Kansas City area businesses take note – you can have free blog content created for you by Blogger Local Kansas City while it’s in beta through the end of 2013.

A summary of our mission:

Founded by a small group of marketing executives, our mission is to provide unique, valuable & timely information about local businesses for our readers, whom we communicate with through our Blogger Local websites and social media. The goal is to create content that not only has SEO value for businesses, but content that is of great interest to readers, and promotes sharing through social media.

If you’re a Kansas City area business or philanthropic organization, you should take advantage of this by contacting your “local” Blogger Local reporter. They can be found on our city directory page here.

The benefits of regular blog content are well noted by SEO professionals globally – especially when keywords are linked and article titles are done correctly. It is something that any business who needs help organic ranking help should be doing – especially today.

Take advantage of Blogger Local’s Kansas City blog beta-test, and the free content creation we are offering.