When we think of exfoliation we think or lotions or bars with hard large particles in them that roughly rub against our skin to remove those dead skin cells from our outermost layer of skin. Exfoliation should not be painful, it should not feel like you’re scrubbing your fist layer of skin off in order for your skin to be clean. Ladies, we have been duped. We have been made to believe we need to harshly scrub our skin in order for it to be clean. Sometimes Organic Skin Care Products that are handmade have scrub bars that are not necessarily the gentlest and it takes trying a couple of different ones in order for you to find the right one.

Joy and many other women across the U.S. have finally found the product they had long yearned for. A scrub that does not feel like it is piercing your skin and both exfoliates and hydrates your skin simultaneously.  “The scrub isn’t rough therefore my skin is never irritated and is always hydrated due to its dual action.” MIG Soap and Body Company has done a grand job at developing products that make women feel fabulous with radiant fresh skin and are great for the environment as a whole as well.

“Everything is always delivered properly and timely, we have never had any issues” -Joy

Joy has not tried the Lotion Bar just yet but is planning on using it in the near future. She really enjoys the clean feeling the soap gives her after using it and the feeling of her skin breathing after exfoliating with the scrub bar. Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in your daily cleaning routine because it stimulates circulation, and allows your skin to absorb the nutrients it needs in order to reveal a softer more youthful complexion.

Your skin’s natural glow also affected by the products you use in the shower, and using simple natural products allows your skin to truly glow from within. Being more food conscious when eating will help and getting a regular amount of sleep are both big contributing factors to the way your skin looks. Sometimes its all about your habits, and age is nothing but a number as they say.

For more details and to order your own bar, contact MIG Soap at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website www.migsoap.com

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