By this point, most businesses know that they should be blogging.

But, many of them do not fully understand why they should be blogging.

Some company reps may tell you that blogs help with visibility – and that would be true. But, if visibility is the only reason why you think your business should be blogging, you may be in for a major surprise.

Blogging for businesses is much more than providing that much needed visibility. Much more. Let’s go ahead and highlight 10 of the most important benefits of business blogging.

1.      People Make Purchases Due to Blogs

According to Retailing Today, 81% of all online shoppers research the product or service they are interested in online before making a purchase. This is huge.

This means that the majority of all consumers will not buy from your company until they have researched your products or services thoroughly first. Today’s customers crave information.

So, your company can provide that information first-hand.

Creating valuable blog content that is properly optimized will rank high, making it easy to find. When a shopper looks up more information about a product or service, with enough high-value content online, the consumer has a far better chance of finding one of your posts.

If they find the content valuable, educational, and entertaining – you have just increased the chances that the reader will become your paying customer.

In addition, 61% of all online shoppers have made a purchase simply because of something they read on a blog. This just goes to exemplify the power of a well-written post.

2.    Blog Posts Provide Long-Term Traffic

Every post your company publishes has the capability of driving hundreds of potential customers to your website.

The best part about publishing blog posts is, they don’t disappear after your budget has run out, or you have ended your campaign. This means that unlike traditional SEM (paid search marketing), blog posts remain online indefinitely.

When someone finds your post and clicks the link, they are taken to your website in order to read the post.

Just like I previously explained, if the reader finds the post valuable, you have just increased your chances of earning a paying customer.

Another fact, is that approximately 10% of all posts become a compounding blog. This means that this one post now has the potential to join the posts that drive about 38% of all website traffic, according to HubSpot.

This is also attributed to the fact that 79% of all online shoppers spend precisely half of their time shopping specifically looking up product information online. These posts are read because they contain the information shoppers are looking for.

In addition, regularly updating breathes new life into old posts. In fact, many companies claim that upwards of 75% of their leads from blogs come from old posts that were updated.

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3.    The More Posts You Publish, the Better the Results

Now, publishing 1 post per month is better than none. But, by that same regard, publishing 100 per month will provide that much more benefit.

Just how much more benefit will depend on the amount of traffic the posts generate. However, the more you publish, the better the results.

Now, one of the biggest questions I get is, “If I publish a lot of posts, does it look like spam?”

The answer is a resounding, “No.”

Search engines like Google will never consider large influxes of content being published as spam, unless the content actually is spam. Low quality or duplicate content will harm you. However, publishing unique, high-value posts will only benefit your business.

In fact, publishing hundreds of posts at one time will do nothing but flood valuable content into search engines, and with each post, a valuable link back to your website. You simply can’t go wrong there.

Just think about the value you are providing to consumers online looking for information. Google looks very kindly on websites that provide this value for their customers. (Yes, people who search using Google are their customers. Google simply refers their customers to websites they feel will provide their users with value.)

One last note, according to HubSpot, companies that publish 4 or more blog posts each week get up to 3.5x more traffic and 4.5x more leads than companies that post 1 post per week. This just validates the fact that the more blogs you post, the more good you are doing for your business and your bottom line.

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So yes, blog posts offer prime visibility, but they do so much more. The long-term benefits of blogging even offer a greater ROI than SEM campaigns for the price point.

Remember, ad campaigns eventually end. But every post you publish will remain indefinitely.


About the Author

Heath Starkey, Director of Content Development for Textworkers Content Writing Services, is a father and a husband and an entrepreneur. He oversees content development for 100s of clients with Textworkers, while also privately helping businesses grow through coaching, growth, and development services.  Learn more about Textworkers on Facebook, and Textworkers on Twitter or contact Heath at heath [at]