One of my favorite and most interesting aspects of being a Pen Crew writer is working with businesses to gain insights into their customer’s experience, which involves discovering all of the unique ways that a business’ customers will use a product or service.  In some cases what seems like a simple product with limited uses can actually be incredibly dynamic and versatile.  The versatile uses of a business’ products or services is many times dictated by who their customers are.  Take State Line Bag Company for example.  The cotton muslin bags wholesale supply company sells its product to an assortment of different types of businesses.  The most common application of the the company’s product has been for it to be a packaging solution for  purchased products or gift cards.  As a Pen Crew writer I have found that their is a ton of benefit that can be provided for a business when it chooses client testimonial marketing over traditional means and mediums.  I think that perhaps as important as it is for a business to leverage their client testimonial marketing, it is important for businesses and their prospective clients to be able to conceptualize the different applications a product or service can have.

Tea-Bags-Website-227x300When I contacted organic lawn care solutions and supply company The Ground Up in Houston, TX, I had no idea that they would be using a State Line Bag Company product in such a special way.  The company makes what is essentially a an over-sized tea bag for lawn care.  The vegan and organic “teabag” is filled with various nutrients and bio solids, which when soaked in water break down.  The water is then applied to plants or areas of the garden that need extra TLC.

The “teabags” are a great example of how ingenuity and creativity that can expand the realm of possibility when it comes to the ways people can use a simple cotton bag.  It’s a great feeling to know that the review I helped create for the State Line Bag Company will not only help them from an SEO point of view, but will provide their potential customers with valuable insight into the quality of the brand and product.  It feels great to create content that also helps expand the presence of the companies that choose to work with our clients.  A little reciprocity goes a long way on the Internet.


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