In our previous pos we covered buttons 1, 2, & 3 and in this second and final part we will cover 4, 5, & 6. We talked about the science of buzz marketing and how if implemented correctly it will not be hard, but it is not a no brainer either. So lets recap really quick before we go into the last three buttons. In order to generate buzz you need to give consumers something to talk about. Fear not my inter-webs readers, yes, people talk about A LOT of things, but there are some topics we love to talk about, topics that get people riled up and wanting to share.  Mark Hughes, author of Buzz Marketing, identifies the “six buttons of buzz” in his book, which are very effective at creating conversation.


  1. Taboo
  2. Unusual
  3. Remarkable
  4. Outrageous
  5. Hilarious
  6. Secretive

The fourth button is Outrageous, but when it comes to creating buzz for a business with something that is outrageous it might seem a little difficult. The key is to find something that is outrageous but that actually benefits your brand, the two have to be connected somehow. You can have an outrageously wacky and funny commercial, or youtube video, but if its not tied to what service or product your business can provide customers, your brand will not stick. If there is no connection made then the content provides no benefit to your brand. Creating outrageousness just for the sake of being outrageous… is outrageous.

Hilarious content spreads like wildfire, there isn’t a single day that I get on Facebook or Twitter that one of my friends has not shared some crazy funny video. Unless your business is selling gag gifts, its a little tougher to tie your business with a funny topic and make them have a connection that will make sense and provide benefit to your brand. People love to laugh and talk about things that make them laugh, but with no connection to your brand, the laughs and giggles will mean nothing.

The sixth and last button is one that hits home for everyone. We are all a little nosey. YES! We all want to know whats behind the curtain, why its hidden, and how it came together. Consumers want to know more about products and services that are mysterious, and naturally we want to bring others in on our curiosity. The more people that know the more our desire fire burns and drives us to find answers. One of the most successful ways to implement secrecy and have it create results is to reveal said “secrets” to a few. By revealing only to a few there is a privileged status created and its mystery drives consumers to share this secret with others.  This is a great way to create influential customers that will spread the world like a virus. Because as we all learned in middle school, no one can truly keep a secret.

When it comes to creating buzz, don’t rush… take your time, think it through. Try and implement more than one of these “buttons” in each campaign and see how they work together before creating content. You want your message to be clear and throughout. So time is essential, the more there is given to this task, then the better results it will yield. Good ideas take time; remarkable ones require creativity and a whole lot of time.

Be unique, be remarkable, create secrecy and no matter what you do give them something to talk about, good, bad, doesnt matter, just take a stance and get them talking.

For more ways & tips on how to create buzz marketing that works for you and your readers, visit The Pen Crew’s site and explore your options.


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