If you’re looking to supplement your Search Engine Optimization with regular blog content, we can help you – but so can a number of other vendors out there. It’s not all that tough to learn how to write for search engines.

What we do is different. Better. More rewarding.

We deliver content that is more valuable to readers, more interesting, converts website visitors, and promotes social sharing.

Your potential customers want to know about your business – and their curiosities are pretty simple. Can you solve their problem or need? Are you trustworthy, and your prices fair?

They search, not only looking for a company that can help them, but for a company that’s got their interests in mind.

We help businesses like yours get found with content that will have them banging down your door to buy from you, by building a “case” that you are worth doing business with.

Sure, we can write press releases, do product announcements, and spread the word about a special offer – that’s all part of what our writers do for our clients.

But we can offer much more than this.

Your Blogger Local writer will be more than a vendor – they will be a member of your staff, dedicated to the mission of spreading the “good word” about your business, through Blogger Local, social media and your website.

Part of what our writers do for clients is regularly communicating with your existing customers to find out what it is that makes them want to do business with you – again. Their past experience is good, but more importantly, what is it about that experience that will have them doing business with you again in the future?

Once readers find you, this is the most valuable information to them making a decision to buy from you. Can you help them? Why should they call you?

Your Blogger Local writer will focus on creating content that:

  1. Gets you found on Google
  2. Tells website visitors how you can solve their problem or need
  3. Makes a “case” that others have had a very good experience doing business with you and will return

Examples of our work include a client in Kansas City that distributes muslin bags:

We have achieved goals for client by creating content that tells website visitors (and search engines):

  1. Exactly what the company does
  2. How the client’s customers like the company and products, as well as how and why they use them
  3. Why client’s customers will buy from them again