Word of Mouth Marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of marketing out there, but with various ways of presenting itself, its appeal to business owners has increased while for some customers its just “tactic to take our money”.

So why is Word of Mouth working for some businesses and not others? Why are some customers not reacting as positive? This marketing style is a great way to get your name out there, but in order for it to yield yearned results, it must be implemented correctly.

Word of Mouth is a science, it requires close attention and study.

It’s About Honesty & Transparency

What some businesses don’t understand is that the success of word of mouth marketing depends on customer’s trust of the brand, its about honesty & transparency, not just giving consumers something to talk about.

Your customers will talk about you, but only if you are a topic worth talking about, so knowing this, work it to your advantage… Remember your brand is only as good as what people have to say about it.

The easiest way to directly communicate with your customers is through social media.

Creating platforms through which to communicate with them is essential and creating topics that are not only interesting to your readers but connected to your business’ core is critical. When creating content for customers there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

Content should be well written, either teach readers something or answer their questions. The message should be straightforward, honest, and clear.

Most meaningful conversations regarding your brand occur through word of mouth, which makes it a marketing aspect of much importance due to the impact it can have on the business bottom line. Most marketing campaigns require a BUDGET, yet the same if not better results can be accomplished through a well developed WOM approach for the fraction of the cost.

Glamorous paid advertising is an illusion. More dollars spend do not equal more dollars earned. Word of mouth includes viral marking, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other techniques that give customers room to talk about your products.

Establish an Emotional Connection

In order for customers to actually talk about your product or service, you need to reach an emotional connection with them either directly via what you offer, or through one of the outlets just discussed.

People talk about a lot of things, but love to talk about topics that are either controversial, hilarious, exceptional, or secret. If any of these topics can be tied to your business in one way or another, you’re golden.

Work it! You have found something that gets you a step closer to WOM success.

Word of Mouth Marketing that Works

Succeeding at Word of Mouth Marketing does not require a genius or marketing expert per se, but someone that understands the science and psychology behind social transmission, also known as what makes us talk about things.

Create a bond with your customers and they will not disappoint.

Be honest and clear, and always provide easy to access and understand content.