Want to add more money to your income streams but not looking to play the stock market? Then it might be time to consider real estate.  Real estate is the perfect opportunity to accumulate wealth. In fact, real estate is possibly the best way to make money in your local market.

Here’s how and why.

Real estate means options for income and profit

One of the first things to decide is whether you want an income stream or a profit. Each will put more money in your pocket, but through different means and with different levels of commitment.

  • Rental income – Rental income can come from both short or long-term strategies. Investors often find properties that are ideally suited for long-term rentals, while many homeowners are exploring short-term rental possibilities such as VRBO. Either way, you will spend money upfront but the cash returns over time make it well worth the initial investment. Not only will you produce an income stream, but you can also enjoy appreciation, equity pay-down and tax benefits as a landlord.
  • Cell tower leases – Another, lesson-known revenue revenue stream possibility is cell tower leasing. As more and more people carry cell phones, more cell towers are needed. Cell tower companies are increasingly turning to property owners to discuss installing and maintaining these towers, sometimes small enough to fit on a rooftop undetected. One word of caution: property owners are not likely to understand the full value of their property and will be sold on the fact that they should use market-standard lease rates. Your land may be worth far more than you think to a tower company. Consult an expert before signing a contract.
  • Fix and flip – There’s a reason HGTV is flooded with shows about flipping houses. Flipping homes ideal for people who are patient enough to seek good deals on homes for sale and can manage contractors.  There are many companies that buy houses for cash for the purpose of selling them to house flippers.  Taking an existing piece of property and increasing its value, through repairs and staging can mean selling at above market value.  Money is needed initially to get started with this plan but rather than a cash stream over time, you can earn a sizable lump sum that can be used to repeat the same process again.  Just be sure you take the time to read house flipping tips and advice to avoid the most common mistakes first time flippers tend to make.
  • REITs – Technically Real Estate Investment Trusts are playing the stock market. However, they have lower volatility than stocks. REITs can only invest in real estate to produce income and they must distribute at least 90% of income back to shareholders in the form of dividends. In addition to rich dividends, REITs offer diverse exposure to real estate assets and inherent tax advantages.  As with flipping, it’s important to take the time to investigate before jumping but here are 3 available REIT options currently recommended.

 The best part about building wealth with real estate is that virtually anyone can do it. Depending on the amount of time and initial investment you wish to spend, the possibilities are endless and the profits sizable.  With proper research and education, real estate can truly be one of the best ways to make money.