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Top 10 Best Virtual Assistant Companies & VA Services 2018

Are you searching for the best virtual assistant services or affordable VA companies?

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when they are faced with scaling and growing their business.

For small businesses, scaling can be a very exciting time, but also very overwhelming and stressful.

While there are plenty of options, including increasing your team size to increasing the workload for existing employees, there is one option that is fast becoming popular: hiring a virtual assistant (VA).

But, while there are hundreds of VA companies out there, it is important to understand that not all virtual assistants are created equal.

Following are top 10 best virtual assistant services that you can consider for your business.


1. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

editors pickBottleneck Virtual Assistants has been in the industry since 2006. They have a unique and rigorous 3-tiered vetting process that helps to ensure you get access to the best virtual assistant talent for your needs and goals.

BVA caters to small businesses who, despite growth, are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their daily tasks. Co-founded by a kind business leader with a big heart (see video below), this VA services company is the perfect choice to help you source a high quality virtual assistant.

(Note: There’s a 15% sourcing discount on your sourcing fee when you use the code BNVA1 here.)

Virtual Assistant Services 

  • Medical transcription
  • Therapy desk
  • Customer care
  • Administrative
  • Social media management
  • Project management
  • Sales management
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Bookkeeping
  • Audio editing
  • Video editing
  • Appointment setting


  • Awesome value and service
  • Owned & operated by a well-known podcaster
  • Great customer reviews


  • No transparent pricing on website (but trust us – very fair pricing!)


Bottleneck Virtual Assistants
2348 E. Seminole St.
Springfield, MO 65804


2. Task Bullet

Headquartered in the Philippines with US-sales offices in Utah and California, Task Bullet was founded in 2012. Over the past 5 years, this VA company has grown to become a leader in the industry. Task Bullet is modeled as a virtual employee model where all the virtual employees posses at least 5 years of active experience in their fields. Clients can train their dedicated VAs to meet their specific business requirements.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Website management
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Customer service
  • Market research


  • Very affordable
  • Transparent website pricing

task bullet reviews

Task Bullet
18685 Main Street, Ste 101PMB
433 Huntington Beach, CA.
Phone: (855) 827-5285


3. Red Butler

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Beverly Hill, California, Red Butler in a executive virtual assistant and administrative support company that helps entrepreneurs, business professionals, startup teams, and executives get more accomplished in the shortest time possible. Having been around for well over a decade, Red Butler is certainly one of the pioneers of the American VA industry. They focus on serving executive and small business market. The company is entirely US-based and uses all-American virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Scheduling
  • Client service
  • Marketing and research
  • Personal support

red butler virtual assistants review

Red Butler
8306 Wilshire Blvd #1070
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: (888) 288-5372


4. Belay

Founded in 2010 by Bryan and Shannon Miles, BELAY exclusively employs US-based specialists and assistants. The company started out by helping pastors and churches outsource their administrative work, and have since grown to serve businesses (both small and large) nationwide. Today, BELAY has earned endorsements from Fortune 500 companies, and influencers like Michael Hyatt.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Virtual assistants
  • Bookkeeping
  • Web maintenance
  • Content writers

belay reviews

P.O.BOX 105603 #81527
Atlanta, GA 30348-5603
Phone: (855) 552-3529


5. Online VA Team

Based in Michigan, Online VA Team was founded in 2014 to offer virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. The company has virtual assistants based in their remote office in the Philippines. Managed by Greg Parker, Online VA Team only hires college-educated assistant and subject all their candidates to a three-round interview process. They work across any time zone, so regardless of your location in the world, the assistants at Online VA Team are ready to accommodate your business hours.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Sales assistants
  • Marketing assistants
  • Bookkeeping and administration assistants
  • Virtual real estate assistants
  • Social media assistants
  • Executive assistants
  • Personal assistants
  • Writing and data entry
  • Online researchers

online va team reviews

Online VA Team
2370 E Stadium Blvd., Suite 480
Ann Arbor, Michigan – 48104
Phone: (800) 989-0360


6. Fancy Hands

Founded in 2010, Fancy Hands is a New York-based virtual assistant company that offers budget-friendly VA services to clients in the US and around the world. All their virtual assistants are US-based, native English speakers.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Phone call management
  • Online research
  • Reservations
  • Email management
  • Event scheduling and planning

fancy hands virtual assistant review

Fancy Hands
200 East 10th Street, Suite 718
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (374) 836-9566


7. Get Friday

Based in Bangalore, India, Get Friday is best known as the virtual assistant division of Your Man in India (YMII), the famous personal concierge company. The VA company caters to the needs of entrepreneurs and business executives who have a tight schedule by offering virtual assistants who can deliver exceptional work at the fastest TaT possible. Get Friday was founded in 2005 and has employed over 200 active virtual assistants serving more than 11,000 clients in over 40 countries.

Virtual Assistant Services

    • Customer support
    • Legal, accounting and PR
    • Writing and content creation
    • Sales
    • Receptionist services
    • Marketing
    • In-person tasks

get friday reviews

Get Friday
Ferns Icon, Ground Floor,
Marathahalli Outer Ring Road
Bangalore, 560037,
Karnataka, India
Phone: (877) 879-4339


8. Zirtual

Founded in 2010, Zirtual virtual assistant offers virtual assistant and personal concierge services to clients around the world. The company is headquartered in Columbus, OH. Zirtual’s US-based, college-educated virtual assistants are available to handle a wide range of tasks and that are designed to help businesses and busy entrepreneurs get organized.


