What are you using to hydrate your skin? Lotion? From Where? Bath & Body works, Victoria’s Secret or lets not even say it, it is a generic lotion from your pharmacy? Hmm… I’m not even going to ask how these are working for you, because truth is, I think we both know. Many of us women with sensitive skin go through life unaware that our skin could feel better than how it does right at this moment. We lather on scented body lotions not knowing how they are affecting our skin an naively doing it day after day. Due to my skin being overly sensitive I cannot put anything scented on it due to the chemicals in it… and I searched for organic skin care products that would not irritate my skin high and low. I ended up using an unscented thick cream, but now I have found the products MIG soap has to offer, and I hope to be just as satisfied as Helen once I begin using them on a daily basis.

Helen holds a membership with MIG Soap & Body Co. and received the triple bar package every month. “The soaps are great!” she told us when we chatted, she absolutely adores the lotion bar, although it took her a minute to figure it out since like myself she was unaware that lotion could come in a solid form.  “You lather it on in the shower, and once you step out and dry yourself, you think Wow! This is fantastic!” Although the soap keeps her skin moisturized and looking young, the climate where she lives is very dry and with overly sensitive skin she applies more lotion anyway to be extra safe.

“I am in love with the soaps!”        -Helen

With the holidays quickly approaching Helen is looking forward to being able to purchase the Christmas scented soap. She tried it last Christmas and she loved it “Oh My… the scent and the feel, Wonderful!” she had a smooth and wonderful christmas indeed, with beautiful skin.

For more details and to order your own bar, contact them at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website www.migsoap.com

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