Are you searching for podcast booking services or reviews for the top podcast booking agencies?

If your intention is to hire a podcast booking agency, you just hit the jackpot.

Podcasting is an awesome form of content marketing – maybe one of the very best.

There aren’t many other types of content marketing tactics that can get you so many benefits for a relatively small amount of effort.

Before we get to the list of the best podcast guest booking agencies, let’s first explain why podcasts are so great for your business and personal brand:


Top 10 Reasons To Be Interviewed as a Podcast Guest


By being booked on a single podcast or internet radio show you can (see podcast benefits infographic at the bottom of this page):

  • Personally connect with an influencer (ie show podcast show host)
  • Reach a new, highly engaged audience
  • Establish authority in your niche by leveraging the host’s influence
  • Offer a call-to-action and generate leads
  • Generate targeted traffic to your website
  • Gain truly organic backlinks that will help your SEO rankings (via host’s show notes page)
  • Increase trust in your personal brand
  • Build what Google calls Expertise, Authority & Trust
  • Get “embeddable” premium audio content for your website (helps with dwell time / on-page SEO)
  • Save time: a 30-minute interview is much easier than drafting a 1,000+ word quality blog post
  • Promote a form of content that is inherently more interesting and shareable than a traditional blog post


Not convinced yet?  You should be.  Podcasting has been popular since 2005 and interest in this medium continues to soar:

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What is Podcast Guesting?

Podcast guesting is a digital marketing term that refers to the process of getting you booked as a guest on podcast shows.  Ideally, you want to be booked on shows with your ideal audience.  But you, as a guest, are booked by a podcast host to give value to their audience – not to promote yourself.

How Do You Get Booked on a Podcast?

Most people get booked on podcast shows by hiring an experienced podcast booking agency.  A podcast booking agency operates similar to a public relations agency by working on your behalf to get your booked as a guest expert on established podcast shows relevant to your experience and expertise.

What are the best podcast booking services?

The best podcast booking agencies this year, ranked best to worst are:

  • Podcast Bookers
  • Command Your Brand
  • Interview Valet
  • Experts on Air
  • Interviews That Convert
  • Kitcaster
  • Call for Content
  • Podcasting You
  • Interview Connections.

Now it’s time to figure out a plan, and start getting booked on podcasts that are relevant to your business, experience and expertise.  We have identified a list of the top podcast booking services and resources you will find on the Internet.  Working with a podcast booking service can be a great move because it will save you time and money.  Then again, if you are willing to put a little extra work into the process, you may be able to hire your own independent podcast booker or heck, even become your own DIY podcast booker.

Here are the top podcast guest booking services with details about podcast booking service packages:


The Best Podcast Booking Services


1. Podcast Bookers

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Podcast Bookers is one of the largest, most established podcast booking agencies in the market, and they are the only podcast booking agency that focuses on getting you booked on podcast that will help your website’s SEO rankings.

It’s believed to be the only podcast booking agency that has helped author achieve New York Times Bestseller status (see their website for details).

Podcast Bookers is a unique podcast booking company for two reasons:

First, this venture was started by a podcaster that currently has one of the first, longest-running, and most popular small business marketing podcasts in existence.  John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing Podcast has interviewed hundreds of top marketing influencers – pretty much any and every digital marketing guru you can think of.  The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is a top tier podcast that gets pitched every day by would-be guests.  John and his team know what guest pitches work, and how to build a path that can get micro-influencers on the path to top-caliber shows.

Second, Podcast Booker’s co-founder Phil Singleton is an SEO expert.   After being interviewed on dozens of podcast shows as a guest expert, Phil found that there are many SEO benefits of podcasts that are being overlooked by both show hosts and especially by podcast booking companies.  Podcast booking agencies rarely address or apply SEO best-practices as part of their service offering.  To get the most out of your interview, you must address search engine optimization in the booking process.

Podcast Bookers is the only podcast agency that includes link building and SEO strategy as part of your guesting campaign.  They are also one of the most competitively priced services on the market today.

In other words, you get a podcast guesting campaign and an SEO link building campaign for the price of one.

No other podcasting booking service offers more experience, or can help you get more SEO value out of your guest interview experience than Podcast Bookers.

