverwood Cabins is a perfect choice. These log homes can be shipped nationwide and take a short 1-2 weeks to set up.

Riverwood Cabins
704 Briskin Ln
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: (615) 486-4545


Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Founded in 1992, Blue Ridge Log Cabins has been widely hailed as one of the most innovative log home builders in America. With such a prestigious reputation, you might be surprised to know that their log cabins are affordable. Their success is built off of their zeal for two qualities, customer satisfaction, and comfort. If you want to live in a log home that is not only beautiful but also comfortable, seek out Blue Ridge Log Cabins, you’ll be glad you did. This company revolves around making exceptional customer experiences and will cater to your desires in design.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins
625 East Frontage Road
Campobello, SC 29322
Phone: (864)457-7343


Conestoga Log Homes

Conestoga Log Homes is a leader in sustainability that will appeal to the environmentalists who aspire to log cabin living. They accommodate both individual and commercial buyers. The company has built log homes overseas in foreign nations and established itself as one of the best choices for resort owners. The quality you get is truly remarkable for the price, Conestoga Log homes’ stellar reputation for value, is well deserved.

By partnering with Conestoga Log Homes, you’ll also be supporting a local workforce comprised of residents of Lebanon and Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Conestoga Log Homes
246 N. Lincoln Ave
Lebanon, PA 17046
Phone: (717) 306-4490


Honest Abe Log Homes

Honest Abe Log Homes is one of the best values for those interested in log cabin living. This company uses a delectable mix of Eastern White Pine and Douglass Firs as its timbers of choice. If you’re concerned about the poor quality associated with timber that’s been kiln-dried, you’ll have no worries here. All of the timber used by Honest Abe Log Homes is properly dried, meaning it will hold up better over time.

Honest Abe Log Homes understands that owning a log home is a lifestyle, and they show their respect for that concept in the quality of their work.

Honest Abe Log Homes
9995 Clay County Hwy
Moss, TN 38575
Phone: (800) 231-3695


Battle Creek Log Homes

Battle Creek Log Homes believes in the uniqueness of every owner, and they reflect that uniqueness in each individual log home they build. If you want a log home builder that takes your personality into account, look no farther than Battle Creek Log Homes, the premier destination for those looking for character-rich designs.

While some log home builders offer run of the mill, cookie-cut designs, Battle Creek Log Homes delivers Old World grade quality. They ship log homes throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond as well as construct on-site within 1,000 miles of headquarters in South Pittsburgh Tennessee.

Battle Creek Log Homes
9955 Ladds Cove Road
South Pittsburg, TN 37380
Phone: 1-800-326-8045


Southland Log Homes

Southland Log Homes launched in 1978 and has since earned the name of America’s Favorite Log Home. The quality of materials and design has contributed to their renown and success.

They specialize in luxury log cabins and feature a generous amount of customization at no extra charge. Each log home is precision milled, meaning neither capital nor material are wasted in construction.  Southland Log Homes is also a great choice for those wanting simple yet well-made cabins as well. The massive variety of designs in log homes and log cabin kits is sure to impress, see for yourself.

Southland Log Homes
403 NW 4th St
Concordia, MO 64020
Phone: (800) 641-4754


Now You Are Ready to Buy Log Cabin Kits Online

In concluding our top ten list of the best log home builders and cabin kit companies, we feel confident in our estimation of these exceptional businesses. When looking to have a log home built, either professionally, or by way of a kit, you’ll want to keep it in good condition.

Many log homes are practically works of art. With so much detail and high-quality timber, these homes are worth preserving. You will find that the extraordinary beauty of the home will justify the upkeep and you don’t have to do it all yourself. The bottom line is that log homes are gorgeous, intriguing, and unique. There is simply no substitute for the sense of calm and adventure that comes with living in a log home.

The most important thing when planning on having a log home or cabin built is to make sure you’re working with a company that can get you everything you want. Partnering with a log home builder represents a significant amount of commitment. Armed with the information in this top 10 list, you are bound to make the right decision. When choosing from one of these great builders or kit companies, you can’t go wrong, so get out there and start living the dream of log home living!

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