Are you searching for the best competition bikinis or fitness competition bikini reviews?

When it comes to picking your competition bikini, or fitness or muscle contest swimwear, you ought to select something which will make you look and feel confident. It’s wise to find a balance between something that you’d enjoy wearing, which is also a practical choice that takes into consideration the following key factors.


Begin by learning everything about the federation’s rules where you’ll be competing. Typically, thongs and narrow cut bottoms aren’t encouraged.

The proper cut ought to be chosen based upon your curves and how you’re able to conceal any flaws. If you happen to have a short waist, for example, pick a bikini contest suit with its rise adjusted lower. This will help create the illusion of a lengthier waist.

Cup Size

Proportion is the most crucial thing to any bikini contest suit. You want to achieve the ideal match between your bust and bottom. It’s possible to make more of modest cleavage by picking the proper cup size. If you have a B cup, for example, you might pick an A cup to push up your cleavage and create a more proportionate look.

Skin Tone

Be certain to consider your skin tone as you choose the bikini contest suit color. Consider how the suit will look on stage. Pick a shade to contrast your skin.


Usually, connectors are selected for the bottom and top.

Details of the top connectors will help make the bikini contest suit unique to your body.

For the mid-section, it’s recommended to select a shorter connector if you have less cleavage to work with. Lengthier connectors are suggested for those with larger breasts.

Once you’ve figured out which of these details work best for your body type, consider one of the following companies to choose the best competition suit for you:


These are the Top 10 Best Competition Bikini Companies & to Buy Fitness Competition Bikinis Online


#1 Barely Visible

Do you need a bikini quickly? Barely Visible can make a suit in as little as 2 weeks. Besides selling famous swimsuit brands like Carol Wior, Sunsets Separates, Tara Grinna and others, Barely Visible’s customized, one-of-a-kind bikinis and suits have Swarovski crystals, hand-applied shells, sequins, beads, gems, and much more.

Barely Visible Bikinis, Inc. is among the most skilled USA manufacturers of customized competition, figure, contest, posing and fitness suits. They create and stock custom, unique tankinis, bikinis, specialty suits, and monokinis, sometimes up to as much as DD cup size. Visit the website for casual wear, swimwear, activewear, Swarovski Crystals beachwear, as well as accessories at their South Atlanta boutique shop.


#2 Waterbabies Bikini

According to the owner of Waterbabies Bikini, it all started when the owner began to compete in various swimsuit competitions in the year 1998. She realized that great competition swimsuits that fit correctly simply didn’t exist. Therefore, she experimented with suit manufacturing and design.

Since then, she has competed and qualified on both international and national level, in exotic locations including Mexico, Hawaii, Bahamas, and Las Vegas, wearing uniquely designed suits. The following are just a few of the main titles won with their suits.

Many happy competition winners have achieved their goals wearing Waterbabies Bikini competition swimsuits.


#3 Amber Competition Bikinis

Amber Competition Bikinis is based in Toronto, Canada. The company is proud of its affordable price range and design. They offer practice suits for $60-90, crystal competition bikinis for $100-200 and figure posing suits for $120-150. Great selection of fabric and design, fast turnaround time and low cost worldwide shipping.

Since they opened in 2015 they have built a big and happy customer base and many athletes around the world placed in the top 3 wearing Amber Competition Bikinis. They regularly post photos of their satisfied customers proving that they are not only affordable but their bikinis are high quality too.


#4 Ravish

Why should you shop at Ravish? Ravish Sands has a specialty in making limited amounts of customized swimwear, figure suits, competition bikinis, designer dresses, and cover-ups, handmade in the United States. They strongly suggest having a swimsuit designated to posing. Keep competition bikinis for show days.

Ravish Sands has made an exclusive amount of premade swimsuits that are able to ship in 4 to 5 business days, or 5 to 7 business days if they are stock colors that are being crystallized.

Fast-ship swimsuits are as is. There aren’t any changes to buttocks coverage or triangle style to be made. Customizations are for customized-ordered swimsuits, unless otherwise stated within the product description.


#5 Muscle Dazzle

Muscle Dazzle makes and designs customized figure posing suits and fitness competition bikinis for clients worldwide.

In 2010, the company was founded by Jaew Senta. Following the first year of competing within figure competitions with the ANB (Australian Natural Bodybuilding) Federation, Jaew created a posing swimsuit for a friend. The initial posing suit received a lot of great feedback. Within the same year, Senta was recommended by friends and created many more posing suits for friends entering competitions. She eventually made the decision to begin her customized posing suit company.

