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Top 10 Blog Writing Service & Article Content Writer Services

Are you searching for the best blog writing service or the top article writing companies?

We have scoured the Internet to find the best outsourced content writing companies for your business.

Marketing has changed over the years.  In order to capture the most amount of traffic from Google and through your social media channels, your business needs to be creating and distributing high quality content all the time.

On the other hand, most businesses – especially small businesses – do not have the in-house writing resources create, publish and distribute great content.

We have ranked and reviewed the very best blog writing companies in the world.

Each service is a little bit different in terms of pricing.  The biggest issue for you, the business owner or executive, is dependability, quality control, and pricing.  All blog content is not created equal.  Cheap blog posts do you no good if you have to reject, heavily edit or even re-write them.

Some companies grossly over-price their services.  For example, many independent freelance blog writers will charge .04/word to .05/word, while the middleman company will charge you .10/word or more.

Your goal is to get consistent (i.e. weekly) blog posts for your company website blog.

Blogging is not an “SEO silver bullet.”

It’s just an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle, but one that you have to get right.

While high quality blog content can be highly beneficial to you Google rankings, low quality blog posts can really hurt.

Today’s content marketing is all about quality and relevance, not about quantity.  Let’s get to it:

Top 10 Blog Writing Service & Article Content Writer Services

1. The Content Company

The Content Company is a boutique blog writing agency that is rising star in the crowd source article writing space.  The company was founded by ex-agency professionals that understand the importance of consistent, quality content for small business marketing.   The pricing starts at $60 per blog post for a 400 to  600 word blog post.  That’s a huge word count range and is one of the only real knock on this company – that is a HUGE swing in the cost-per-word rate. The Content Company offers other types of content such as press releases, eBooks and newsletter copy writing.  Overall the Content Company seems to do a good job with customer service – perhaps the best on this list –  and has great quality control as well.  Learn more about The Content Company at:

2. Content Runner

According to the Content Runner website, in early in 2013, the founders were having trouble managing writer relationships using emails and spreadsheets and they thought “why not build something to make the pain go away?” From those early conversations the founding team came up with the concept of Content Runner for the purpose of creating  topics, assigning tasks to writers, editing and publishing content, paying writers, collecting W-9’s, using Copyscape and doing status tracking.  Content Runner has a unique fee system.  You set the blog post fee with the writer, and Content Runner takes a sliding percentage fee that starts at 15%.  This is a more transparent system than most crowd source blog writing services.  Learn more about Content Runner at:

3. Ghost Blog Writers

Ghost Blog Writers is a blog writing service that provides a regular schedule of blog posts for businesses. Ghost Blog Writers assigns a dedicated blog writer to your account. They provide you with blog titles, posts and the service includes uploading and formatting of every post to your blog.   Although $40 will get you a 400 word blog post, it will cost you $65 for a 600 to 800-word blog post.   While their rates are listed as “per post”, if you read the fine print, they do not accept.  One issue with many of these site is that the try to get to pay a lot in advance, or they to to get you on a recurring billing cycle.   Learn more about Ghost Blog Writers at:

4. WriterAccess

Founded in 2010, WriterAccess is a free cloud-based platform that provides access to a workforce of 14,000, screened, and US-based writers, editors, translators and content strategists. WriterAccess is listed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US in 2014 and 2015.   This company has a very organized way of ordering blog writing services.  You pay by the word and by the “quality” of the blog writer, which can range from .02/word to .20/word.  A four-star writer at .06/word for a 500-word blog post will cost you around $30.  With over 14,000 writers, there is no way the service can be very personal and you should expect some variation in quality.  Learn more Writer Access at:

5. Scripted

Scripted is unique on this list in that its one of the only companies that has received significant venture capital funding. In 2013, Redpoint Ventures lead a 4.5 millions Series A round of funding. The company states that all of their writers go through a rigorous vetting process and promises that they keep a close eye on quality to ensure only the highest quality writers within their pool of writing talent.  As with many of these types of services, you have the ability to chose a ‘Standard Writer’ with Scripted, or a more pricey “Specialist Writer”.   Scripted also offers you with the ability to communicate with your writer(s) via chat and even via telephone.  Learn more about Scripted at:

