Have you ever wondered what you just lathered on to your skin? I mean I know I’m lathering on soap, but I mean what ingredients… Do we truly know what is in there? Well after a little research, I’m sold. The only products I will be buying from now on will only be organic skin care products. I mean if I can’t pronounce the ingredients in the product I am using its probably not natural or good for me.

So lets see, what I found. Most commercial soaps are made up of synthetic scents, which can trigger our allergies and irritate & dry out our skin. Sodium Lauryl, is a substance that enhances the “soapiness” of the soap, and is know to be an extreme irritant; a percentage as low as .5% of this chemical in a bar of soap can irritate normal skin, so imagine what it can do to sensitive skin… That has to be an uncomfortable daily feeling of irritation and dryness.

There are other chemicals in our soaps designed to enhance “penetration” meaning to go deeper into your skin, sold as a deeper clean, chemicals seeping into my body to “cleanse me” sounds a bit too intrusive. Triclosan is an antibacterial found is soaps that besides your skin you can also find in your clothes! Thats right ladies this chemical is used in detergents and dish soap. Although it is found in many more products we use, and claimed as safe, it has been classified as a pesticide.

Do not let this make you cynical by any means, there are solutions to this chemical problem. There are products that do not use any said chemicals, and these are your artisan, organic, and handmade products. We found a brand that not only makes all of their products naturally but naturally and lightly scents them so they are great on even the gentlest skin.

“The products work great! They are so natural, and so good to my skin” -Karen

We caught up with Karen, a regular user of MIG Soap & Body Co. an organic skin care product provider/maker and we asker how she felt about their product compared to the leading commercial brands. Karen had nothing but great things to say about MIG’s products and the way they leave your skin softer and smoother than she’s ever felt it before. She loves the cleansing soap that leaves her skin feeling fresh and residue free, the exfoliating scrub bar that allows her pores to breath freely without being too rough and irritating, and the lotion bar, which allows her to lather on lotion before even stepping out of the shower.

MIG Soap has been getting national attention due to its natural products and its ability to cause no harm to the environment. With soaps that are packed with essential oils, flowers and hydra luxe emollients that beautifully cleanse your skin while restoring softness, MIG is the place to go in order to achieve natural healthy skin.

For more details and to order your own bar, contact MIG Soap at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website www.migsoap.com.

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