If there is one thing I’ve learned from working with the Pen Crew and Blogger Local, its that in a business to business sales environment no matter how simplistic the service or product a business supplies to its’ customers, it never limits the variety of businesses who choose to use the product or service or the creative ways in which they use them.  For example from having worked with the State Line Bag Company, I can tell you there is no shortage in the creative ways that businesses have found to use something so simplistic as a cotton muslin bag.  Businesses of all types from coast to coast have bought bags and some have used the bags in more inventive ways.  The bags that don’t get used in the most creative ways are many times used in a business that is however creating an inventive product or providing a unique service.

Many businesses in today’s marketplace rely on gaining quantitative insights into “who” their customers are.  Traditional marketing experts have touted that gaining quantitative insights into demographic information is the key to figuring out your actual, predicted or targeted customer base.  I do agree that getting to know “who” your customers are is extremely important but I believe that approaching the discovery process of those demographic insights can be gathered better and offer more depth of insight when done so by truly talking one to one with a business’ customers.  Speaking with our client’s customers,  we can truly help to understand the value our client’s can provide and we can also gain insights into how our client’s goods or services have become woven into the fabric of various brands.

With Pen Crew we focus on creating powerful client testimonial advertising based blog content that can be used to communicate to a business’ potential clients a wealth of information that can help them understand  how our client’s goods or services have become an integral part of a diverse body of unique one of a kind brands.  When a potential client can reads our client testimonial advertising, it helps them to conceptualize creative ways they could use our client’s goods or services and it also helps to them to get a feeling for the community of businesses they will be joining in working with our clients.  I think there is no better way for potential clients to get a snap shot of who their customer’s truly are beyond numbers and vague demographics that don’t inspire anyone to action, than from gaining and synthesizing customer testimonials.

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