Should you invest time (or money) in creating regular blog content for your website? If you care about your organic Google positioning, the short answer is yes, and I will cite a little test I recently completed as evidence.

One of our first Blogger Local clients asked me if I could help them improve their rankings by doing anything to his website – this is before he became a Blogger Local client. So I took a look at his rankings – generally page 2 and 3 for the bulk of his keywords. I adjusted page titles and within days his rankings improved to middle of page 1. Pretty simple stuff.

But I wanted to do a test. I was curious to see how long the rankings would hold with no changes and no blog content. ¬†We didn’t create any content for this clients blog for about a month.

Ultimately, the client’s site slipped to page 2 for a couple of his most important keywords. I expected this, but wasn’t sure how long it would take.

So we did a single blog post and had him publish on his site, and bingo – back up to page 1. In fact, one of the keywords moved all the way up to the top of page 1.

Blog content cannot replace on-site optimization, but in the competitive landscape of SEO, not creating content on a regular basis will result in your rankings slipping over time. Stay on top of blogging regularly and you’ll see the results in the SERPs.