6. Hoth Blogger

What is Hoth Blogger?  Hoth Blogger is a premium article writing service from a company that started out as (and still is) an SEO company focused on back link building.  Hoth Blogger claims to offer the easiest way to get great articles on your your website in an SEO friendly format.   They offer professionally written content which includes  “an amazing system that will get you highly relevant, researched, professionally written content to your blog as an ala-carte service or monthly based on your needs.”   How much does the Hoth Blog service cost?  It’s pretty pricey starting at $70/post for a 700 word blog post which comes to $.10/word.  Hoth Blogger does include an image with optional posting directly to your WordPress website.   Learn more about HothBlogger at:

7. Express Writers

Express Writers is a USA-based writing team was founded by Julia McCoy in 2011. This blog writing and copy writing company has a hand-picked team of over 70 writers and editors, USA-based, with experience and degrees from Master’s in English to a background in marketing and engineering. This blog writing provider has completed thousands of written projects successfully.   Learn more about Express Writers at:

8. BlogMutt

BlogMutt is a site similar to many on this list of “middlemen” or crowd sourced article writing companies that pool freelancer writers together. By pooling from a larger group, your company can have access to a consistent flow of writers. BlogMutt charges you $89/mo for four blog posts per month. That’s about $22/blog post.  The articles the provide are 250 words, which is pretty thin according to most Internet marketing experts. Further, they reportedly pay their writers about $8/blog post…so you kind of have expect to get what you pay for.   While BlogMutt serves the lower end of the article writing service market, this service can be very valuable for many small businesses that would otherwise never writer or publish a blog post.  Learn more about BlogMutt at:

9. Textbroker

Textbroker’s authors are freelancers, able to work anywhere there is an Internet connection. Textbroker ensures that authors come from the target countries for each platform. For example, only permits U.S.-based authors.   Textbroker serves a wide variety of clients, from small local businesses to travel portals to publishing houses to some of the largest companies in the world. Textbroker can offer a service level and price point for almost every need, so clients can choose to place and review orders themselves, or ask Textbroker to manage every aspect of requesting, reviewing and posting their content. Textbroker also has relationships with thousands of webmasters and agencies, from search or web design agencies with a few clients to multi-national advertising agencies. Textbroker takes care of content creation, so agencies can focus on more strategic activities for their clients.  Learn more about Texbroker at

10. Crowd Content

When Crowd Content CEO, Clayton Lainsbury, started the company, his goal was to build a content creation platform that was simple and powerful.   Crowd Content was designed to manage the balance between clients and writers.  As of this writing, the company has clients from over 80 countries.  These Crowd Content clients have ordered over 25 million words of custom content from a pool of over 2,000+ professional writers.  Even though Crowd Content’s marketplace allows clients to reject content, almost all content submitted by the writing pool is accepted.   How does Crowd Content work?  After an order is placed, a qualified writer claims it within 60 seconds. Typically, the writer then completes the content at a rate of 350 words per hour.  How much does Crowd Content cost?  A 600 word blog post from a 3 (out of 4) star writer will cost you $48.  A 600 word blog post from a 4-star writer will cost you $72 per post.  Learn more about Crowd Content at:

Have we missed anyone?

Do you  have a favorite blog writing resource?  Do you know of any other great blog writing resources?  Let us know in the comment section below.



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4 Responses to Top 10 Blog Writing Service & Article Content Writer Services

  1. Rebecca says:

    We’ve tried Blogmutt and Express Writers…The Content Company is our current favorite.

  2. Utah Small Biz Owner says:

    I see Hoth advertising on Facebook all the time, tempted to give those guys a try. Anyone tried this service?

  3. buzz buzzard says:

    Writer Access has 14,000 writers? How can there possibly be any level of quality control with than many writers!!??

  4. Freelance Rockstar says:

    I am a freelance writer and I’ve worked for a few of these content mills. They pay low and sell high. You can try places like UpWork or the job board at and find freelancer writers. You will pay less and get much better quality. Although, as a freelance writer, I do acknowledge the “freelancer risk” in that there is no crowd source to fall back on if your freelance writer flakes out on you or takes on too much work. The way around this is to have 2-3 writers and spread the work around. Yes, it will take you time and money to interview and test writers, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

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