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Published on September 24th, 2013 | by Blogger Local


To Blog or Not to Blog

Should you invest time (or money) in creating regular blog content for your website? If you care about your organic Google positioning, the short answer is yes, and I will cite a little test I recently completed as evidence.

One of our first Blogger Local clients asked me if I could help them improve their rankings by doing anything to his website – this is before he became a Blogger Local client. So I took a look at his rankings – generally page 2 and 3 for the bulk of his keywords. I adjusted page titles and within days his rankings improved to middle of page 1. Pretty simple stuff.

But I wanted to do a test. I was curious to see how long the rankings would hold with no changes and no blog content.  We didn’t create any content for this clients blog for about a month.

Ultimately, the client’s site slipped to page 2 for a couple of his most important keywords. I expected this, but wasn’t sure how long it would take.

So we did a single blog post and had him publish on his site, and bingo – back up to page 1. In fact, one of the keywords moved all the way up to the top of page 1.

Blog content cannot replace on-site optimization, but in the competitive landscape of SEO, not creating content on a regular basis will result in your rankings slipping over time. Stay on top of blogging regularly and you’ll see the results in the SERPs.

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