When you think about organic products, literally everything comes to mind. It seems though now a days we can buy anything from organic grown tomatoes to organic cat liter… Now if we think about organic skin care, as we narrow down our options we realize there are a lot of options, so lets narrow our options a little further.  Lets think of one that does not have paid actors in an infomercial…Tougher than expected. We found a smaller, but quickly growing organic skin care products company out of Colorado Springs that has grown from a home soap shop, to an across-state national sensation.

“The Lotion bar works wonders, rub it on before stepping out of the shower and no lotion is needed”     -Nathalie

We caught up with Nathalie from Missouri, and we asked her what her thoughts were on the products this up and coming company has to offer and she had nothing but wonderful things to say.  She is a membership holder and receives MIG Soap & Body Co. products every month.  The organic scrub bar and organic lotion bar are definitely the highlights of this package, which also includes an organic soap bar. With new scents and an extraordinary way of exfoliating without irritating, MIG soap products are every woman’s answer to rough & dry skin.

The products hold their smell on your skin and Nathalie loves the fresh and natural scents MIG carries.  “The lotion bar and scrub bar are fantastic” Scrub your skin for maximum exfoliation and use the lotion bar right before stepping out of the shower for a hydrating feel, since Missouri is one of the driest places Nathalie has lived in she used the lotion bar and some unscented lotion after in order for her skin to feel fresh all day. “The customer service is exceptional and everything is always delivered timely and properly.”

With phenomenal product reviews, it is safe to say MIG Soaps offers fine, luxury products at an affordable price so that every woman in American can have access to beautiful healthy skin on a daily basis.

For more details and to order your own bar to test, contact them at (719) 229-6423 or visit their website www.migsoap.com

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