Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Downey, talks about Blogger Local’s social media initiatives on a local level. If you’re looking for local social media help, Blogger Local’s program might be the right fit for you.

This is Kevin Downey at Thanks for visiting our website. Checking in today one of the let … talk to you about if you’re a business owner and you’re looking for help with social media on a local level. Our program is absolutely ideal for you. The reason why is because not only do we have expertise in social media and creating content for internet marketing purposes, but we have reach that any single or individual business generally won’t have because we are doing work for so many businesses in the local market. We have great reach and so many people interested in the different things that our clients have. We generally have better context. Then, again, any individual business will have, and so you can take advantage of that reach and really benefit from a reach standpoint or reaching a greater number of people through our program. 

Again, Blogger Local if you’re looking for blog content for your website, if you are looking for outreach via social media in the local markets. By local, it’s going to be through your city. As an example,, we reach the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, but we do limit it to that. It’s it own site, and it’s own market, and it’s own group of contacts and connections via social media. We do that, again, through our local Blogger Local website. We utilize, from a social media standpoint, we use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, as well as a number of other ones including something of the nature of StumbleUpon.

 Again, every week, we do blog content piece for you and we push that piece out via social media to all of those avenues. Really, it does do a great job of getting people aware of your brand, aware of your offerings, and really get immediate response, especially I have a good offer that week or a good special. Or something of uniqueness to let, to bring to the market. 

 Anyway, again, if you’re looking for local social media help, you want to check us out, Or give us a call at 9134026020, and we will let you know who your local Blogger Local representative is. Thank you very much for checking in with us today. Again, if you have questions, let us know. Thanks again.