When launching a new city site for Blogger Local, we’re looking for a few primary qualities. If you’re interested in launching Blogger Local in your city, don’t hesitate to contact us. While we are looking to grow quickly, we are very picky about whom we’ll hire. Remember to upload your resume and give us all available social profiles to review.

Hi, I’m Kevin Downey.  I’m with a venture called Four Eyes Services, and I’m the vice president of development for our new product called Blogger Local.  I wanted to welcome you to the website and thank you very much for visiting.  Goal for today is I want to make it clear about the opportunity and what we’re looking for on a national scale.  So, as we have opened up the beta of the first city site, which is kansascity.bloggerlocal.com, we will be testing a number of different things within our platform and readying the site for national … to open it on a national scale. 

                        What we’re looking for nationally is to open somewhere between 300 and 500 sites over the next five years for Blogger Local city sites, and what we’re looking for in someone to open a site for us, or a city for us, is a real go-getter, someone who is a good writer, likes to write and enjoys to write, but also enjoys business and can intelligently interview business professionals and business owners and managers, as well as customers of businesses on the local level and has the ability to really interact well with the businesses and … and a tenacity to go out and spend a lot of time with those businesses.  

                        Additionally, we need our local reporters to be strong in the social media category and have the ability and willingness to work with Facebook, for example, along with Twitter, Goggle+, and to some degree Pinterest, as Pinterest has grown a lot lately.  The primary thing that our reporters do on a day-to-day basis is report on their client businesses.  So, they might interview a client, a business owner, a manager, a customer of that business, and talk about a particular product, talk about a sale, talk about a special, a deal, coupons, items.  They might talk about a location, depending on the business, and the businesses that our bloggers or reporters will cover ranges from real estate agents and vacation planners and vacation agents … travel agents … all the way to retailers of high dollar products, from jewelry to automobiles and RVs and motorcycles to traditional and smaller retailers that may sell health goods to fitness equipment, etc.  

                        Most of what we’re looking for in our clients are people that we can report on and create stories for on a weekly basis but also do quick shout-outs on their behalf via social media, even up to a daily basis, so our clients have the ability to … to send us a note, send their local reporter a note or a little blast that we can send out through our social media in the area once a day.  So, our bloggers, our reporters primarily spend most of their time interviewing and working with the  clients, going in there usually once a month, and they’ll create four stories for the month in that one sitting typically, and then, they’ll communicate with the clients throughout the month for little quick blurbs to throw out through social media and through the interface on the back end of bloggerlocal.com.

                        So, if you’re interested, if you’re a blogger, if  you’re a social media guru in your city, if you’re really, really strong in the community as a networker and you have some writing skills, we’d like to talk to you.  You want to contact me, that’s Kevin Downey.  I’m vice president of business development for  Blogger Local, which is a division of Four Eyes Services. You want to contact me, and we will … we can discuss you coming on board and opening up your city.  Of course, we go through a pretty rigorous screening process, and we’re only looking for the best of the best. So, not only talented but tenacious and have a very vibrant personality and someone who’s going to really get excited about what we’re doing in that city.

                         So, again if you’re intereseted, my name Kevin Downey. I’m vice president of business development for Blogger Local, and my phone number is 913-402-6020, and you want to ask our receptionist, Peggy, just ask for me personally.  Again, my name is Kevin Downey.  Thank you very much for checking in today, and we appreciate your interest as a blogger and Blogger Local and opening up your city site, and we look forward to speaking with you, and again, if you make contact with us through our site, don’t forget to upload your resume or some information and background about you and any lengths to social media, personal pages, or any other things that are very helpful for us, and we appreciate it.  So, thank you very much for checking in, and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.