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Published on October 3rd, 2013 | by Blogger Local


Work for Client Shows Power of Blogger Local

Our staff writer, Ben Hartman, has been commissioned by State Line Bag Company to do their blog content – State Line is a muslin bag distributor based in the Kansas City area. Since Ben has spent a day or so working for them, I wanted to post some real-world pictures and links showing his work for the client and the results.

Some links:

Screenshots below illustrate the results for State Line’s organic positioning on Google for 25 keywords, and a search on Google for “muslin bag reviews.” Notice the links to Blogger Local Kansas City’s Google Plus page, to State Line Bag’s website, and two blog posts on State Line Bag’s website – all of which show up on page 1 within 24 hours of publication!

The other screenshots are of State Line’s page on Blogger Local Kansas City and an actual blog post.

Other Highlights:

  • Reviews on State Line’s site is great for conversions
  • Content on Blogger Local Kansas City is distributed through social media, reaches local media, and has tremendous SEO value
  • Reviews are published on Blogger Local, giving “third party” validation
  • Reviews are acknowledged by Google as actual reviews, such that stars and rating show up in Google search results
  • Core keywords used in article titles, included in body, and linked to client’s website pages


Rankings on Google for – notice that (their on-line store) also ranks well

State Line Bag Google Rankings 1


State Line Bag Google Rankings 2


Actual search results for “muslin bag reviews” – notice the Blogger Local Kansas City’s Google Plus page, State Line Bag’s website, and State Line Bag’s blog all appear on page 1

Muslin Bag Reviews Google Search


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