Are you searching for contractor surety bonds or reviews for construction surety bond companies and services?

Every day, hundreds of contractors search for “surety bond companies near me”.

There are all kinds of surety bonds for construction projects nationwide – so knowing the top 10 surety companies that provide services in the field is a great place to start in your search for the best surety bond providers.

There are surety bond companies that specialize in commercial and construction surety bonds while others focus on the bonds needed to provide other types of performance guarantees to individuals, such as bail bonds, to the general public.

The point is that for businesses that require surety bonding to secure construction projects, they must have a reliable surety bond partner in order to get the bonding they need to compete and grow.

To that end, we have provided you with the ultimate list of best surety bond companies in the United States.

But before we dive into the list of the top surety providers, let’s first give you some background on what a surety bond is, and why you need one.

What is a Contract Surety Bond?

A contract surety bond is a 3-party agreement between a contractor (principal), a guarantor and a project owner (obligee). It is a financial guarantee backed by a financial services entity (typically an insurance company) that ensures a contractor or construction company will perform a construction project according to the contractual obligations of a construction project.

Surety bonds protect owners and particularly the government from contractor default related to being unqualified, aggressive low bidding, or even unforeseen economic events that may lead to a contractor default on a construction contract.

If you’re in the construction industry and are bidding a job (typically for a government entity), more than likely you will be required to secure a bid bond to submit a bid.  The bid bond guarantees that you will be able to commit to the bid that you submit, and if not, the surety bond will cover the difference between your bid and the next lowest bidder.

If you win the job, then you will be required to submit a performance bond that guarantees to your client that you will be able to complete the project according to the contract, and if you default on the contract, the surety bond company will provide the funds needed to complete the project on your behalf.


These are the Top 10 Best Surety Bond Companies & Contractor Bond Websites


#1 Surety Solutions

At the top of the list is Surety Solutions. Like many other companies in the field, their claim to fame is that they make getting surety bonds easy. To be honest, their process is an exemplary model for how to get the job done in any case. Simply select a state, the bond amount and get a free quote to get things started. The kinds of bonds to find through this company include mortgage, contractor, court, lost title, var vehicle, and notary.

Surety Solutions
4285 Commercial Street SE,  Suite 110
Salem, OR 97302
Phone: (866) 722-9239


#2 Surety Bonds Direct

Surety Bonds Direct works by getting the ball rolling on surety bonds while at the same time keeping it all online. For example, the site has access to thousands of different kinds of bonds. Moreover, it has a nearly one hundred percent approval rate for contractor bonds. On another note, the company has vehicle title bonds with 25,000 dollar limits and near instant approval times. Some of the benefits of doing business with this company include free quotes, thousands of surety bonds from coast to coast, assistance with bond forms, and multiple bonds at rock-bottom pricing.

Surety Bonds Direct
78 Alexander Street
Charleston, SC 29403
Phone: (800) 608-9950


#3 Bryant Surety Bonds

When it comes to completing the steps to getting a surety bond, Bryant Surety Bonds is one of those companies that takes it ease of use very seriously. Through this company there is no need to wait a second longer than absolutely necessary. In minutes, businesses and entrepreneurs can go from filling out an application to receiving the bond needed to perform their commercial trade. Some of their more popular surety bonds include licensure, contract, and court.

Bryant Surety Bonds
73 Old Dublin Pike
Suite 10 #306
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: (866) 450-3412


#4 Viking Bond

One of the good things about Viking Bond Service is that it provides bonding assistance quickly, but it also does this with a decidedly human touch at the same time. A company directory of agent names and their extensions is made available on the website. Moreover, the online site offers in depth information about the agents ready to assist clients. This company really prides itself on doing a lot of the heavy lifting for their clients from start to finish in the bonding process.

Viking Bond
22601 N 19th Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85027
Phone: (888) 278-7389


#5 Worldwide Insurance Specialists

Where other companies have a larger network or business structure to work with, WorldWide Insurance Specialists have to power of their prowess to cut out a niche market for themselves in the field of surety bonds. They also manage and handle the details of ICC Broker BMC Bonds in a pinch. The agents there do their very best to provide friendly service. Friendly and affordable service is only the start when choosing to use this bonding team. The real value of these services stem from the competence of the professionals who represent it.

