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Top 10 Best Online Reputation Management Companies & Services 2019

Are you searching for the best online reputation management companies, services & software reviews?

It used to be that online reputation management was only necessary when you or your business had fallen victim to slur campaigns or negative reviews.

However, consumer behavior has changed over time, and people are more likely to look out for information about a business or a product, especially when they plan on making a purchase. It has therefore become vital that you not only rank high on search engines but also seek to portray your website in a positive light.

This is where online reputation management tools come in. Here are the top ten online reputation management software and online review tools and services worth consideration for your next reputation management campaign.

Top Ten Online Reputation Management Companies & Customer Review Software Services for 2019


Want to convert happy customers into reviewers? Founded in 2013, is one of the top most reputation management solutions for agencies, marketers and SEOs. It automatically turns your best reviews into search engine friendly social media and web content to further amply your positive reputation. Better still, this platform allows you to recover dissatisfied customers before posting negative reviews about your business. It also enables you to monitor reviews across the web so you always know what consumers are saying about your brand.


  • Complaint monitoring
  • Feedback collection
  • Customer review platform
  • Review monitoring
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social media metrics


  • Marketer Plan – $90/month
  • Agency Plan – $200/month

Learn more about here

2. Get Five Stars

Gather customer feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score and encourage your customers to leave reviews online with Get Five Stars reputation management software. All you need is your customer’s email or cellphone number and this application will do the rest for you. The application initiates the feedback process by sending a customized email or SMS to your customer. Simple, fast and easy.


  • Email and SMS feedback
  • Responsive desktop and mobile templates
  • Landing page
  • Multiple reports to help you track your success
  • Weekly emailed reports


  • Basic Plan
    • $39.95/month/location.
    • Up to 1,000 new profiles per month.
    • 1,000 email requests per month
    • Online review monitoring for up to five sites
    • Testimonial widget
    • Custom survey questions
  • Pro Plan
    • $75 per month per location
    • Up to 3,500 new profiles per month
    • 3,000 email requests and 200 SMS credits
    • Online review monitoring for up to 5 sites
  • Pro Plus Plan
    • $99 per month per location
    • Up to 6,000 new profiles per month
    • 4,000 email requests and 400 SMS credits per month
    • Online review monitoring for up to 5 sites
  • Executive Plan
    • $249 per month per location
    • Up to 10,000 new profiles per month
    • 7,500 email requests and 1000 SMS credits per month
    • Online review monitoring for up to 5 sites

Learn more about Get Five Stars here

3. Podium

Based in Utah, this platform focuses on powering a relationship of trust between businesses and their customers. It does this by bringing operations, marketing and customer experience into a single platform, thus helping businesses drive user-generated content to gain a better understanding of their customers, increase online visibility and influence purchase decisions. Built based on everyday consumer technology, Podium lets you influence what is said about your business, and where it said, by focusing on the sites and thematics that are crucial to your business.


  • Tracking online reviews
  • Providing real-time feedback and review notifications
  • Providing insight into business and employee performance
  • Increasing online exposure through well-balanced online portfolio
  • Improving local SEO on search engines
  • Generating reviews on social networking sites


  • Not provided

Learn more about Podium here

4. Broadly

Founded by Josh Melick and Asaf Arkin, Broadly helps your business look great online with verified customer reviews. Their review strategy makes it easy for your customers to refer others on the most important search engines. In addition, their SEO technology helps your business stand out online.


  • Custom “thank you” email tools
  • Customer review generation
  • Customer referral and tracking
  • Website design and development
  • SEO service through distribution of positive feedback online

Learn more about Broadly tools and services here

5. Review Trackers

Founded by Chris Campbell, Review Trackers empower businesses with a software platform that helps them track online reviews, manage reputation and understand their customers. It specializes in collecting reviews from all the major review sites and allows businesses to discover and interpret crucial customer insights from the gathered data.


  • Manage reviews from up to 80 websites
  • Centralized review tracking system
  • Review monitoring tool for tracking customer reviews in real time
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Online positive review distribution
  • Review alerts by email


  • Not provided

Learn more about Review Trackers here

6. Reputology

Seamlessly manage reviews across multiple locations while customizing your dashboard view to suit local operators with Reputology. This fully automated, 24/7 review tracking platform monitors reviews on all industry specific sites that are important to your business. Their solution helps you improve your business’ reputation, improve customer experience and ultimately increase both top and bottom lines.


