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If you are considering an investment in a business consulting franchise or are planning to launch a new business consulting agency or a digital marketing consulting business, you may find our list business coaching franchise opportunities helpful.

We have scoured the Internet for the very best programs available today.

Below you will find some great options, including information about how much each marketing consulting franchise costs.

These systems and marketing and coaching franchise solutions will help you hit the ground running:

1. Duct Tape Marketing

BloggerLocal’s pick for the top marketing consulting franchise isn’t a franchise at all, it’s a system that you license from the world’ top small business marketing influencer: John Jantsch.

duct tape marketing consultant network costDuct Tape Marketing is a Wall Street Journal best-selling book that provides the foundation for Jantsch’s systematic approach to marketing. This is a book that every small business owner should read in order to compete and grow in today’s digital world.

One of the most appealing things about Duct Tape Marketing is that this organization has some of the best brand-recognition in its class – a testament and perhaps the best endorsement of this training and marketing certification program.

You can read a full in-depth review from a successful Duct Tape Marketing consultant here: Duct Tape Marketing Review.

Jantsch also co-wrote one of the best SEO books you will ever read, SEO for Growth.


  • Strongest brand recognition
  • Access to (and ongoing training with) today’s top small business marketing and content marketing influencer
  • Lower startup and continuation costs with highest overall value
  • A proven marketing system that “just works” when executed with the appropriate budget and discipline
  • Access to world class digital marketing tools and services a drastically discounted prices
  • Access to a network of experienced business coaches and marketing consultants that share ideas, collaborate and innovate

How Much Does Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network Cost?

  • One-time fee of $11,000 (i.e. first year)
  • Annual fees of $2,500 (starting end of month 12)
  • Optional “marketing activated website” ~$5,900
  • Optional quarterly bootcamps, which cost you time, travel and accommodations
  • Annual Summit meetings; event fees, time, travel and accommodations ~$1,500 – $2k+

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2. EMyth

EMyth consulting franchise costEmyth review: Back in 1985, Michael E. Gerber wrote a book called The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It. The E-Myth (“Entrepreneurial Myth”) discussed in the book is the commonly held belief that most businesses are started by ambitious entrepreneurs. Similar to Duct Tape Marketing, E-Myth evolved into a business coaching system. Although Michael Gerber is not associated with the coaching program, EMyth is a proven system and a popular choice for marketing consultants and business coaches around the world.


  • Strong brand recognition
  • Training
  • Access to tools beneficial to business coaching engagements

How Much Does EMyth Coaching Cost? EMyth Coaching costs $21,995 in terms of first year fees and $300/mo thereafter.

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3. ActionCOACH

action coach franchise costAction Coach review: ActionCoach was founded in 1997 as Action International (with the name change about 2005). It is a Franchisor that sells ActionCoach Business Coaching Franchise licenses in which the Franchisee can operate as a business coach within a specified geographic territories.

Action Coach has has more than 1,000 offices operating in 26 countries. It is also an active member of the International Franchise Association, and is currently rated by the U.S.-based Entrepreneur Magazine as the #1 Business Coaching Franchise in the world, as well as one of the Top 100 Franchises overall, one of the Top 20 Home Based Franchises and one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Franchises.

How Much Does an ActionCoach Franchise Cost? ActionCoach costs $50,000 to $100,000 in upfront franchise fees and $1,500/mo to $3,000/mo and up for ongoing costs.

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4. The Growth Coach

the growht coach franchise costThe Growth Coach review:The Growth Coach offers business coaching and sales coaching to business owners, managers, sales people, self-employed professionals and executives across a wide spectrum of businesses and industries. The Growth Coach is a franchise model and franchisees provide strategic, ongoing group coaching to help clients gain greater focus and leverage in order to work less, earn more and achieve work-life balance.

The Growth Coach has an established referral-based marketing system, along with proprietary tools to help franchisees attract new clients. As a Growth Coach franchisee, you’ll also have access to their 90-Day Secrets to Success marketing plan, in addition to day-by-day, step-by-step assistance.

How Much Does The Growth Coach Cost? The Growth Coach costs from $52,125 to $82,025. There is an ongoing royalty of 10% and an ad royalty fee of 3%.

