Running your company takes up a lot of time. It’s a highly nuanced process that involves your complete and undivided attention for about a million things. One person can only do so much, and that’s why it’s important to break that workload up until smaller sets of responsibilities that can be placed into competent hands.

There are many reasons why a freelance blogger is best suited to manage your company’s blog. The economic and creative angles in this approach have the potential to positively impact your company as a whole. Before you turn up your nose at the idea of outsourcing such a major job to a freelancer, consider everything you have to gain by changing up the way you run your company blog.

#1 Your Blog Posts Don’t Help Your SEO

Your blog needs to be an important part of your SEO strategy. Every post you make is a new page on your website, and every new page is an opportunity to rank high in Google’s search results for a relevant keyword. Blog topics and keywords need to be used wisely in order to help you break the surface and rise to the top.

An SEO strategy is an entirely different aspect of work, but you need one for your blog. Since freelance bloggers are well versed in techniques to make blogs successful, they already know how to utilize SEO to make the posts rise to the top. Rather than having two separate people manage the same project, you can simply pass the entire task off to a freelancer with an SEO background.

Your blog posts will serve double duty by driving organic traffic.

#2 You Don’t Have a Regular Blog Posting Schedule

If you’re very busy, new posts are likely added on a “when there’s time to do it” basis. People like scheduling. They know their favorite show is coming on every Sunday night at ten, and they’re sitting on the couch with their favorite snacks. If they have no idea when your next blog post is going to pop up, they’re not going to check every day in hopes of finding one – they’re going to find a blog with consistent updates to satisfy their cravings.

If you aren’t going to update regularly, even if it’s only once a week, you might as well forget about having a blog. It can’t amass a reliable readership with an unpredictable upload schedule. A freelancer’s sole job will be to write and queue posts according to a schedule, so you won’t need to make the time and do the planning.

#3 Information is Moving Slowly

When you’re running a marketing campaign, you need information to move quickly. You don’t want brand awareness after a special offer is over – people might be on board for your next marketing campaign, but it won’t do you any good in the moment. Your blog needs to be pushing your marketing messages before, during, and after the campaign. Essentially, you want your blog pushing your marketing messages around the clock.

Hiring a freelancer to keep marketing efforts active on your blog will assure there aren’t any gaps between new information and information reaching people. It will take less time for the marketing to reach people, making your campaigns more effective from the beginning. The awareness is already there, and you’ll be able to spend less time educating people on who you are and what you do. They’ll know what they need to know before the promotions roll around.

#4 You Can’t Afford a Permanent Team Member for Your Blog

Even some of the most expensive freelancers (and you do pay for quality) are still less expensive than hiring a dedicated employee. Independent contractors don’t need to be offered sick days, vacation time, or company insurance. You also won’t have to pay part of their taxes. It seems hard to find a perfect freelancer to manage your blog when they’re missing out on opportunities by working independently, but many people find the benefits of freelancing to outweigh the cons.

You can still offer them perks and bonuses, and you can even involve them in your wellness program. Send them care packages with healthy snacks to show your appreciation. Allow them to access the stress management resources you have for your employees. They’ll feel just as appreciated as involved as anyone on salary.

#5 You Aren’t Getting Many Website Visitors

In order to maximize the amount of people who visit your website, you first need to maximize the amount of ways they can find you. Offering a variety of relevant content is one of the easiest ways to do that. If your blog covers every aspect of your niche, including tutorials and video content, people will be more likely to stumble upon your website than your competitor’s website.

The best way to do that is to hire a freelancer blog manager to oversee every aspect of your blog, including the variety of content. This elevates your blog to the level of a full time job, increasing its power and its ability to bring in new traffic.

#6 The Quality of Your Current Blog Posts is Low

The best blog writer on your team is still not a professional blog writer. If you’ve been doing an “okay” job with your posts, the people who read them are going to notice. The quality of your content is equally as important as the amount of your content, so having 100 posts won’t matter if they’re all subpar. You need someone who is a blog specialist to maximize your impact.

Your freelance blog manager will do one of two things – he or she will either write the content themselves, or outsource it to other freelancers that have been vetted as excellent writers. Your blog will be full, and the quality of every post will be high. People will associate your company with these awesome posts, and your reputation will get a boost because of what you provide.

#7 You Don’t Have Access to an Expert

If you already know what needs to change on your blog and you’re aware of your current limitations, the next step is to find an expert. If you can’t find an employee who would serve as the perfect blog manager, it’s worth investigating freelancers and maybe even virtual assistant services with specific experience with managing blogs.

When you opt to work with a freelancer, you’re removing distance limitations. You can pick the best talent from anywhere on the planet – not just the best talent within 20 miles of your office. You can work with a freelancer because they’re truly the most talented and capable person for the job, and at the end of the day, that’s what every company needs.


If your blog needs some serious work, start looking for the right freelancer to do the job. It’s better for your company and your customers when you run your blog the right way, and the perfect freelance fit is out there somewhere.


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