mini-cooper-resized-600There are certain things that always stick out in a crowd, a MINI Cooper is one of them. I’m not just saying this because they are one of my favorite cars ever, but because they really do. Their small European design held them back when first trying to break into the American market but is not what has made them most popular not only here, but when breaking into South America as well. With unconventional marketing tactics that have yielded MINI maximum results, they have correctly implemented Guerrilla marketing and tasted success in new markets.

Guerrilla marketing was inspired by guerrilla warfare, an irregular form or warfare that is made up of small tactic strategies seen through by civilians. These tactics include ambushes, raids, sabotage, and all elements of surprise. Just as guerrilla warfare surprises civilians, guerrilla marketing uses the same tactics to attain the same results but in a less violent manner and in the marketing industry. This alternative manner of approaching advertising requires high energy and much creative imagination. The idea is to take consumers by surprise and make a lasting impression that creates ample amounts of social buzz.

The harsh reality is that traditional ad campaigns have lost impact, specially when trying to make an impression with younger generations. With younger consumers still trying to form their brand preferences, marketers find this a most yearned for time to develop a bond. Experimentation with unsubtle advertisements has proven to be an effective tactic that MINI took much advantage of in its growth stage. This advertising style allowed MINI to to create a story and intrigue customers to find out why and how.

mini_not_normalWith its NOT NORMAL campaign MINI found a way to exhibit its fabulous combination of Cheeky style, thrill seeking personality and ready to drive performance in a way that was not expected or typical. Through its different ways of reaching consumers, MINI has highlighted its bold independence and uniqueness.

Guerrilla marketing is aimed to strike consumers at a more personal and memorable level, it does not mean an emotional chord must be struck, but an unforgettable impression is key. This can only be accomplished through uniqueness and an element of surprise. Creating wonder within your customers, is the difference between a campaign that is remembered and an overplayed unmentioned TV commercial.

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