Author: Flavia Santibañez

The purpose of viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. Sounds easy enough, but how exactly do you convince people to become advocates for your brand with no proper offer or trade, to spread your message out of pure love and loyalty? There are seven steps a business owner must follow in order to develop a successful viral marketing campaign. A successful viral marketing campaign can have 500-1000 times more impact than a non-viral campaign, and crafting one that will instigate sharing and promoting is more difficult than it seems. This development requires careful planning and research.

buzz-marketingViral marketing is about creating buzz, connecting with people on an emotional level. Give them something to talk about. You need to get people excited, but stay committed to the message you want to exude and let that flow through all published content, whether that causes laughter or tears reaching an emotional connection is key. Patrons are no longer easily impressed, and creativity is definitely a defining factor when it comes to creating successful content. In order to be noticed, something unexpected needs to be done. Promoting a product by making it look & sound cool no longer cuts it. The unexpectedly cool content gets shared.

Sharing is what viral marketing is all about, and everything you do to your campaign should improve share-ability or make it easier for people to access your content. Viral Marketing is called viral because it should spread like a virus, it should take on a life of its own, and spread spread spread. Such vital content should never be restricted, in any way or any site. You should never require people to register, to become members, or to download special software in order to have access to your content. Viral content should never be exclusive, it should be about getting your name as far out as possible and read often.

This type of Marketing should not be an advertising, it should be about what your customer wants and needs, so forget about yourself, your product, and your company promoting your product should never be your content’s focal point, it should be present yet subtle. The content published should provide readers with valuable knowledge and provide effortless means of transfer to other readers.

The content that is accomplished through following the rules mentioned above is content that can be successful at taking a business to the next level when it comes to its accessibility and influence online.

The viral-ness of your online marketing is critical to successful word of mouth. In order to take advantage of this critical tool, talent in the art of writing for people and skill in the science of writing for search engines are both things that are needed to create likable content that people love to share and Google loves to promote.

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