Worldwide Insurance Specialists
2424 W Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Phone: (602) 749-0702


#6 Surety1

Sometimes, it really is the little extras that make something worth looking into. In the case of Surety1, these little extras come in the form of blogs and other information on current events in the business world, which are posted right on the front of its website. Of course, getting a surety bond through them is as easy as 1-2-3. One of the more admirable aspects to the service this company provides is the way it allows clients to request a change to existing bonds so easily. Additionally, their bad-credit surety bonds are a nice option as well.

3225 Monier Circle, Suite 100
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Phone: (877) 654-2327


#7 All Commercial Surety

When the experience of a company’s team is what really matters while securing a surety bond, few other establishments compare to what All Commercial Surety brings to the table. It is not just about a quick turnaround time with this team. They want to make sure that their clients make an informed decision while doing business with them. The range of bonds available through this company include motor vehicle, mortgage broker, contractor license, business and fidelity, lost title and instrument, as well as probate.

All Commercial Surety
781 Neeb Road
Cincinnati, OH 45233
Phone: (855) 965-2663


#8 Absolute Surety LLC

Few things matter like family. Absolute Surety LLC is absolutely sure about that fact. After all, it is a family owned and operated establishment. This focus on the family is what allows them to provide such awesome and independent service to each and every client that makes contact with them. On top of all that, there are a number of ways this company provides service without charging needless fees. You can always trust this family in matters of surety bonds.

Absolute Surety LLC
4314 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: (855) 689-5106


#9 JW Surety Bonds

Any business looking to a bit of trade and commerce in all 50 US states needs look no further than JW Surety Bonds. The people within this network of professionals are what really make it different from all the rest. And, they are not afraid to put their names and first on anything to do with its online service. There’s nothing like good-old-fashioned trust to cement a deal. The president clearly has a picture of his face on the front page of the company’s website. Trustworth is no concern when dealing with a businessman willing to do that.

JW Surety Bonds
6023A Kellers Church Road
Pipersville, PA 18947
Phone: (888) 592-6631


#10 MG Surety Bonds

MG Surety Bonds is the nation’s highest-rated surety bond company. This company’s team consists of true surety bond experts with over 100 years of combined experience.  Just give MG Surety Bonds a call, and they will guide you through the process with excellent customer service and make it easy and stress-free for you.  While MG Surety Bonds specializes in bonds for contractors, they are a full-service surety bond company and can help you with any commercial surety bond need you may have.

What is the most important? MG Surety Bonds will find a way to say yes to your surety bond needs!

They can help you with any type of construction surety bond including:

  • Bid bonds
  • License & permit bonds
  • Maintenance bonds
  • Payment bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Oil & Gas bonds
  • Supply bond
  • Site development bonds

MG Surety Bonds
6363 College Blvd #450
Overland Park, KS 66211
Phone: (888)-223-8308


Runner-Up Surety Bond Companies


Surety Bonds

Fast ands affordable bonds are just what Surety Bonds is all about like many other establishments in the industry. But, there is a little something that sets this company apart from so many others. It is the range of information and expertise the company brings to every deal that does it. This is true even though they may not have been around as long as some of the others. The clean and simple operating style of this company is mirrored in the and look and feel of its website, which thoroughly displays the services it offers.

Surety Bonds
3514 Interstate 70 Drive South East
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (800) 308-4358


Now You Are Ready to Buy Surety Bonds Online

Some of the companies on this list specialize in providing bonding services in a particular state while others make it their goal to help any business from New York to California. While one company and site does everything in its power to close the deal in a time-sensitive fashion another establishment may focus on building a rapport with you to be your long-term, go-to surety bond partner.

The preferred method of operation really all depends on the business in need of service. Since the reasons for needing surety bonds can vary on a case by case basis, it’s not completely fair to name a single organization as a number one supplier. The simple fact is providing surety bonds is something that is done with the utmost care and expertise no matter whose hand is on the wheel.

Any one of the above surety bone companies is ready to provide clientele with quality the service, attention, and information that they need for commercial endeavors.

All it takes is just a little bit of time and the proper information. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the agents of these organizations directly.

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