It is no secret that Women today are looking for ways to pamper themselves with quality yet socially responsible products. Jamie, founder of MIG soap is dedicated to giving you everything you could ever hope for in a line of body products. As they have grown they begun to offer new ways of meeting their customers demands by introducing new products and scents to their line of products. Their ongoing mission is to make luxury simple, and indulge your with the very best. Organic Skin Care products are MIG Soap & Body Co.’s expertise, and with a growing concern, within women from every generation, for natural & organic health and beauty product MIG has been able to thrive in a volatile economy.

“Dry skin no longer happens, it’s a feeling of freshness that lasts all day long” -Paula

During our search for excellent beauty products we found Paula, a tough woman with sensitive skin.  After surviving thyroid cancer, after experiencing such a thing and having her body go through such exposure, she decided she could use nothing but the very best natural products on her skin.  At MIG, they craft every bar of soap with olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, and pure essential oils, making them the perfect product for Paula to use. She was and still is very impressed with the results she has received with the scrub bar, lotion bar, and soap.Her skin stays hydrated at all times thanks to the lotion bar and soap, with scents that are not overpowering and keep her head as happy as her skin. No fragrances or essential oils are added to this bar, so its perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

For more details and to order your own bar to test, contact them at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website

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