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Exterior shutters have been around for centuries and remain a hot commodity among today’s homeowners. They are the “flaps” placed on the exterior of both sides of the windows. Historically, they were used more for privacy, protection, and as an extra insulation layer.

As windows have become more energy-efficient and durable, exterior window shutters are now more of an accessory than a necessity – particularly for Midwestern homeowners.

Exterior shutters used to be made of wood but are currently available in materials like vinyl, aluminum, and additional plastics. Window shutters are used as a functional component on houses around coastal areas and can help protect against hurricanes and tropical storms.

For the most part, exterior window shutters are, in the Midwest, used as a component of decoration. Seldom will you see a Midwestern home that has functional window shutters.

Why Should You Install Exterior Shutters?

Several benefits come from installing home shutters. They add a great touch of charm no matter what home style you have. If you want an extra pop on your house yet do not want to do anything dramatic, exterior window shutters might be precisely what you are searching for.

If you are looking for a full window overhaul or simply want to add the additional charm of exterior shutters, receive a free quote immediately from one of the following companies:


These Are the Top 10 Best Exterior Shutter Companies & Websites to Buy Exterior Shutters Online


#1 Exterior Shutter Source

At they’re a shutter company first … an online company second. They know shutters and have installed and sold them for more than 25 years. That focus helps them to bring their customers the best in customer service and shutters. They have a current California contractor’s license #591633 within the window covering specialty industry.

In 1982, Larson Shutter Company was established as a retail window covering shop that served the greater San Jose, California region with Shop-At-Home service for customized window coverings that has shutters as their specialty and included installation, design, and sales.


#2 USA Exterior

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to treat your family, yourself, and your visitors to a more personalized and revamped home experience? Making the customer’s vision come to life never has been more affordable and easier with USA Exterior. From exterior composite and vinyl shutters to outdoor patio furniture and fireplaces, USA Exterior will help you make your home exterior renovation goals come to life!

As one of the leading home improvement shops, they provide the best in quality and design at unrivaled prices and they’re passionate about offering outstanding customer service, prepared to go above and beyond to exceed all expectations.


#3 The Shutter Store

Confused by plantation shutters? Perplexed by blinds? When you are surfing the internet, you will see a plethora of different businesses offering wood blinds and shutters. That is why they have made The Shutter Store site to be as comprehensive and informative as possible. It’s possible to see precisely what they provide and make the best choice.

They do not upsell, and their shutter professionals don’t work on commission. That means it’s possible to be confident that you’re receiving the best advice out there for your unique windows. They’re the only shutter business in the nation that doesn’t place an order into production until after they’ve spoken with the customer. If you’re concerned with making a mistake, do not be.


#4 Sunbelt Shutters

Customized exterior shutters from Sunbelt Shutters are constructed to your specifications. The home shutters are hand-crafted and are ideal for functional usage or for decorative purposes.

Your exterior window shutters are constructed from your selection of premium Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, African Mahogany, California Redwood, or Rockbridge (Extira composite wood).

It’s possible to pick from four kinds of shutters, which includes:

  • Bahama Shutters
  • Tudor Board and Batten
  • Colonial Raised Panel
  • Plantation Louvered

Why should you spend $500,000 for your house then mount $30 plastic shutters? Your shutters add enduring charm to your new house or to your remodeled property.


#5 Exterior Solutions

Exterior Solutions is a specialty electronic retailing business supplying residential building products that improve the performance and quality of houses. Those products involve exterior window shutters, ellipticals and sunbursts, door surrounds, window headers, and accessories. The company’s industry-leading technologies enhance the customer experience, add value to their services, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Their company is founded on the goal to offer quality products, technological leadership, and value-added consumer experiences. They realize every house is unique and each homeowner has their own taste; therefore, they’ve made it easy for their customers to order customized solutions.


#6 Custom Shutter Company

Custom Shutter Company offers exterior windows shutters made from all kinds of material. Order your PVC, Fiberglass, Cypress, Cedar, Mahogany, Pine, Aluminum, Composite, or Vinyl exterior window shutters. They also provide a full Shutter Hardware line in cast aluminum, stainless steel, wrought steel, and cast iron. If you need Exterior Shutters, call them and they’ll help you discover the ideal fit for your tastes and lifestyle.

Custom Shutter Company provides a full shutter line made from all kinds of material. They’re available 24 hours per day through e-mail and each business day they have product professionals waiting to help you make decisions regarding your customized shutter purchase.


#7 Decorative Shutters

Decorative Shutters is a Legends Direct subsidiary and provides homeowners access to factory-direct pricing on a broad array of high-quality home improvement items, including home shutters, exterior shutters, plantation shutters, and window shutters. After years of working with US manufacturers worldwide, Legends Direct consolidated their resources to become a one-stop shop that provides excellent values on outstanding products.

Besides the finest quality home goods, you also will enjoy unrivaled customer service. Their staff of knowledgeable pros share a passion for Legends and are there to answer questions and assist you in choosing the ideal home products.


#8 Larson Shutter Company

Larson Shutter Company has been family operated and owned since the year 1982. Larson Shutter Company consistently strives to be a one-stop retailer for exterior window shutters in conjunction with patio, home, garden and yard decor products, which includes weathervanes and roof cupolas, gable vents, and more.

They’re situated in Roseville, close to Sacramento. Their products are shipped directly to you from factories situated throughout the US to your business or home. Even though they no longer provide installation services on those products, they have the experience to guide you in your choice of exterior products for the home.


#9 ShutterLand

ShutterLand has been an internet retailer of quality exterior window shutters for commercial and residential properties since the year 2003.

Outside shutters are sold as individual panels within several materials, styles, finishes and sizes. As construction is done, the exterior window shutters are shipped to houses around the USA.

Their affordable outside shutters are made in America at their drop-shipper’s center in Alabama. Using time-tested methods, they construct quality raised panel, louvered, combination, and batten and board shutters thoughtfully made for the best function and appearance. Their quality outdoor shutters are designed not just to look great, but also to be long-lasting.


#10 Timberlane

Timberlane, Inc. is one of the most respectable brands within the shutter field and generates quality exterior shutters that have extraordinary customization abilities in wood and maintenance-free, state-of-the-art materials. Their direct-to-you customer experience served thousands of consumers since its inception in the year 1995.

Timberlane, Inc., in 2016, expanded into the exterior home arena with its Timberlane Home Collection. In the year 2017 and beyond, Timberlane, continued with this customer-requested expansion, and is set to revolutionize the customized garage door arena.

Timberlane generates custom-made exterior shutters and is known for outstanding quality and customization abilities available within various high-performance, high-quality materials, including synthetics and wood.


Now You Are Ready to Buy Exterior Shutters Online

Home shutters can add a great dash of charm no matter what home style you own. If you want that additional pop on your residence, yet do not want to do anything too drastic, exterior shutters might be precisely what you are on the lookout for.

If you already have energy-efficient, beautiful windows, you do not necessarily require something to add to the functionality of your home. That’s where exterior shutters come into play. It might not seem like much, but, as you see what adding exterior window shutters to your property can do, you will be surprised at how much they’ll enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Now that you have a better idea of what window shutters are, as well as how they ought to be installed, the next measure includes finding the proper business to buy them from. As you choose one of the above companies for your exterior shutters, rest assured that you are receiving an incredible product coupled with exceptional service.

Their window shutters are designed with a maintenance-free material that will not rot, crack, or warp when faced with harsh weather conditions. If you are searching for a full window overhaul or simply want to add the additional charm of exterior shutters, obtain a free quote immediately.

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