If you’re an independent contractor, or an employee for that matter, working for a for-profit company, how would you answer the following question – what is it that you do for your employer?

You might answer this question in any number of ways, describing your actual position or what you do day-to-day, but the fact is that you only really do one of two things:

  1. Make a business money
  2. Save a business money

That’s it. You can refine everyone’s role down to one of these two. Not-for-profits and government jobs don’t count, as these organizations generally don’t make money – they just spend it. But if you work for a for-profit organization, you either make or save that organization money. (As a side-note, if you’re an employee or job-seeker, I suggest you start thinking in these terms going forward, as your chances of keeping or securing employment will be a lot higher.)

Now, this doesn’t mean that as PEOPLE your value can be tied to money – of course not. There’s a lot more to life than money. But insofar as you work for a business that’s trying to make money, your value in that organization is to make or save it money – pure and simple.

Our writers at Blogger Local are trained with this in mind from the get-go. What they do for their clients is both – they make AND save clients money.¬†First, our writers save a client money by saving them time. Our writers fill a need – creating fresh, unique content on (at least) a weekly basis for clients’ blogs. If our writer didn’t do this, either the business owner or a staff member would have to do it. Problem is, most business owners don’t have the time and staff members rarely have the expertise to write content on a weekly basis. So our writers fill the role nicely – being writing experts, and working closely with their clients, they can put together a month’s worth of blog posts in a matter of a day.

Our writers make clients money by providing content that helps to convert visitors to clients’ websites. This might be in the form of reviews or testimonials, or other useful content, that increases the number of people who make contact with the client or purchase after visiting their website. A good example can be found here – which a is a review of State Line Bag Company, secured by our Kansas City Blog Writer, Ben Hartman. This review is something that increases the number of conversions for State Line Bag, as it does two important things – first, it gives the visitor more confidence in the company and its product, and second, it gives a very good example of how someone else is using State Line’s muslin bags.