Everyone knows that creating fresh, unique blog content is mandatory for long-term search engine optimization, but for many businesses creating that content can be painstaking – especially for small business owners where time is a precious commodity.

A great way to create great blog content is to have your customers help create it for you! At Blogger Local, we are always talking about creating content that “kills two birds with one stone,” or in some cases, three or four. Not only do we want to create content that our clients can use on their own websites and helps their organic rankings, but we want content that is valuable to our readers and promotes social sharing.

6397468613_0c2be832cf_bAccording to leading SEO experts, One of the best ways to create deep content that is also highly-sought after by readers is to have a third party obtain reviews of your business (or products) from customers. In such cases the piece will almost write itself, and readers will find such information valuable, be it on your site or on a third party’s site.

An example of this is a review that a client of Leawood Office Business Center gave, which you can find on Blogger Local Kansas City. Notice that this piece incorporates proper linking strategy, and includes a great quote from their client, Fred Farzan of Pinnacle Jewelry Buyers.

There’s a few different ways to grab customer reviews. If you’re a retail operation, you can have a third party come out and interview customers on-site or as they leave your business. Otherwise, having someone call your customers after the transaction can not only generate great reviews and testimonials, but will often give you feedback that will help your business in the future. Not only that, but your customers will love that they take an interest in their opinions – especially if it’s something more than a simple feedback or review form.

If you don’t have a third party or person on your staff to help collect reviews, that’s something we incorporate into our program here at Blogger Local. If you’re based in Kansas City, feel free to contact us – and we’d be glad to give you a hand in collecting customer feedback – be it on site or by telephone.