Muscle Dazzle has gone from strength to strength, quickly raising its range of designs and products, without compromising its reputation for outstanding service and quality.



At, they study trends, sketch ideas, choose fabrics and colors and do everything it takes to make customized designs that fit and become you. They provide customized bathing suits, bikinis, women’s posing suits, competition suits, men’s posing trunks, as well as accessories. They do their best to offer unique swimsuits that are detailed works of art, beautifully made to enhance your physique.

The brand began from a dream to make inspirational designs through art and goodness. Their first line of clothing was made in 2005 with their Stay la mode collection. Since that time, they’ve featured unique, avant-garde, modern garments that inspire confidence, independence, and freedom.


#7 Suits You Swimwear

All the sexy swimwear, competition bikinis, and customized figure suits or physique suits – as well as men’s posing suits – displayed on this website are hand-made at their shop in Clearwater FL. Suits You Swimwear’s items are warrantied against any defects. They’ll replace any defectively made product. It’s possible to review their Competition Care Instructions to help extend the life of your new competitor suit. Follow the easy to use directions.

If you have any special request for a customized figure or competition bikini suit, contact them. Since they’re the manufacturer, they can customize almost any of their bikinis in the majority of fabrics shown on their website.


#8 Toxic Angelz Bikinis

Toxic Angelz Bikinis specialize in custom, handmade competition bikinis, blinged out with Swarovski crystals. These genuine crystals are heat set, for a long-lasting design and their bikinis are designed to fit like gloves.

Just a couple of years ago, Margaret Chin was a dental assistant who had a vision. She had a dream of blending her passion for fitness with her love of fashion and her desire to assist those around her. Following 10 years crushing it in the dental industry, she wanted to create her own story, and she ventured into the unknown. Toxic Angelz provides high-quality performance suits and they will show you why “Toxic Girls Run the World.”



This bikini line was born around the summer of 2002. During the time, the owner was beginning to be a regular in the modeling and bikini contest scene around Dallas. She was attempting to get noticed, win more contests, as well as book more modeling jobs to pay bills. She soon realized that contestants bought their bikinis from one shop. They’d wind up with precisely the same bikinis in the exact same colors. Everyone would be frustrated because nobody stood out. In addition, none of the bikinis fit like they wanted.

Once the owner began to show up in amazing bikinis, all of the other girls wanted that same look. Thus, was born.


#10 Angel Competition Bikinis

Angel Competition Bikinis has been committed to offering athletes the ideal fit, highest quality, and exceptional customer service since 2013. Their aims include creating competition figure suits and competition bikinis that make you feel confident while on stage and that show your beauty, personality, dedication, and hard work.

Purchasing a suit from ACBikinis is intended to be different than purchasing from any other business. They aim to make you feel confident throughout the experience, all the way up to that final moment of stepping onto the stage.

The angel experience defines your whole suit-purchasing process, from the minute you order your complimentary Angel Design Package to the last minute of performing your routine in front of your judges.


Bonus #11

GlamFit Bikinis

In 2013, the owner started GlamFit Bikinis after choosing to compete in a bikini competition for the first time. Upon buying an unsatisfactory competition suit on the Internet, she knew she could do it better herself.

She used higher quality materials, paid more attention to fit, and provided an easy and amazing ordering experience.

She always loved creating and sewing. What began as clothes for her teddy bears when she was young turned into studying fashion in high school, followed up by a three-year advanced diploma within applied fashion design & technology, and GlamFit Bikinis.


Ready to Buy a Competition Bikini or Fitness Bikini Online?

The competition suit to a bikini competitor is like a wedding gown to a bride. Each detail is carefully considered – the stones, the cut, the color. It is common to witness tears of joy when clients try on finished suits for the first time. Selecting the right competition suit is rewarding and critical to competition success.

You work extremely hard and make many sacrifices. When it comes to showing off your work, you need it to be perfect, so selecting the proper suit, and proper designer is crucial.

The market is expanding. With each customized creation comes new ideas and more creativity. With that said, there are a few important standards to expect and questions to ask your designer to ensure your investment is going towards a high-quality product.

Consider the above factors and follow the tips to make sure you can pick the right bikini contest swimsuit. Once you’ve found what works better for your body, you could also test a couple of different competition suits from the options above. There are helpful designers out there who want to help you purchase the competition suit that fits correctly on your body in every way.