Founded in 1993, CompuScripts, Inc., is a cutting-edge court-reporting company headquartered in Columbia, serving all of South Carolina. The company’s name, derived from the words “computer” and “transcripts,” establishes its commitment to advancing technology in serving the legal community. Their legacy of high-end services dates back to the infancy of instant text. Clients were provided realtime transcripts when the court reporter brought a “luggable” computer to the deposition site and left the litigator with an ASCII rough draft on a 3.5 disk.

Today things are customizable and user friendly. You can attain a realtime text feed through an iPad, laptop, smart device, or desktop computer. A CompuScripts realtime reporter can simultaneously provide multi-casting of the text feed in different litigation and browser formats to a number of remote and local participants, as well as sending realtime text to augment streaming video. Among the many formats our realtime reporters support are Case Notebook, LiveNote, Summation, TextMap, and Bridge.

CompuScripts’ videographers offer traditional standard definition video capture. However, being dedicated to continual improvement to service demanding deadlines and high-stakes litigation, the innovative legal video staff at CompuScripts features high-definition video capturing services. Tailored services span from capturing computer-based presentations, such as Microsoft Office Excel worksheets and Publisher or PowerPoint presentations to iPad apps like TrialPad, TrialDirector for iPad, Exhibit A, ExhibitView Trial Notebook and Presenter, TrialTouch, and/or document camera technology. Unique to CompuScripts, these legal videography services can be expedited to concurrently capture an on-site picture-in-picture as the witness’s testimony is being proffered, saving law firms and their clients precious time as they near trial or mediation.

Other complementary services include video editing, video synchronization, mobile and onsite videoconferencing, teleconferencing, online scheduling and repository services, deposition web streaming, electronic transcripts and digital exhibits in a number of formats, including E-Transcript, PDF, and Summation, as well as bundled file packages such as West Publisher E-Transcript and enhanced PDFs. CompuScripts offers scheduling services to secure a court reporter, legal videographer, or videoconference facility most anywhere in the world.

The opportunities technology presents can be tremendously impactful, but the foundation to any stellar service rests upon the skilled court reporter and legal videographer. These South Carolina court reporters provide accurate and timely transcripts, and CompuScripts’ legal video experts are focused on delivering video media that is optimized for either general business applications or specific litigation software packages like Sanction, TrialDirector, TrialPad, and more.

The team at CompuScripts is led by two consummate professionals who are well-recognized as leaders in their respective fields.

Deborah Dusseljee, President, is a veteran realtime court reporter who is certified as an NCRA Registered Professional Reporter, Certified CART Provider, Certified Broadcast Captioner, and Realtime Systems Administrator, as well as a Thomson Reuters Certified LiveNote Reporter. Throughout her career, she has been hired as the prime court reporter by experienced, high-profile litigators for many of South Carolina’s most demanding and high-pressured depositions and trials.

In 2002, Bruce Balmer brought to CompuScripts a wealth of expertise, having served the previous two decades in manufacturing and distribution management. Bruce, CompuScripts Vice President, is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and received an MBA from the University of South Carolina. He is a Certified Legal Video Specialist with the National Court Reporters Association, a Certified Court Video Specialist with the American Guild of Court Videographers, and a Certified Media Expert with LiveNote. Presently he is a member of NCRA’s Certified Legal Video Specialists Council and frequent contributor to LinkedIn’s Certified Legal Video Specialists Group and the Yahoo Groups Legal Video Forum.

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