  • Reply to Facebook and Google reviews directly from your dashboard
  • Filter for automated reports, customizing views and exportable data
  • Automate summary reports
  • Automate email alerts
  • Track and measure key performance indicators
  • HootSuite integration
  • Advanced data segmentation analysis using location, review site, customizable group and star rating.


  • Single Location
    • Email notifications
    • Daily review tracking
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Email and phone support
    • HootSuite integration
  • Multiple Location
    • All Single Location features
    • Custom notifications and summary reports
    • Unlimited users
    • Multiple location reporting and analytics
    • Workflow management tools
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Text analytics
    • Customer feedback and NPS tracking
  • Agencies and Resellers
    • All Multiple Location plan features
    • White label platform
    • Client center
    • Single sign on capability

Learn more about Reputology here

7. Review Push

ReviewPush is in business to make online review management a breeze for you. They do this by providing a simple platform with intuitive features and functionality.


  • Multi-site monitoring
  • Email alerts
  • Review response options
  • Unlimited locations tracking
  • Store-by-store rankings
  • Multi-store review request
  • Multi-level reporting and monitoring
  • Missing profile alerts


  • Multiple Locations Basic – $25/month/location
    • Daily email notifications
    • Multi-site monitoring
    • Daily rating updates
    • Review request tool
    • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Multiple Locations Premium – $35/month/location
    • Basic Plan features plus
    • Easy review responding
    • Twitter monitoring
    • Social analytics
    • Competitor analysis reporting
    • Inappropriate review flagging
  • Enterprise
    • Basic Plan features plus
    • Multi-level email notifications
    • Multi-level dashboards
    • Store-by-store-rankings
    • Missing profile awareness
    • Local and regional reporting

Learn more about ReviewPush here


Founded in 2006 by Michael Fertik, this Silicon Valley based online reputation management company helps businesses create content that suppresses negative publicity. While it does not perform some of the more common tasks like optimizing existing websites or publishing press releases, it excels in tracking and suppressing negative reviews for client organizations.


  • Solicit online reviews from customers
  • Customer surveys
  • Social media monitoring
  • Business listings
  • Operational insights
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Not provided

Learn more about here

9. Reputation Defender

ReputationDefender was created to provide online reputation management services for individuals and businesses. They claim to be the first business in the space and remain one of the industry leaders. Reputation Defender believes that everyone has the right to be empowered online, whether that means controlling the spread of your personal information or the way you are portrayed to others.


  • Situation analysis
  • Content creation
  • Content review
  • Strategic publication
  • Asset optimization
  • Search results reordering
  • Reputation reinforcement


  • Defender 3000: $3,000/year
  • Defender 5000: $5,000/year
  • Defender 7500: $7,500/year
  • Defender 10000: $10,000/year
  • Defender 15000: $15,000/year
  • Defender 25000: $25,000/year

Learn more about Reputation Defender here

10. BirdEye

When you make your customers happy, they will do your marketing for you. It is that simple. BirdEye is an all-in-one tool that transforms your customers into your marketing engine. BirdEye integrates with the existing CRM to access your customers. The application then automatically sends review requests to clients through their cellphones, scoring new reviews directly on Google and social networking sites like Facebook.


  • Monitor customer feedback online
  • Manage negative reviews
  • Real time review alerts
  • Google search ranking
  • Auto-share reviews
  • Video reviews
  • ROI reports


  • Not provided

Learn more about BirdEye here


In today’s web-focused world, reputation management is a crucial area of focus for every business. High number of digital channels and increased user access has caused online reputation to become a more dynamic entity: one that can be built and developed over time yet vulnerable to change at any moment. Finding the right online reputation agency can help you suppress negative publicity while increasing your visibility and positive reputation online.

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  1. Thank you for including! I wanted to clarify that even though our marketer plan is actually $90. Our Agency Plan is only $200!

    Hope this helps! (we’re always writing about online review management and marketing strategy on our blog as well

  2. Jim says:

    Thank you for including BirdEye. Our “social listening” really separates us from the others. We monitor the entire internet including social media channels, review sites and google for potential negative threats against your business.

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