Are you searching for pre-employment assessment tools?

Every day, thousands of business owners and hiring managers search for “pre-employment testing software”.

If you work in Human Resources, you know how much work goes into hiring and training new staff members.

What looks great on a resume can turn into a disaster, for both the company and the employee.

Anyone can lie on a resume and even if they did attend a great college, there is no way to know how much they are actually able to bring to the job with them. Many jobs don’t have the luxury of testing people in real-time on the job.

What Is Pre-Employment Testing & Assessment?

That’s where pre-employment testing and assessment software give HR departments and hiring managers the ability to evaluate job candidates quickly. These are completed with computer-based assessments that measure job qualifications and demonstrate skills.

Pre-employment screening tests are able to quantify a potential employee’s skills, knowledge, aptitude, personality, and leadership potential. Depending on the type of job, these assessment skills save a lot of time and money for employers.

Too often, a company hires someone, trains them, invests in them, and they end up leaving anyhow, whether by request or of their own accord. By using assessments, they can determine if they will be a great fit.

Not all companies need their employees to be adept in all areas. In fact, many like people lacking in certain areas so they can be trained in the manner the company wants to be reflected. The tests are assessments for different areas of ability and skill.

If you are looking for new ways to streamline your hiring process, we have put together a list of pre-employment and assessment tools for various fields of employment. Take a look through and see if there is something your company and hiring managers can use.


Top 10 Best Pre-employment Testing Assessment Tools & Software


Here is a list of the world’s top pre-employment assessment tools available.

Any one of these tools is virtually guaranteed to help you get a better ROI out of your human resource investments:


1. AcuMax Index

editors pick Have you ever wondered why you work better in some environments than in others – on one team, but not another? Wiring dictates the type of environment in which a person is best equipped to thrive and succeed at work and in life. Want to learn how you are naturally wired?

Statistically-validated and EEOC compliant, the AcuMax Index® measures a person’s primary wiring drivers based on their response to psychometric words. Our innate wiring influences what matters to us; our preferred way of processing information, engaging and communicating, and solving problems – all areas that determine success in a particular position.

With the knowledge of someone’s wiring, we can recognize and appreciate what matters to them, how they communicate, and what they need. Employment assessment testing also shows how engaged an individual is, or how much stress they may have experienced in the previous 90 days of their life. The AcuMax Index gives insight into how well someone is being managed or motivated, and whether someone is truly a good fit for their role.

Want to try the AcuMax Index assessment for yourself? Click on the button – your results will be delivered by email.


AcuMax Index® Pre-Hire Assessment
12721 Metcalf Ave., Ste. 105
Overland Park, KS 66213
Phone: (913) 349-0009
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2. The Predictive Index

 The Predictive Index was founded more than six decades ago, and in all that time, its mission has not changed. Their passion is to understand people and teams. Specifically what drives behaviors at work. Their quest, like yours, is to discover how to impact that behavior, ignite enthusiasm, and align business strategy with talent strategy.

Since 1955 they have honed the wisdom, guidance, and tools that help inspire employees to be their most productive and engaged. At The Predictive Index, they offer a blend of professional services that explore the behaviors that drive your people. Your candidates, employees, and leaders.

The Predictive Index
101 Station Drive
Westwood, MA 02090
Phone: (781) 493-7535



3. Culture Index

Culture Index is a strategic advisory firm that works exclusively with visionary entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, and management to scale and transform organizations using applied analytical traits.

They optimize your organization using your most precious resource. People. Whether hiring, managing or motivating top-tier talent, the preeminent solution to maximize your goals.

The sum of the parts of your company makes a whole world of difference in how it runs and where it stands among the competition.

At Culture Index, their primary focus is to guide companies down a path to powerful company culture and proven success using real data and measurable solutions. They do so by deploying the following four primary functions.

Culture Index
10200 State Line Road, Suite 200
Leawood, KS 66206
Phone: (816) 361-7575


4. Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments was founded in 1990 with a single vision and purpose. To help companies optimize their human capital by leveraging their deep understanding of human resources and psychology.

The company focuses on providing the most trusted and accurate employee assessment tools in the industry. The tools help managers throughout the entire HR process, helping companies become more productive and efficient, leading to increased profitability.

Harrison assessments focuses on providing the most accurate and effective assessments in the industry by dedicating a large portion of its resources to research, development and user friendly software engineering.

Harrison Assessments
Unit 3105, Level 31, Metroplaza Tower 1, 223 Hing Fong Road
Kwai Fong, New Territories, Hong Kong
Phone: (800) 798-5826



5. PXT Select

Hiring the right people means finding candidates who fit the job requirements. That’s where they can help. Tell them about your job, and PXT Select will tell you if the candidate is a great fit.

