Are you searching for live phone answering services or reviews for virtual phone receptionist services?

If your intention is to hire a phone answering service this year, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

Technological advances in recent years have completely changed the way businesses interact with their clients. With incoming emails, texts, and phone calls, today’s busy professionals can hardly keep up.

Luckily, advancements have been made in reception services, too, which help take some of the day-to-day pressures off of business owners without having to hire a fulltime staff member.

Virtual live phone reception services can allow small businesses to take things to the next level by providing phone support that frees time up for business owners to focus on driving sales, increasing productivity, and growing their business.

These services can take messages, schedule appointments, and even make callbacks to clients.

It is expensive to hire a full-time receptionist to handle calls, and companies also have to assume the liability of having a direct employee.

Live Phone Answering Services Summary List

Virtual live phone reception services allow customers to get the personal touch of speaking with a live person, but they often come at a fraction of what it costs to hire someone locally to do the same job.

These are the 10 Best Virtual Receptionists & Live Phone Answering Services for 2020

#1 My Receptionist

My Receptionist offers a virtual phone answer service that provides clients with 24/7 phone assistance from a live, highly-trained operator each time they call. This company’s virtual receptionists can schedule appointments, answer questions, and input client information into CRM software. Their platform also grants companies the ability to secure message with their clients, have live virtual receptionists make appointment reminder calls, and provides businesses with online scheduling software.

How much does My Receptionist cost?

  • Starter Plan: $100/mo for 70 minutes
  • Cruising Plan: $175/mo for 150 minutes
  • Express Plan: $250/mo for for 235 minutes

My Receptionist
800 Wisconsin St, Suite 410
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Phone: 800-686-0162


my receptionist reviews


#2 ReceptionHQ

ReceptionHQ provides two different products, ReceptionistPlus and MyAssistant, as well as has the ability to create customized reception solutions that cater to individual business owners’ unique needs. Their receptionists utilize scripts provided by the business, which allows companies to have total control over how their brand is represented. ReceptionHQ allows businesses to keep their current phone number or gives them the option to receive a new number. They also allow the ability to receive texts from clients, send emails, and allow businesses the option to choose which calls they personally take and which calls are vectored to the virtual receptionist.

2600 N. Central Ave, Suite 904
Phoenix AZ, 85004
Phone: 866-913-3533


receptionhq review


#3 Gabbyville

Gabbyville’s virtual live reception services have some unique features, such as the ability to initiate conference calls, make outbound client calls, and conduct appointment reminders that really make a difference for companies. Business owners have the ability to update their status with their virtual reception team, allowing them to properly handle calls no matter what that professional’s location or situation is during the day. They provide call answering services Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm EST and businesses are not billed for spam calls that may come in during the coverage time. Gabbyville also offers a 50 minute free trial for businesses that may be undecided about using their services.

9111 Cross Park Dr., Suite D285
Knoxville, TN 37923
Phone: 800-903-7141

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#4 Abby Connect

Abby Connect reviews: Abby Connect offers a range of virtual reception products, including a dedicated reception team, bilingual answering services, and custom transfer music. They also offer a free 14-day trial that allows businesses to see how the service works before purchasing. With this service, business owners choose the hours that they would like live answering services available for clients. The virtual receptionists can transfer calls, take messages, and answer basic questions for clients, all with a personal touch.

How much does Abby Connect Cost

  • Abby 100: $279/mo for 100 minutes
  • Abby 200: $499/mo for 200 minutes
  • Abby 500: $1089/mo for 500 minutes

Abby Connect
10161 Park Run Dr, Suite 150
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Phone: 877-303-5757


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#5 MoneyPenny

MoneyPenny is one of the largest provider of live phone answering services.  Their website claims to have over 225,000 clients ranging from small businesses and startups to large multinational companies.  MoneyPenny provides a one-two punch of live virtual reception services combined with live website chat services.  You may have seen our Google top ranked blog post for managed live chat services.  If you are searching for and two-in-one provider like this, MoneyPenny could be a great option for your business.

4055 Faber Pl Dr #301
North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone: (866) 202.0005


moneypenny review


#6 VoiceNation

VoiceNation provides 24/7 answering services with the goal of low hold-times, increased call accuracy, and less stress for business owners. They aim to give off the impression that clients are speaking to a secretary that is live in the office, rather than remotely located. Their pricing varies dependent upon how many minutes of answering that a business requires, and they offer a free 7-day trial.

4908 Golden Parkway, Suite 100
Buford, GA 30518
Phone: 877-554-7222


voicenation review


#7 Front Office Solutions

Front Office Solutions offers 24/7 solutions, specifically catering to companies that get frequent emergency calls, such as HVAC and plumbing companies. Their packages are customized to fit the unique needs of each business, and they have the ability to make outbound calls from a local number so customers will not be wary of answering out-of-area calls. They can also dispatch company technicians in response to client needs.

Front Office Solutions
1209 Adams Ave., Suite B
La Grande, Oregon 97850
Phone: 855-208-8877


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#8 AnswerConnect

AnswerConnect’s 24/7 virtual live receptionists are skilled at not only answering and messaging services, but they are also proficient at uncovering and directing sales leads. The company’s employees are also certified to handle HIPAA-compliant information for businesses that operate in industries that handle confidential client information. Another perk of AnswerConnect is their focus on being environmentally-conscious. They believe that long commutes, office paper use, and large building overhead costs are all bad for the environment, so their company acts in response to these modern business struggles.

PO Box 80040
Portland, OR 97280
Phone: 800-525-1315


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#9 VirtualHQ

VirtualHQ offers companies the opportunity to have all calls handled by American virtual receptionists, with the goal of getting 95% or more of calls answered within 6 rings. The greeting that clients hear can be updated at any time, allowing extra flexibility for business owners. They provide businesses with the choice of either a local or toll-free number for clients, and have a 7-day free trial period for companies to try out their services before committing.

2600 N. Central Ave., Suite 904
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: 866-454-3599


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#10 Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists review: Ruby Receptionists offers virtual phone answering services 7 days a week. Their schedule is Monday through Friday from 5am – 9pm PT and Saturday through Sunday from 6am – 6pm PT. They have bilingual receptionists available and packages are based upon minutes spent on client calls. Hold music, time-of-day greetings, and call-routing can all be customized. Repeat callers will even receive familiar treatment.

How much does Ruby Receptionists cost?

  • Impress: $299/mo for 100 receptionist minutes
  • Engage: $559/mo for 200 receptionist minutes
  • Captivate: $1,269/mo for receptionist 500 receptionist minutes

Ruby Receptionists
805 SW Broadway, #900
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 866-611-7829


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Ready to Hire a Live Phone Answering Service?

Virtual live receptionist phone answering services have changed the way companies handle communications with new and existing clients. Each of these companies does things a little bit differently from the next, for example, some cater to a specific industry while others offer bilingual operators. This allows business owners to find a service that is truly a great fit for their company’s unique needs that will uphold their brand’s image in the manner that they see fit. Whether it be assisting with taking messages, scheduling appointments, or identifying leads, these services can take the pressure off of business owners, freeing up their time to further grow and expand their company.

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