Change can at times be strange, and even rejected by few, but how will you know if it improves your life, health or if we look at it a little more on the surface, just your skin if you don’t try it? Organic Skin Care products have slowly made their way into mainstream American markets and are quickly gaining some ground. Women have had skin care regimes for years that have involved heavy creams and chemical based cleansers. Some women have taken the leap and tried Organic Skin Care products and have had amazing results. Softer skin, tighter skin, a more radiant glow from within… Taking care of your skin is essential, I mean its al about first impressions right?

Kirsty from Colorado Springs, took a leap of faith and decided to try out MIG Soap & Body Co.’s MIG Method, and ordered the Soap bar, Scrub bar, and Lotion bar. She does not hold a membership yet and this is her first order so she is waiting to try all of the products until making a final decision on whether she would like to receive the products monthly or not. We caught up with her to see what her thoughts on the products were thus far. As an Organic Skin Care product user myself I love to hear what other women have to say when introduced to these products.

“I love the Soap & the Scrub Bar. They are absolutely thrilling to use, a fresh clean feeling every time”        -Kirsty

Kirsty loves loves loves the soap and scrub bar, but is a bit hesitant on the lotion bar since it is a fairly new concept to her. “Its a bit thick for me” she told us, which is understandable, all products aren’t for everyone but she says she will continue to use it until she is out of that middle ground and either loving it or hating it.

MIG has a variety of scents in their soaps, scrubs and lotions, and should be very proud of all of their accomplishments in a short period of time, relatively speaking, and comparing it to how long major skin care product line from which women have switched have been around.

With the healthiest and most effective skin care products out there MIG Soap has something for everyone, including a line of Sensitive products, which are free of essential oils and fragrances, for those who suffer from extremely dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

MIG Soap truly is raising the bar on skin care products, and “they definitely deserve a 4.75, their products are high up there.”

For more details and to order your own bar, contact them at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website

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