Every day, millions of packages are shipped by businesses within the U.S., and even to other countries. Unfortunately, many companies fail to realize that they may mischarged for a package shipped by UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service. Problems with obtaining late delivery Fedex refunds and UPS refunds are common as well. At Parcel Audit Pros, we provide secure parcel auditing for companies of all sizes, from smallest to huge corporations.

There are several companies who offer parcel auditing services, however most are overpriced and deliver little value when compared to this innovative, automated system. With the Parcel Aduti Pros solution, companies can compare shipping solutions, audit tracking and shipment of packages, recover unclaimed refunds, and save money, among other benefits.

Parcel Audit Pros provides customers a secure auditing platform that makes it possible for business owners or management to view all shipments in one convenient location. This not only helps companies in terms of making more informed business decisions regarding carriers and improves the ease of analysis of performance/accounts, but makes getting refunds a snap. Why should businesses choose Parcel Audit Pros over other parcel auditing services? Their rates are the lowest in the industry, perhaps the most important factor for many businesses. The company does not require long-term commitments, our customers can cancel at any time, and there is no risk whatsoever. No minimum or monthly fees, companies are never “locked in” with their services.

Shipping packages should be a simple and straightforward process, unfortunately it isn’t always so easy. Sometimes companies are invoiced for packages that never actually shipped, double charged, or packages arrive late. Surcharges may be added when they should not have been. Whether your company routinely uses FedEx or UPS Ground or Express, or USPS Priority Mail, mistakes can be made, costing companies tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Auditing for Fedex and UPS late delivery refunds for all of the shipments you make using various carriers in order to determine if you have been mischarged or are due a refund can be a complex, time-consuming task that most businesses simply do not have time for. Parcel Audit Pros takes care of the work for you, and never charges a sign-up, setup, or any type of fee other than 25% of the refunds secured for your company. Depending on various factors, companies can expect to save between 2% and 10% on carrier service costs. Over a one-year time period, the savings really add up.

Whether yours is a small business or large company employing hundreds, start saving on shipping costs today using our advanced small parcel auditing engine providing top-notch security. Located in Overland Park, KS, Parcel Audit Pros helps customers save on average 5% on shipping costs through their automatic auditing service using the most modern, innovative platform available today. Why pay more for shipping than you should?