There is a ton of information and debate online as to what the best way to market yourself and reach your customers is. As marketers new and innovative ways of advertising are what we live for, specially since direct marketing is being ignored more and more by your average customer. A more subtle approach has been gaining supporters and sweeping the inter-webs, a little something we like to call testimonial advertising. So there at two ways this thriving marketing tool can be approached. You can either have the reviews be written by your customers on your own site, or have a third party write them for you.

Having the reviews on your own site proves to have its pros and cons. The customer is already on your site and after reading the review is more likely to purchase since already there, but this means they already have to be on your site to see other’s opinions, so your conversion rates stay the same. When having someone else write your reviews, there is one key component you must keep in mind, honesty. If you want your reviews and your business to be taken seriously by a potential customer you should never pay someone to make up reviews for you, customers can spot those from miles away, and in order to satisfy you, the review will read perfect and fake.


Truth is it doesn’t matter how great your business is, one of your clients will find something to complain about. If you think about it is not always a bad thing. It only leaves you with room for improvement, and you can always turn that hater into a life long customer if you approach the situation properly and in a timely fashion. These negative reviews… you have got to let some of them shine, now I said some, not all. You do need to keep an eye on them, but they should be out there because no one believes a product that always gets all 5 stars exists.

What you want to get out of your customer reviews is a little bit of everything. You want your reviews to be performed and written by a third party, because they have more credibility, you want them on a third site, to get your conversion rates up, and on your site to get your sales up. Like I said, fake reviews are not useful, therefore that third party needs to create real reviews by contacting your customers and turning that information into a way to attract new customers and provide you with useful data for you as the business owner to know what your customers are loving and what to improve upon.

Client testimonial writers at The Pen Crew are doing just this and many or their clients are seeing first hand results from having their name and customer reviews on page one of Google. The Pen Crew contacts your customers and generate a unique and optimized article for each one, and link keywords to the appropriate pages on your website. This makes honest content that is well written and informative, available to future customers, and since Google loves to display review articles with star ratings, the links get more clicks. The more clicks the link gets, the higher the conversion on your site. With a balanced combination of quality, depth and optimization for search engines, articles that Google loves and customers respond to are developed.

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