When it comes to online visibility, there are a few things business owners should be aware of. First, Facebook and twitter are not all “that”, and second customers are most likely to make a decision based on a review by others whether it be positive or negative . With this being said how exactly are we deciding where to eat or where to shop? Well the first thing we do is type it in on Google, and we get all of the information we need and more… reviews. We love reviews! Why? Because they let us know how other people have felt, and what they have experienced, and this can either make or break a decision. Reviews greatly influence us these days, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and Google, all feature reviews to give customers a little more information before decision time.

So how exactly do you get into the customer review marketing game? I mean that is exactly what it is, marketing. Well the easiest way is to just get to asking! Depending on the industry you are in, the way you ask might fluctuate, but just be direct, most people that are pleased with your business will be happy to give you a positive review, and so will the ones that are unhappy, but thats just reason to improve right? If you ask me reviews are the most powerful tool out there, the information is coming directly from a customer and not only will it help gain a new one, but improve your business for the future.

Weeding out the good from the bad is of great importance, but not vital. No customer will believe your business or product is perfect, so letting some of your not so positive comments show can be crucial. Although reviews are important, they mean nothing if customers do not have access to them, if they are not visible then they just sit in the depths of the web until someone stumbles upon them. What you need are your reviews on page one, page one of Google. Statistically speaking, 93% of online experiences actually begin on a search engine, with two thirds of those being on Google, and 75% of those potential customers only look through page one.

Therefore in order to truly gain everything there is to gain from customer reviews, visibility is key. So how do you get there? Online Marketing Specialists. Now lets define Specialists: people who are good writers, and are skilled in the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They need to be good writers because customers want to read quality material, and they want to easily find it, which is where the search engine optimization comes into play.


Finding individuals that can do both can be a bit tricky, but not impossible. It is a skilled trade, but one that is always being perfected and tailored to suit a business’ best interests. The writers from The Pen Crew have been helping businesses all around the nation get their name on the first page, through advertorials and customer reviews, and the results have not been minor. The writers follow through with contacting customers, publishing reviews, and providing you with both the good and the bad information to consider and improve.

For more information on The Pen Crew and how they can help you grow your business’ online exposure visit their website www.pencrew.com and discover what makes them and all of their customer successful.

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