While there are various brands of credit card paper rolls in the market, it is important to note that not all thermal paper rolls are created equal. Certain brands of cash register receipt paper have greater quality than others. The quality of printing that will be shaped by the credit card machine to a definite degree depends on the quality of thermal paper used. Also, credit card paper rolls come in different dimensions and weights. Thus, when shopping for credit card paper rolls, start by understanding the dimension that best fits your machine.

Top Ten Thermal Paper Roll Companies

Following are top ten credit card paper rolls in the United States.

#1 Buy Rolls

editors pickEstablished in in 2008, Buy Rolls is America’s leading POS paper supplier. They have brought quality Point-of-Sale and wide format products to thousands of customers around the nation.

Their convenient, mobile friendly and hassle-free and secure online store features a wide range of products and solutions.  This is far and above the top online seller of thermal paper rolls and credit card paper rolls.


  • Thermal paper rolls
  • 1-ply bond paper
  • Swipe cleaner cards
  • Printer ribbons
  • Ink jet and engineering wide format paper
  • Credit card paper rolls
  • Wide format paper
  • Carbonless multi-ply paper rolls

BuyRolls Inc.
13608 W 107th St
Lenexa, KS 66215
Toll Free 1-888-544-7171


#2 Paper Roll Supplies, LLC

Established in 1977, Paper Roll Supplies delivers quality credit card paper rolls to customers throughout the United States. Over the years, Paper Roll Supplies have served over 40,000 retail businesses, from grocery stores to restaurants, pharmacies and service stations.


  • Paper rolls
  • Guest checks
  • Ribbons
  • Price guns
  • Scale labels

Paper Roll Supplies, LLC
172 Eastern Blvd.
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Phone: 800-243-5877


#3 Paper Net USA

One of the largest Point-of-Sale consumable distributors in the United States, Paper-Net specializes in Business to Business Point-of-Sale supplies. Established in 1994, Paper-Net’s product lines have expanded over the years to meet their clients’ ever-changing business environments. The company has been growing along with intelligent, bottom-line oriented and quality conscious customers.


  • POS thermal paper rolls
  • ATM paper rolls
  • Recycled paper rolls
  • Credit card supplies
  • Mobile printer rolls
  • Credit card imprinters
  • Scale labels
  • Kiosk paper rolls
  • BPA free thermal paper rolls
  • Thermal transfer labels and ribbon
  • Direct thermal labels
  • POS printers
  • Single ply bond receipt paper rolls
  • Multi ply POS paper rolls
  • Ink cartridges
  • Cash register paper rolls
  • Parking garage paper rolls

Paper Net have distribution centers in Texas, California, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia and Connecticut

Paper Net USA
2490 Arnold Industrial Way, Suite C
Concord, CA 94520
Toll Free: 1-800-210-2203


#4 Panda Paper Roll

Based in Jinan, China, Panda Paper Roll Company is a leading global supplier for cashier register, Point of Sale, ATM and kiosk payment processing. With over 15 years of operation, Panda Paper Roll carries a complete line of paper roll products including bond, carbonless, thermal, self-stained and all types of standard and specialty grades of thermal media.


  • Thermal Paper Roll
  • ATM Paper Roll
  • Bond Paper Roll
  • Carbonless Paper Roll
  • Custom Printed Paper Roll
  • Perforated Carbonless Paper Sheet

Panda Paper Roll
No.27, North Industrial Road,
Jinan 250100, China
Phone: +86 15066691725


#5 Paper-Rolls n More

Formed in Fountain Valley, California in 1989, PaperRolls-N-More is currently headquartered in Arizona. The company has evolved over the years to become one of the largest and oldest supplier of POS paper and Ribbon Supplier in the United States.


  • Thermal paper rolls
  • ATM, Kiosk, & Gas Pump Rolls
  • Direct Thermal Labels
  • Bond Paper Rolls
  • Printer cartridge
  • Office supplies
  • Credit card supplies and ribbon
  • POS supplies
  • Small Packs

Paper-Rolls n More
7898 East Acoma Drive, Suite 102
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 800-488-6679


#6 Thermal Rolls

Thermal Rolls specializes in POS supplies for various businesses using thermal, dot matrix and ink jet printers. Their products are used in literally every industry, from restaurants to offices, retail shops and gas stations. They provide an extensive selection of thermal paper, including carbonless paper rolls, custom printed paper rolls, credit card paper rolls and ATM paper rolls. In addition, Thermal Rolls offers a wide range of guest checks, plotter paper, toner and ink, disposable gloves and cash register ribbons.


  • Thermal cash register paper
  • Receipt paper rolls
  • Cash register paper rolls
  • ATM paper
  • Mobile papers

Thermal Rolls
1936 Bruce B Downs Blvd Unit 115
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
Phone: (888) 406-2120


#7 Paper Roll Products

Founded in 2002, Paper Roll Products primary mission is to be the leading provider of premium quality Point-of-Sale supplier to businesses that rely on them. They combine quality products with reliable shipping, all at competitive pricing. Working in collaboration with their strategic partners, Paper Roll Products have established a reliable nationwide distribution network, making it one of America’s largest distributors of POS supplies and related products.


  • Thermal paper rolls
  • Bond paper rolls
  • ATM/Kiosk paper rolls
  • Inking products
  • Accessories
  • Custom printing

Paper Roll Products
980 Lone Oak Road, Suite 130,
Eagan, MN 55121
Phone:  (877) 224-9880


#8 Thermal Paper Warehouse

Thermal Paper Warehouse specializes in producing most of the common sizes of receipt paper, bond paper, thermal paper, and POS paper. Whether you are looking for 2-ply paper rolls, colored thermal paper or customized paper rolls with your company’s information on it, Thermal Paper Warehouse will deliver quickly and effectively.


  • Label printing
  • Thermal paper rolls
  • Credit card paper rolls
  • Colored Rolls
  • 2 ply Paper Rolls
  • Custom printing

Thermal Paper Warehouse, LLC
312 Nancy Lynn Lane, 2nd Floor
Knoxville, TN 37919
Tel: (888) 762-0900


#9 Terminal Deport

Looking to buy high quality US manufactured POS supplies? Look no further than Terminal Deport. With Terminal Deport, you will receive nothing but the best, and finest paper rolls for your business.


  • Thermal cash register paper
  • Receipt paper rolls
  • Thermal paper rolls
  • ATM, Kiosk, & Gas Pump Rolls
  • Direct Thermal Labels
  • Bond Paper Rolls

Terminal Deport
Phone: 860-799-3005


#10 A1 Paper Rolls

With over 50 years in business, A1 Paper Rolls is one of the oldest receipt paper rolls distributors in the United States. The company is locally owned and headquartered in Hazel Park, Michigan with a client base in North America offering warehouse, office, restaurant and business supplies.


  • Bond paper rolls
  • Receipt paper
  • Printer ribbons
  • Credit card supplies
  • Thermal receipt paper rolls
  • Swipe cleaner cards
  • Register tape
  • Guest checks
  • Kitchen receipts
  • Stretch film
  • Gloves

A1 Paper Rolls
1721 Maple lane Ave
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Phone: 800 995 9226

Credit card paper roll is a very important component as it provides physical proof of purchase. As such, it is important that you always have extra rolls in your store. It is important to ensure that the paper is in accordance with the size of the machine to avoid paper from getting stuck during printing. Also, the paper should be of utmost quality to ensure legible printouts. Contact any of the companies mentioned above for your credit card paper roll and POS supply needs.