There is no single cause of dry skin. Dry skin causes can be classified as external and internal. External factors are the most common underlying cause and are the easiest to address; they include cold temperatures and low humidity, especially during the winter when central heaters are used. Internal factors include overall health, age, genetics, family history, and a personal history. Some organic skin care products claim to be able to repair the damage done through the years, but can they actually do it? Have you tried them? Have you tried products that do not advertise it? Probably not, but you should.

“Pretty moisturizing, nice and clean and gentle on skin” -Rhiannon

Rhiannon, like many other Americans suffered from very dry skin, until she began using MIG Soap & Body Co. organic products. All three products moisturize your skin naturally and evenly, yes, even the scrub bar. “The Soap leaves your skin nice and clean and there is no residue left over on your skin.” All three products are amazingly gentle on your skin and they give it all of the necessary nutrients in order for it to be in tip-top shape.

One of the most helpful solutions to the aging and dry skin dilemma is exfoliation. When you use your lotion & scrub, it removes dead skin cells, stimulating circulation, and allowing your skin to absorb other necessary nutrients, revealing a softer, more youthful complexion.

Rhiannon loved the products enough that she even sent her sister out in Texas a gift-set, and she is looking into becoming a member herself.

For more details and to order your own bar, contact them at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website

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