Are you searching for the best small business CRM or a small business marketing automation solution?

Holy Cow, there are a ton of them out there.  How do you know which one is designed for your small business, and which ones are overkill?

The truth is, many CRMs are designed for larger small businesses to enterprises.  That means big SaaS providers (Software as a Service) like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Infusionsoft and others are too expensive and too hard to implement for most small businesses.  As an entrepreneur, you need something that is easy, all-in-one and requires minimum support to implement into your business.

What most small business truly need is a powerful, yet affordable CRM that also includes marketing automation.  A pure CRM (customer relationship management) software simply helps you manage customers and leads.  But today, you need something that helps you communicate and market with by email and through your website.

Marketing automation refers to software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions online. Many business owners have to manually perform repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and other website tasks.  A CRM with Marketing Automation features makes these tasks easier and scalable.  Keep in mind, if you are in a specialty trade, like construction, you may want to consider contractor software.

Keeping up with your customer service and marketing activities can be a daunting and time consuming exercise. This is where you need a customer relationship management solution with marketing automation comes in. Integrating marketing automation into your CRM tool can help target the right customers, generate qualified leads and track your sales performance. Here are top small business CRMs with marketing automation.

The 10 Best Small Business CRMs With Marketing Automation 2021

1. Hatchbuck

As the ultimate all-in-one CRM marketing software, Hatchbuck is specially designed for small enterprises. It helps businesses gather contacts, create email campaigns and seal deals. Touted for its simplicity, Hatchbuck can help you track contacts, follow them up with automated marketing and figure out who is worth your effort and who is not.  This is the perfect small business CRM and small business marketing automation solution.   Of all the CRM / Marketing automation sofware-as-a-service (SaaS) solution on this list, Hatchbuck has the best customer service, support and on-boarding support.

hatchbuck crm marketing automation

Hatchbuck key capabilities

  • Collecting and organizing contacts
  • Creating and scheduling email campaigns
  • Keeping track of sales pipeline and managing tasks
  • Monitoring clickthroughs and conversations in one list
  • Providing intelligent sales probability estimates and notifications on crucial leads
  • Generating reports on campaign metrics

Hatchbuck pricing

  • $99/month Small Biz Plan for 2 users, 1,500 contacts and 7,500 monthly emails.
  • $199/month Team Plan for 5 users, 5,000 contacts and up to 25,000 monthly emails
  • $299/month Professional Plan for 10 users, 15,000 contacts and up to 75,000 monthly emails
  • $399/month Enterprise Plan for unlimited users, 25,000 contacts and unlimited monthly emails.

Lean more about Hatchbuck here

2. Active Campaign

Best known as an email newsletter application, ActiveCampaign combines different apsects of email marketing to create a single and easy to use CRM tool. It enables users to gather prospects, with comprehensive profiles on each that includes conversations, social network activities and more. You can then sort and take these prospects through your sales process by updating them about your company with custom email newsletters.  ActiveCampaign is truly powerful, maybe even more so than HatchBuck, but the onboarding and ongoing support is no where close to HatcBuck’s.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, ActiveCampaign may offer you the most bang for the buck in terms of an all-in-one small business CRM.

activecampaign crm marketing automation

ActiveCampaign capabilities

  • Integrates CRM and email marketing into one application
  • Simple email editor to create drips and newsletters
  • Segments lists based on generated CRM data
  • Kanban-style lead and deal organization
  • Tracks contacts in emails as well as on your website

ActiveCampaign Pricing

  • $9/month Basic Plan for email marketing with 500 contacts
  • $49/month Plus Plan with CRM and marketing automation with 1000 contacts
  • $149/month Enterprise Plan with custom domain, design services, integrations and more.

Lean more about ActiveCampaign here

3. Insightly

This is an easy-to-use, feature-rich CRM and project management application that does not break the bank. It comes with essential time saving CRM features a small business requires for operation like contact management, opportunity management, project management and comprehensive sales reports. Better still, you can scale it to meet your growing business’ needs. It is cloud based, meaning that you can access your data anytime, from any location and device.

insighlty crm marketing automation

Insightly capabilities

  • Performs both customer relationship and project management functions
  • Easily defines relationships between contacts
  • Email tools for sales follow up as well as tracking communication
  • Advanced reporting that filters and groups customer data
  • MailChimp and Evernote integration for easy notes saving and email management
  • Ease of integration with email tools like Outlook, Gmail and MailChimp
  • Android and iOS apps available

Insightly Pricing

  • Free Plan for up to 2 users, with 5 email templates, 10 advanced reports, 10 custom fields and 2500 records
  • $12/month – Basic Plan for a single user, unlimited reports, up to 5 scheduled reports, smart alerts, 25,000 records and more
  • $29/month Plus Plan for a single user, 25 scheduled reports, smart alerts, priority email support, 100,000 records and more
  • $49/month Professional Plan for a single user, up to 100 scheduled reports, priority email support, 250,000 records, smart alerts and more.
  • $99/month Enterprise Plan for a single user, smart alerts, up to 250 scheduled reports, priority email support, 500,000 records and more

Learn more about Insightly here

4. Ontraport

Ontraport provides a unified platform for small businesses to manage marketing, sales, content and information with ease. The system comes with an effective lead capture tools, CRM, file sharing capabilities, split testing, social media integration, marketing features and automation as well as task management features. By enabling automation, Ontraport helps businesses add more value to their world while significantly decreasing the burden that comes with technology.

