When it comes to online content, business owners need to be aware of the difference between good content and, well by default, bad content. How do you decide what bad content looks like? At times an article can be well written, and be interesting to the reader yet do nothing for your business. Articles now do not mean what they used to. A few years ago an article would have been published in a trade magazine and be read by all readers that were looking for you. Today articles need to be optimized in order to be found by your customers or potential customers. Most people are not buying trade magazines they are looking online tin order to find the best product. When we talk content marketing strategies, word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools, since most interaction takes place online, this needs to be in the written form, thus the need for internet marketing in the written form.

Testimonials are today’s most influential form of marketing. Positive, true statements and opinions form real life customers are positive proof to other potential customers that your business is worthy or theirs. You should always be seeking feedback from your customers, this is the information that will come in handy not only to promote your business to prospective customers, but to improve it as it grows. Feedback from people that have already experienced your services, is the link between your business and a new customer. Reading what others have experienced gives customers a sense of comfort, of transparency. It helps them create an image of your business and see what they are to expect from the satisfaction others have reaped from your business.

When we think of the most overused marketing strategies, we think of direct marketing, of customers being bombarded with claims… claims coming from the business itself most of the time. Tooting your business’ own horn just doesn’t cut it anymore. Customers want to be given information they can trust, and testimonials definitely fit that bill. Most customers have painted marketing & advertising in a bad light, and they don’t really trust it anymore, to them its all just a tactic to create a purchase at any cost. Comments from real people are way more believable than statistics plastered on a billboard.

When writing a testimonial article, always make sure its from a real source, never seek out someone to “make-up” testimonials, they’re usually to sweet and perfect and customers can spot those out fairly quickly. Contacting your customers should not be hard, getting them to give you useful information might need a little incentive but the end results will be worth it. Articles that go online, need to be properly written with a combination of quality, depth and should be proper search engine optimization, which results in content that Google loves to show and searchers respond to positively. Good content contains all of the proper keywords and back links that allow your piece to appear on the first page and properly directs customers to your webpage, thus leading to higher conversion rates and higher sales, and positively affecting your bottom line.

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