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5. WSI (We Simplify the Internet)

wsi franchise costWSI Review: Since the mid-1990s, WSI has been a leading provider of Digital Marketing Solutions to the small and medium-sized business market (SMBs) the world over. Using the company’s proprietary sales and Modular Development Technology™ system, WSI Internet franchise offices have delivers Digital Marketing Solutions to small businesses around the world.
WSI is a privately held company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. WSI Internet franchise offices serve local markets in over 80 countries, making WSI one of the world’s largest networks of digital marketing consultants.

How much does a WSI franchise cost? A WSI franchise costs from $65,000 to $171,650. There is also a 10% ongoing royalty with monthly minimums in addition to other

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6. The Marketing Department

the marketing department franchise costThe Marketing Department Worldwide is a marketing consulting agency franchise with a network of local offices that specialize in affordable marketing and advertising solutions for small businesses. Located in either a retail storefronts or office buildings, each TMD site invites people to meet with a Marketing Consultant for a free initial marketing consultation. All TMD offices have access to a centralized creative department, which helps keep costs low for customers while improving turnaround time on jobs. The Marketing Department’s goal it to offer a methodical approach to marketing and brand development that is efficient for the start-ups and growth-oriented companies.

How much does a The Marketing Department franchise cost? The total cost to open an office including a franchise fee, layout, equipment and furniture ranges from $91,750 to $146,000. The Marketing Department then takes a 33% percent royalty (revenue split) and 4% of total revenue for marketing and advertising resources.

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7. The Entrepreneur’s Source

the entrepreneurs source franchise costThe Entrepreneur’s Source has offered business coaching franchises for over 25 years. The company is one of North America’s leading business ownership and franchise coaching organizations.

the Entrepreneur’s Source began in the mid 1980’s when they recognized the fact that 70 percent of the population has a strong desire to be self-sufficient, but only a small number actually find a way to make it happen – a mere 5 percent. The Entrepreneur’s Source has developed a virtual coaching systems.® and the Virtual Coaching Experience (VCE) are two of the company’s innovative coaching tools. These proprietary systems are offered to The Entrepreneur’s Source network of over 200 business coaches.

How much does a The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise cost? The Entrepreneur’s Source cost $45,000 with an ongoing royalty of 5%-15% and an ad royalty fee of $750/mo.

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8. AdviCoach

advicoach franchise costAdviCoach is part of Franchise Source Brands International, which also franchises The Entrepreneur’s Source. As a certified AdviCoach, you will help business owners to create a course to success in “business and in life”. This is called their ILWE Plan (Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity) which allows your clients to design their future based on their dreams, desires, personal and professional goals. Like many other marketing consulting franchises and business coaching programs, AdviCoach believes that small business owners may be great “technicians” working in their business (i.e., delivering the product or service), but not necessarily very good at working on their business – their franchise service offering approaches business owners in the way.

How much does an AdviCoach Franchise cost? An AdviCoach franchise costs $45,000 with an ongoing royalty of 5%-15% and an ad royalty fee of $400/mo.

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9. The Alternative Board

the alternative board franchise costThe Alternative Board (TAB) began helping business owners achieve success through business advisory boards in 1990 and now also provides business coaching services for small and mid-size business owners.

As a TAB franchise owner, you will hold monthly TAB board meetings. TAB members, who are owners of non-competing businesses, share their business expertise to help solve each other’s challenges and seize new opportunities. In between board meetings, members meet with their TAB-certified Facilitator/Coach for business coaching sessions using the company’s proprietary coaching system: Strategic Business Leadership. During the coaching sessions, members follow up on commitments made during the TAB Board meeting and work on leading their businesses more effectively.

How much does a The Alternative Board franchise cost? The Alternative Board franchise cost is $44,000 with an ongoing royalty of 20% and an ad royalty fee of $400/mo.

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10. FocalPoint Business Coaching

focal point coaching franchise costFocalPoint provides a business coach franchise opportunity for your to work from home, or a small office, for you to serve business in your local market. Using tools and strategies developed by author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy, FocalPoint Coaching franchisees help business owners and executives better manage their time, teams and money, and plan their exit strategies. FocalPoint Business Coaching has been franchising since 2005.

How much does a FocalPoint Business Coaching franchise cost?  A FocalPoint Business Coaching franchise costs  $45,000 with an $1,800/mo ongoing fee and a $150/mo ad royalty fee.

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