Virtual Assistant Services

  • Personal assistant
  • Administrative and executive assistant
  • Email assistant
  • Social media and marketing assistant
  • Schedule and planning
  • Travel planning
  • Research
  • Small business support
  • Real estate virtual assistants

zirtual virtual assistants review

Zirtual Startups LLC
1322 Manning Pkwy,
Powell, OH 43065
Phone: (800) 997-9714


9. Pepper Virtual Assistant

Based in the Philippines, Pepper Virtual Assistant is a subsidiary of Aspec Advertising, one of the leading marketing companies in Asia. Founded in 2009, Pepper provides a complete range of virtual assistant services. It also allows clients to train virtual assistants in their specific business processes for a more customized service.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Executive administration
  • Marketing administration
  • Customer service
  • Project management
  • Social media management
  • Bookkeeping support
  • Writing and editing

pepper virtual assistants review

Davao Office
Door A4 Plaza de Luisa Bldg.
R. Magsaysay Ave. Davao City 8000
Phone: 082-2213640


10. Don’t Panic Management

Don’t Panic Management founded in 2009 as a small freelance operation with 3 clients and a low budget. Over the years, the agency has grown to become one of the top virtual assistant service providers for small and medium enterprises. The team at Don’t Panic Management is ready and willing to put in the time and energy required for the success of the client.

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Event planning
  • Research
  • Project management
  • Executive assistants
  • Social media management
  • Podcast production

Pricing: not provided, but some reports indicate basic admin services start at $50/hr (ie $104,000/yr for a full time 40hr/week virtual assistant).


  • Great experience
  • High & Diverse skillset
  • Great references (ie Jay Baer)


  • High priced
  • No transparent pricing on website

dont panic management reviews

Don’t Panic Management
1732 1st Ave #21109
New York, New York 10128
Phone: (646) 820-0724


Businesses hire virtual assistants for various reasons. These services are generally cost effective and flexible. Above are the top best virtual assistant companies worth giving a shot at.


Are you ready to hire a virtual assistant?

VA Hiring Advice from Danielle Julia Cuomo

We asked an industry expert, Danielle Julia Cuomo (President, Virtual Assist USA) to provide us with some insight and some questions you should ask before hiring a virtual assistant or virtual assistant service:

I own and have three VAs. I’ve been through at least a half dozen. The biggest thing for me is availability, ability to think on their feet, and be somewhat autonomous. I can’t micromanage someone who is there to save time.

-Chase Hughes

“I would recommend that your users search for a Virtual Assistant team or agency, rather than a solo freelancer. The team or agency adds professionalism and also offers a layer of credibility and trust that you’re dealing with a company with a strong foundation, rather than a freelancer who may move onto another, better project.”

Ms Cuomo goes on to say: “I would recommend looking for agencies that have fulltime Virtual Assistants and do not use contractors, as fulltime Virtual Assistants will present more reliably and be more responsive when it is their full time career and not side-hustle.”

Here are some questions that  Danielle Julia Cuomo recommends asking a virtual assistant team or agency:

  • Am I assigned to one dedicated Virtual Assistant? (There’s a special relationship that comes with working with the same Virtual Assistant, day in and day out. However, you also want to be sure that they have a back-up plan in place in the event that the dedicated Virtual Assistant is out sick or on vacation so that you don’t experience any service interruption.)
  • What should I expect for turnaround times?
  • How long should I expect to wait to receive an email response or acknowledgement? (This is critically important so that you not only feel that the Virtual Assistant’s workflow fits in seamlessly with yours, but also to set the expectations at the outset.)
  • If the Virtual Assistant doesn’t know how to perform a specific task that I ask for, or gets stumped with a project, what would the Virtual Assistant do next?
  • Can you tell me an example of how you have been proactive with other clients? (It’s important to have a Virtual Assistant who is a proactive partner in your business and not just an order taker.)

Virtual Assistant Hiring Advice from Robert Longley

Robert Longley Outsourcing Choices says “The first thing you should do before hiring a virtual assistant is to figure out how you work, and what work to outsource. While it sounds simple, it’s something that people don’t think about before jumping into a VA relationship.”

“There are lots of books out there that basically say ‘hire an offshore virtual assistant and become a millionaire’. A lot of people jump into VA relationships and find that it doesn’t actually work for them.”

Mr. Longley says that you should ask yourself the following 10 questions before hiring a VA:

  1. What time am I most productive?
  2. Do I need someone full time?
  3. Do I need someone for a fixed number of hours or fixed number of tasks?
  4. Do I need the same person all the time?
  5. Do I need to be able to talk to my VA in English?
  6. Do I need to be in the same timezone as someone working for me?
  7. Do I need to be able to meet with my VA in person?
  8. What things can someone else do for me?
  9. What things do I have to do myself?
  10. Do I have checklists/scripts that someone else can follow for what I do?

The answers to these questions will help you decide what sort of assistant you need, what they will be doing, and where in the world they might need to be located.

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