Are you searching for Cannabis Business Law Firms or Marijuana Business Lawyers?

The cannabis industry is booming these days with no sign of slowing down. According to a March 1, 2018 article in Forbes magazine, North Americans spent $9.2 billion in 2017 on legal cannabis, and this number is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. Medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states and three territories, with more to follow. Recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states, with at least five more hoping to legalize recreational use this year.

Production of hemp for CBD oil is also surging, as more and more everyday people are beginning to recognize the miraculous health benefits of this product. The Brightfield Group, a market research company, published a report in 2017 estimating that hemp CBD products generated $170 million in revenue for 2016, and visualizing a 55 percent compound annual growth rate that will create revenues of over a $1 billion by 2020.

Those in the marijuana and cannabis industry are scrambling to prepare for this rising demand and their businesses are growing aggressively. This industry is complex and different from any other, requiring specialized knowledge of the laws that apply to everything from production and distribution to sales. The urgency to retain competent legal counsel is paramount to the success of any marijuana or cannabis concern, and it is ill-advised to hire the services of a law firm that does not specialize in the intricate nuances of the relevant legislation. Below are listed 10 of the best firms in the industry and some information about them.


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Theses Are the Top 10 Best Cannabis Law Firms and Marijuana Business Attorneys


#1 Clifton Cannabis Law, LLC

Clifton Cannabis Law practices in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Clifton represents clients in all stages of their development, from formation to sale. Clifton is a full-service team that handles land use regulations, licensing, financing, stock option plans, trademark filings and more. Clifton takes on clients that have limited financial resources by leveraging the clients’ abilities to handle administrative tasks that other firms would complete to pile up billable hours.

Clifton Cannabis Law, LLC
1735 SW Chandler Ave., Suite 1
Bend, OR 97702
Phone: (541) 306-4441


#2 Cannabis Business Law

Cannabis Business Law has been in the cannabis industry law for nearly 20 years. CBL recognizes that cannabis law presents a wide range of issues that are continually evolving, and they are experts at staying current with legislation and ahead of the curve. CBL prides themselves on forming lasting relationships and assists with a full range of services, including cultivation, banking, and commerce.

Cannabis Business Law
Kight on Cannabis
84 West Walnut St.
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: (828) 255-9881


#3 Cannabis Corporate Law Firm

Cannabis Corporate Law Firm specializes in cannabis business entity formation, permits and licensing, and regulations. Attorney Dana Leigh Cisneros, Esq. is experienced and aggressive, with a CV that includes ten years specializing in contract, commercial, business, and corporate law. Attorney Leigh has married this experience to her passion for the marijuana industry, and the result is a law firm with the resources and know-how to get the job done right.

Cannabis Corporate Law Firm
8175 E. Kaiser Blvd. Suite 209
Anaheim Hills, Ca 92808
Phone: (714) 676-2035


#4 McAllister Garfield, P.C.

McAllister Garfield, PC practices law in California, Colorado, Florida, and Oregon. This firm has a wide range of specializations including regulations, business and corporate law, dispensary representation, intellectual property and licensing. They also handle pesticide issues, real estate and tax law, as well as tribal law and criminal defense. McAllister Garfield has been practicing cannabis law since the inception of regulation in Colorado, and they have a team of 20 lawyers ready to represent.

McAllister Garfield, P.C.
501 S. Cherry St. Suite 480
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: (720) 722-0048


#5 Vincente Sederberg, LLC

Rolling Stone magazine calls Vincente Sederberg, LLC, “The country’s first powerhouse marijuana law firm.” Vincente Sederberg, LLC was founded in a small office in Denver and have now grown to six locations and more than two dozen attorneys. This firm has been at the cutting edge of cannabis law since the beginning and has been instrumental in shaping policies regarding laws and regulations. The firm offers comprehensive services in every aspect of cannabis law.

Vincente Sederberg, LLC
455 Sherman St. Suite 390
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 860-4501


#6 Gleam Law

Gleam Law practices in California, Washington, and Oregon, specializing in CBD law, cannabis litigation, and cannabis banking laws. Gleam Law helps clients navigate the intricacies of cannabis and CDB law. This firm has a particular focus on cannabis intellectual property law, including patent law, trademark law and copyright law. Glean Law also handles business law, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, lobbying, employment law, and tax law.

Gleam Law
730 Arizona Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (310) 596-3226


#7 Manzuri Law

Manzuri Law has a team of attorneys and policy consultants with over 30 years of combined experience in California cannabis law. This team provides representation to hundreds of cannabis businesses in all stages of enterprise. Manzuri Law is a firm with expertise in local permitting and state licensing, ongoing operations, regulatory compliance, and expansion. Manzuri partners with state agencies and local governments to maximize client results.

Manzuri Law
8961 W. Sunset Blvd. Penthouse
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: (310) 912-2960


#8 Margolin and Lawrence, Attorneys at Law

Margolin and Lawrence is a full-service cannabis law firm that handles regulatory law, outside GC / business law, due diligence, business disputes, compliance, trademark law, and criminal law. Since 2009, this firm has helped hundreds of clients find their way through the constant changes in cannabis business and regulatory law. The firms’ attorneys are graduates of top law schools and have leveraged their educations to provide the best legal services obtainable.

Margolin and Lawrence, Attorneys at Law
8484 Wilshire Blvd. #440
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: (323) 653-9700


#9 THC Legal Group

THC Legal Group is a legal service group of Howard M. Cohn & Associates. THC Legal Group began with the intention of utilizing their expertise in startup and intellectual property law to assist clients in the cannabis industry. This group of lawyers has decades of experience and provide excellent representation for business owners in the cannabis industry.

THC Legal Group
30195 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 300
Cleveland, OH 44124
Phone: (216) 912-6760

#10 Hoban Law Group

Hoban Law Group specializes in the industrial hemp and marijuana businesses, including trademark and licensing protection, employment and labor law, commercial litigation, real estate development, and environmental law. Hoban has been servicing the cannabis industry for over ten years and provides clients with a sophisticated, business-minded approach.

Hoban Law Group
The Equitable Building
730 17th Street, Suite 420
Denver, CO 80202


Cannabis Business Law Firms: The Final Verdict

There is no question that legal issues in the cannabis industry need to be handled by attorneys that specialize in the cannabis business. Part of the necessity for this specialization is the fact that the cannabis laws are always changing, and they vary widely from state to state. From a business perspective, it is impossible to survive without staying abreast of current legislation and adapting to it quickly and effectively.

Also, the regulations governing the cannabis industry are just as complex. The cannabis industry bears few similarities to any other industry, and the state bureaucracies are still in the process of fine-tuning the methods in which they manage. Compounding this fact is the reality that the industry is experiencing such rapid growth at the same time that the regulations are adjusting. Facing this scenario without specialized legal representation is commercially negligent, and the risks inherent in not retaining the best law firm possible are significant.

Hiring a competent law firm that specializes in the cannabis industry takes all the worry out of the legal aspect of the business. With so many moving pieces to this business every day, no business owner can devote enough of their time to the legal side of things, and that is why there are attorneys that practice cannabis business law as a distinct specialty, apart from any other interests.