Sometimes gifts (specially for Christmas) can be disappointing. Socks? No thanks. Soap… Do I smell bad? But, what if its an organic skin care products gift basket that includes handcrafted soap? Yeah, thats a whole another level and you should be exited. Lisa was introduced to MIG Soap & Body Co. via a gift she received from a friend after falling in love with the products and the results, she decided to get her own membership.

MIG Soap & Body CO. handcrafts fine and affordable products that women all across America enjoy. Women are always looking to pamper themselves with quality natural products, and MIG dedicates itself to giving women & men everything they could ever hope for in a line of body products. They strive to make luxury simple and indulge their customers in the very best.

“The lavender seeds in the scrub are my favorite, the exfoliation is fantastic” -Lisa

The scrub bar is Lisa’s favorite, she loves the scents and the way they exfoliate and hydrate her skin simultaneously. She says theres nothing to improve! The lotion bar moisturizes enough that no post shower lotion is needed , and the soap is the only one she has ever tried that does not dry her skin, with light scents and sensitivity towards her skin this is “the best bar soap I’ve ever tried”.

“The packaging is fabulous!” it plays along well with the natural origins and processes of the products, they have personality and perfectly blend chic and simple.

For more details and to order your own bar, contact them at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website

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