Furthermore, they offer the best pricing of any established podcast booking agency:

  • Starter:  2 shows per month for $550/month
  • Pro: 3 shows per month for $650/month
  • Rainmaker:  4 shows per month for $750/month

There is no monthly commitment, and get this: there is no setup fee!  This is one of the few booking agencies that does not have an exorbitant setup fee.  The only extra cost is getting a professionally designed “one-sheet” that your dedicated booking agent will use as part of the personalized outreach process.

Podcast Bookers will help you create a killer one-sheet that is used in customized pitches to show hosts in your genre.  You can create your own one-sheet, but a podcast one-sheet is required for your dedicated publicist to start booking internet radio shows on your behalf.

Visit: Podcast Bookers

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2. Command Your Brand

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Command Your Brand is a relatively new podcast booking service and is owned and operated by Jeremy Slate of the Create Your Own Life Podcast and Brielle Slate, a 11+ year PR veteran. This podcasting booking service is unique, because the team of a proven expert will help you get access that may be beyond the reach of many service providers.

You might expect to pay a premium for this level of access and expertise, and you will.

According to the Command Your Brand, They Will:

Find Your Ideal Audience: Using their proprietary ranking system, they will find the right shows for you.

Coach You: Provide you with media training on being a great guest.

Build a Media Kit: Create a full media kit to support your program.

Provide You With Dedicated PR Expert: You will work with an expert team member trained in PR to manage your calendar, prep you for appearances and handle anything else that may come up.

Provide a Content Marketing Program: Provide a program specifically created for getting the most out of podcast appearances.

How much does Command Your Brand Cost? (as of Sep 2020)

  • 6 Months (12 Shows) – $1,100/Mo
  • 12 Months (24 Shows) – $900/Mo
  • Special Book / Product Launch programs provided.

Visit: Command Your Brand

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3. Interview Valet

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Interview Valet sets the standard in terms of delivering a full-service, highly customized podcast booking solution that is design to maximize your ROI.  This is a more consultative approach to podcast booking than a VA (virtual assistant) based approach that is common in the industry.  This business is run by podcasting authorities that offer quality over quantity.

According to the Interview Valet, they will:

  • Find the ideal podcast for you: They identify & promote you to podcasters who have big audiences filled with your ideal customers
  • Schedule the podcast interview:  They coordinate a convenient time for you to be interviewed
  • Prep for the podcast: Interview Valet will provide you with a complete summary on the host, their audience, & possible questions
  • Build a summary episode web page: each podcast interview gets a dedicated page converting listeners into visitors

How much does Interview Valet Cost? (as of April 2020)

  • The site is not transparent on pricing, but states they “start at $750/mo”

The Fine Print

  • All packages require a 3-month commitment.
  • Certification Training. This ensures you have the equipment, welcome pages, pitch sheet, practice interview, checklists and knowledge to start seeing results from your first podcast. The process takes about 2 weeks to complete. The cost is a one-time fee of $497 if you already have professional audio equipment.

Special Note: One great thing about Interview Valet is that you will have no conflict of interest.  Some podcast booking services try to double-dip by charge the host and you, the interviewee.  This is a pretty big conflict of interest and a possible red flag.  Be sure to ask if any podcast booking service you consider hiring is playing both sides of the table.

Visit Interview Valet


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4. Experts on Air

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Experts on air is a professional, established podcast booking agency with a well-defined process.   This agency can serve a wide range of guest experts.  They have a per show pricing model, but also offer bundle packaging – for example, you can buy a bundle of 10 podcast bookings for  $AU3,000.  If you are looking for a professional, team-based approach that can get you booked on established podcast shows, Experts on Air should be on your short list.

How much does Experts on Air Cost?

  • $AU250 setup fee
  • $AU350/per episode

Visit: Experts on Air

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Previously called Be My Guest, LemonPie is a done-for-you podcast outreach and booking service led by Erik Jacobson, who created this podcast booking service after “seeing the results many guests were able to achieve through strategic “podcast tours” – proactively seeking out and getting featured on podcasts over many months in order to grow their audience and drive sales.”

Similar to the other resources on this list, Be My Guest helps entrepreneurs, authors, and personal brands (bloggers, YouTubers, etc.) grow their audience, generate leads, and sell more books and courses by getting them featured guest appearances on podcasts.

How much does cost?