Building the right assessment into your hiring process helps reduce the hiring bias by applying a consistent approach to every candidate, no matter how dissimilar their personal characteristics, experiences, and education may be.

Ensuring your people have the natural talents to successfully perform the job they’re hired for can be a positive impact on performance and productivity.

PXT Select
111 River Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 748-6000


6. PSI

PSI works in partnership with their clients to deliver results-oriented, value-focused, and service-driven testing solutions with uncompromised integrity. For over 70 years, PSI has been providing Assessment and Talent Management solutions to a range of private and public sector organisations.

In over 160 countries, PSI delivers mission critical testing programs in every sector, with an outstanding track record in industries such as aviation, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, IT certification, real estate, cosmetology, insurance and construction.

Employers, governments, professional associations, certifying and licensing bodies, and leading educational institutions trust them to deliver on their mission of helping people succeed through testing excellence, including test development, administration, multi-channel delivery, and licensure management services.

611 N Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203
Phone: (800) 367-1565


7. Berke

Berke is a pre-hire assessment that measures core motivations and abilities. These predict important job behaviors such as teamwork, communication, customer service, and problem-solving.

Recruiters and hiring managers need to make fast, smart decisions that achieve business goals. Berke is a simple pre-hire assessment that measures the traits and abilities that predict success on the job.

Berke goes deeper than experience by providing data designed to help you make better hiring decisions at scale. Assessing your candidates helps you choose the right person for the job with less hassle and more peace of mind.

2970 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 300
Atlanta, Ga 30305
Phone: (888) 220-7611



8. Kolbe Corp

Too often, HR assessments look only at a person’s traits. They have no way to identify the demands of a job and how well a person will fit into it. Their system analyzes individual strengths and job responsibilities then provides actionable solutions for job design.

Thye also have a cadre of expert consultants to guide you toward better outcomes. A powerful tool to get the right people in the right seats is the Role Alignment Guide.

It considers both individual strengths and a 360o review of job requirements to develop strategies that will maximize potential and increase productivity.

Kolbe Corp
2355 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 610
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: (602) 840-9770



9. HireVue

HireVue helps global enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the modern talent marketplace with video interviewing software and pre-hire assessments. Their hiring intelligence platform transforms the way companies discover, hire, and develop talent.

By combining video interviews with predictive, validated IO science and artifical intelligence (AI), HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster.

Your recruitment process needs to be fast, while reflecting your organization’s unique values and needs. Harness the power of HireVue technology to find the right people to grow your business and fight bias.

10876 South River Front Pkwy #500
South Jordan, UT 84095
Phone: (801) 316-2910


10. Symphony Talent

They are a recruitment marketing platform and employer brand partner.

Combined, it’s magic for your talent and team. You know your brand, they help transform and activate it: from EVP strategy to content marketing, recruiting campaigns to career site design.

They don’t just go with the status quo. They are always looking for new and better ways to help brands and recruiters find their voice in the working world. It’s why they love their jobs.

They work and play well together, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They actively seek out new opportunities and support each other’s growth and development

Symphony Talent
19 W 34th St
New York, US 10001
Phone: (855) 587-2926


Bonus #11

11. Prevue

 Prevue’s assessments are backed by years of ongoing custom research by their own occupational psychologists. Each test goes through a rigorous development process, and their researchers constantly update the norms.

They carefully make sure every assessment is valid, accurate, and reliable. With Prevue, you can expect consistent results that will help you predict an employee’s future behavior.

Interviews don’t often reveal someone’s actual job fit. Find out the whole story by building or choosing a benchmark, and let the test results show you a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Job-Fit job assessment test will be one of your most vital tools of your trade.

400 – 535 Thurlow Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6E3L2
Phone: (888) 277-3883


Now You Are Ready to Buy Pre-Employment Testing Assessment Tools

As you can see, there are plenty of pre-employment and assessment tools and software available. Any one of these can help save your company time and money.

It is a waste of everyone’s time to go through interviews, hiring, and training just to find out it isn’t going to work out after all. By using a pre-employment assessment, you can narrow down your search to find better candidates.

It is more difficult when people apply online. There can be multiple resumes, spam, people looking for the wrong job, and many other problems. Sift through these applications much faster by using assessment tools to find the best people for your company.

As your company is unique, find the company that can tailor your assessments to the specifics of the positions you need to hire and fill. This will save you a lot of time and money.

More and more hiring managers are turning to these online assessment tools to help find the best employees. You want to hire someone you can train, everyone will get along with, and people who will stay and grow with the company. Call some of these companies and find out how they can help you hire the people your company needs.

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