Blogger Local’s Kansas City site has been in phase 1 of beta-testing for a month now, and is ready to move on to phase 2. Our Kansas City reporters will now be writing articles about businesses in the area starting in late September. One of the things that makes us different is that our content is always “time sensitive” in nature. That is, whatever we report on, it will be something that won’t last long or is limited in availability. Topics our reporters cover include new products, job openings, special events or promotions, unique or limited offerings, “how to” articles, reviews & testimonials, etc.

If you’re a business in the Kansas City area, make sure to touch base with one of our reporters so they can do an article about something going on at your business:

Blog writing team

For Chambers of Commerce, Networking groups, web designers & SEO firms, magazines, this is a great opportunity for your clients to get free press!

Should you have questions about our site, please contact your local reporter, or call Kevin Downey, Vice President of Business Development, at (913) 402-6020.

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