  • Momentum package: $995/mo for 4 to 6 podcasts booked per month with a 3 mo minimum commitment. There is a one-time setup fee of $500. (as of April 2017)

Learn more about

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6. Interviews That Convert

This is a smaller scale, almost business coaching like service, where Nicole Holland personally helps her clients with podcast booking.  Like many on this list, Nicole also has experience hosting her own podcast show.  What is unique about this service is the amount of personal time and attention you will receive in the “owner-operator” type of approach.  Some highlights and differentiators of the Interviews That Convert service, according to the website, include:

  • Onboarding with Nicole that include strategy and goal-setting
  • Custom Design of one sheets
  • Full-Service Bookings
  • “AYNTK” Emails (All You Need To Know)
  • Required Tool help so that you have the services and equipment to be a great guest
  • Ongoing Feedback to continually improve ROI

Pricing: Not available

Learn more about Interviews That Convert

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7. Kitcaster

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Kitcaster is another newer podcast booking service run by Ryan Estes.    The Kitcaster website included a lot of general information about the value of being booked as a podcast guest by a podcast agency, but not much other info in terms of what differentiates Kitcaster from other podcast agencies on this list.


  • Entry “kit” starts at 1,000/mo

Learn more about:  Kitcaster

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8. Call for Content

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Unlike the other agencies on this list, Call for Content helps people and companies produce their own podcast shows, as well as get booked as a guest expert on third party podcasts.  If you’d like to both host your own show while conduction a podcast guesting campaign, Call for Content may be a good option for you.  Unfortunately, no information on pricing is provided on their website.

Learn more at: Call for Content

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9. Podcasting You

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Somewhat newer to the podcast booking scene is Podcasting You.  Their site is not ver transparent in terms of pricing, processes or people that provide the services, although they do claim to have booked their clients on a number of well-known shows.  You may want to consider reaching out to Podcasting You, just be prepared to ask a lot of questions about who they are, get your references, and any other info you can get that relates to their expertise, authority and trust in the podcast booking niche.

Pricing: Not available

Learn more about: Podcasting You

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10. Interview Connections

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Rounding out this year’s list of top podcast booking companies is Interview Connections.  This is another established,  full-service guest booking service.  There is no pricing information on their website, but they do offer a free consultation.

Pricing: Not available

Podcast Booking Services include:

  • Guest expert discovery process
  • One-sheet design
  • Guaranteed connections with podcasts

Visit Interview Connections

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Other Podcasting Booking Resources


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According to WikiPedia, Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.  Upwork has 12 million registered freelancers and five million registered clients. Over 3 million jobs are posted annually, worth a total of $1 billion USD, making it the world’s largest freelancer marketplace.

Why have we listed Upwork as a podcast booking solution?  Because much of getting booked on shows requires basic research and outreach.  This would can easily be completed by a virtual assistant for $15 to $30 per hour, depending on experience.  In fact, some podcast booking services are in fact a crowd source of independent booking agents.  Seriously – some sites charge hundreds of dollars a month while outsourcing you to an hourly VA and creating a one-page sheet from Fiverr. So, there is no reason you could not go and hire your own virtual assistant and get plenty of bookings each month for a fraction of the package rates or per-booking rates that many third party booking services charge.

How much Does Upwork Cost?

Learn more about Upwork at:

Radio Guest

Radio Guest List is a email subscription service that send regular emails with request from podcast hosts looking for guests in a certain genre or fit a certain set of criteria.  The base subscription is free, but there are upgraded mailing list.  It’s a pretty awful, dated website, but there is some good value in the service.  The premium email subscription ranging from $5-$10 per month:

  • All Alerts: Get ALL the Guest Request Alerts they publish delivered right to your inbox, every Monday and Wednesday (and sometimes Fridays) each week. These emails include 50% – 100% interview opportunities than the free list subscribers receive.
  • Targeted Alerts:  Targeted Premium Guest Requests from radio shows and podcasts looking for interviews about your favorite topics or expertise.
  • Alerts Digest:  A once-a-week email collection of ALL the recent Guest Request Alerts in one weekly digest each Wednesday.


Learn more at:


10 Benefits of Getting Booked on A Podcast [Infographic]

Are you an independent podcast booker, or freelancer podcast booking service provider?  Please introduce yourself below, this page gets a ton of Google traffic!!

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