ontraport crm marketing automation

Ontraport capabilities

  • Integrates all your marketing efforts into a single application
  • Stores comprehensive CRM data on each of your contacts
  • Gather new contacts through landing page forms or integrations
  • Triggers automated workflows to send SMS and email messages as well as task assignment
  • Builds membership site that you can integrate with WordPress

Ontraport pricing

  • $79/month Basic Plan for a single user, 1000 contacts and unlimited emails
  • $279/month Pro Plan for 2 users, 25,000 contacts and 100,000 emails per month
  • $597/month Team Account for 10 users, 100,000 contacts and emails

Learn more about Ontraport here

5. Agile CRM

Looking for a marketing automation CRM that gives you real time notifications based on your contacts’ actions? Well, try Agile CRM. You will get notifications when your contacts open your email, click a link or just visit your site. And that is not all. You can make them remember you too with in-app notifications as well as automated SMS drip campaigns.

agile crm marketing automation

Agile CRM capabilities

  • Manages social network, email and phone marketing from a single app
  • Builds smart, automated social network and email campaigns in a flow chart
  • Tracks what visitors are doing on your site
  • Lets site visitors schedule appointments
  • Integrates with RingCentral and Twilio to receive and make calls

Agile CRM plans

  • Free Plan – up to 2 users and 1000 contacts
  • Starter Plan – $14.99/user/month for up to 10,000 contacts and basic features
  • Regular Plan – $49.99/user/month for up to 50,000 contacts, documents support, phone integration and more
  • Enterprise Plan – $79.99/user/month for unlimited contacts and features

Learn more about Agile CRM here

6. GreenRope

Want an application that can handle every aspect of your marketing in one place? GreenRope comes with enough features to do just that. This marketing automation app can send SMS message or drip emails. Thanks to automation workflow, it can send messages after prospects visit specific pages or reply to GreenRope’s in-built survey and courses that you can customize to suit your marketing needs.

greenrope crm marketing automation

GreenRope features

  • Complete CRM
  • Project and event management
  • Email, social network, SMS and MMS marketing
  • Tracking and statistics
  • Lead capture and scoring
  • Website analytics and surveys
  • Marketing automation

GreenRope Plans

  • Starter Plan – $149/month with 1000 contacts
  • Prime Plan – $199/month with 3000 contacts
  • Pro Plan – $249/month with 5000 contacts
  • Premium Plan – $299/month with 7500 contacts
  • Powerhouse Plan – $349/month with 10,000 contacts
  • Supreme Plan – $449/month with 25,000 contacts
  • Ultimate Plan – $699/month with 50,000 contacts

Learn more about GreenRope here

7. AllProWebTools

Founded in 2009, All Pro Web Tools is a one stop web based business administration tool for just about any business need. It delivers everything a business needs to create and manage online presence as well as powerful tools internal business management solutions from employee tracking, task management, online marketing and customer relations management.

allprowebtools crm marketing automation

All Pro Web Tools features

  • Business updates using Live workflow timeline feed
  • Website hosting for total control of your content
  • Management tools for easy task allocation as well as team progress monitoring

All Pro Web Tools Pricing

Starts at $10/month

Learn more about All Pro Web Tools here

8. Streak

This flexible cloud based CRM solution is designed to help businesses manage their customers’ and sales’ requirements using Gmail accounts.

streak crm marketing automation

Streak features

  • CRM integrated with Gmail
  • Simple box and organizer views to help users get started with CRM with ease
  • Email snoozing, scheduling and tracking capabilities
  • Use snippets to create emails easily
  • Available in iOS and android stores

Streak Pricing

  • Free Plan- features email tools and up to 200 tracked emails every month
  • Corporate Plan – $39/month/user – Features unlimited email tracking, premium email support and API and integration access
  • Enterprise Plan -$89/month/user – Features custom access, premium phone support (up to 10 users) and data validation

Learn more about Streak here

9. VipeCloud

VipeCloud integrates best-in-industry communication solutions into a single interface accessible from the client’s email. The solutions provide tools for phone, email and social network marketing, content management, online transactions and CRM integration.

vipecloud crm marketing automation

VipeCloud features

  • Sending and tracking marketing emails
  • Email open notifications
  • Email templates and scheduling tools
  • Weekly post-to-social trending content emails

VipeCloud pricing

  • Plus Plan – $10/month per user
  • Pro Plan – $30/month per user
  • Enterprise Plan – $60/month per user

Learn more about VipeCloud here

10. Mothernode

Mothernode is a leading CRM solution designed to provide businesses with a cutting-edge application to better manage their sales and customers. It helps users streamline operations from sales to invoicing.

mothernode crm marketing automation

Mothernode features

  • Customer management
  • Contact management
  • Email marketing
  • Outlook and Gmail integration
  • Events and tasks management
  • Lead capture forms

Plans and Pricing

  • Sales Team Edition – $49.99/user/month. Features account and contact management as well as opportunity tracking
  • Sales and Marketing Edition – $59.99/user/month. Features lead capture forms, campaigns, marketing integration in addition to all Sales Team Edition features
  • Professional Plan – $69.99/user/month. Features case and vendor management, purchase orders and all Sales and Marketing Edition features
  • Enterprise Plan – $99/month. Features Sales orders, invoicing, inventory management and all Professional Plan features.

Learn more about Mothernode here

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Marketing automation can save the business a lot of time and money. It allows the business to eliminate common human error and focus on important goals – growth and profitability. It is also effective for streamlining various aspects of the marketing campaign such as: creating consistency in the marketing message, tracking valuable customer information for purposes of improving targeted marketing and generating quicker response times. However, it all begins by investing in the right CRM solution that suits your business and marketing needs.

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