Blog content for your website has never been easier, or more effective. Blogger Local combines the best of SEO, social media and public relations – at an affordable price! Here’s a quick summary by our Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Downey.

This is Kevin Downey, one of the founders of If you are a business owner and, welcome to our website by the way, but if you’re a business owner and you are interested in blog content for your website to help you with search engine optimization, your Google rankings, or just to have blog content for readers, our program really is the best blog content creation tool out there that is available. We  do focus on local businesses. If you do businesses and you concentrate on a geographical area, we operate in cities. If we operate in your city, we welcome you to contact us. We would love to work with you and help you create content for your blog on weekly basis that we would also publish on our … on your local Blogger Local, no pun intended, website. 

The Blogger Local program really focuses on creating engaging content, content that’s driven by you and your fire, your passion, your personality and your knowledge. Really, that’s the focus of our program is to work with businesses to help them create blog content for their website without having to write, which is really frustrating and difficult for a lot of business owners. Either they don’t like to write or they don’t have the time. It’s just so hard to pin down your self to sit and write. I’ve been a business owner for a long time now, and I find it extremely difficult to sit down and write an article or a piece for my blog. Really, that’s part of the foundation of our program is we come in and work with you to create the blog content via an interview or by doing a report or an update or something of that nature.

We always want to try to do an interview so we can infuse your passion and, again, a knowledge into the blog post, into the blog content. That really works best not only for the search engines, but really works best in terms of readability, shareability, the quality of the content, the usability of the content for your potential customer and for your readers. That’s what our program really is all about.

 If you’re looking for blog content for your website or for SEO purposes, we encourage you to contact us. Again, we’re called, and you want to visit your local Blogger Local website, you can head to or see the map and then click on the appropriate city. We’re happy to help you out and would love to talk to you. Give us a call. Our corporate office is 9134026020, and we can put you in contact with the … your local representative for our company for Blogger Local and your local reporter. Anyway, again,  9134026020. That’s our corporate office number. Our website is Thank you for checking in today, and we encourage you to contact us and we look forward to working with you and helping you create better content for your website. Thanks for checking in.