Are you searching for the the best cold email tools or reviews for this year’s top cold emailing software?

Cold mailing is a great way to promote your business and boost sales.

But the main problem is in choosing the tool for such campaigns.

And in this article, the team of AtomPark Software, developer of the professional instruments for marketing with 19-year experience, will tell you what is better: services or programs, and share 10 most convenient tools.

Cold email outreach challenges and their solutions

There are a lot of online services for email sending. But many of them are not appropriate for sending cold emails. Here is why:

  1. Email services let the users send emails only to the addressees who have given their consent to receiving the newsletters. Thus, despite the CAN Spam Act, such list of email collected from the public sources won’t be accepted.
  2. Far from all the services guarantee the 100% safety of your contact lists. So, the services are not for you if you have a unique database of email addresses for sending cold emails which you have collected by yourself. And you want to be completely sure that it won’t appear anywhere on the Web or that someone else couldn’t ever use these addresses for their mailings.

So, what to do in the cases like this? There is a great way out. These are programs for bulk email sending!

  • The software like this is installed on your computer. So, you can be 100% sure that your contact list in safe and sound because you don’t need to upload it to any external servers.
  • You can use the databases from open sources and don’t worry about your mailing to be blocked. As you upload the list of recipients to the program that is installed right on your PC but not on the server of a service, neither moderators, nor managers or anyone else has the access to it. Nobody can see the list of addresses you send your emails to, so, there can’t be any restrictions if your newsletter corresponds to antispam requirements.
  • Furthermore, many programs for bulk mailing are compatible with proxy servers. They can help you in case if you look suspicious for providers (for example, because you have used the contact lists of low quality earlier). They hide the IP of a sender. So, there is no reason to be worried about the risk of being blocked by providers.

Software is the best solution for those who want to provide his business with the help of sending cold emails.

And the next essential step while planning your cold mailing campaign is the choice of a program that will meets your requirements the best.

TOP-10 Cold Email Tools & Software Programs

So, we have explored the most popular programs and want to share the TOP 10 best tools for sending cold emails. You will see the overview of the following programs:

  1. MassReach Box
  2. Atomic Mail Sender
  3. Mass Email Sender
  4. SendBlaster Pro 4
  5. G-Lock EasyMail 7
  6. Bulk Mailer Pro
  7. MaxBulk Mailer
  8. AY Mail
  9. AB Bulk Mailer
  10. Bulk Mailer Lite

So, let’s start discussing the peculiarities, features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing of each tool.


MassReach Box

MassReach Box Reviews


This 6 in 1 tools MassReach Box will help you to launch a cold mailing campaign from A to Z. Find the addresses of your target audience in different sources (on the Web: on the certain websites or by keywords, on your PC: in files, Mailbox, and messengers, in Whois database which keeps the information about the owners of websites). Verify the mailing list to make your campaign even more effective. Keep your list organized. Send the messages in an easy, fast, and safe way.


  1. Searching and extracting addresses on the Web, your PC, Whois database.
  2. Contact list management (merging, subtraction, intersection, splitting and removal of duplicates).
  3. Email addresses verification (checks if emails are written correctly, valid and can receive the messages).
  4. Unlimited sending mass emails with a free email templates and personalization.
Advantages Disadvantages
Multifunctionality Outdated interface
Unlimited contact base size
Fast sending

Price: $25 per month, or $210 per year. Free trial is available for 7 days.

Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender Reviews


This is software for sending emails with an extended functionality. It helps to launch an email campaign in a fast and easy way.


  • Importing the contact list from the files of different formats (.txt, .csv, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .mdb, .accdb), from .dbf databases, Outlook address book, clipboard, creating new contact lists manually.
  • Compatibility with SMTP-server. It allows to the program to work safely and uninterruptedly in a multi-thread mode which fastens email sending.
  • Free templates for those who have no time to develop their own newsletters design.
  • Proxy server support. You can connect to an any external proxy to hide your IP.
  • Personalization. This is very important for earning trust of receivers. The program automatically replace a special tag by the name of an email recipient or other personalized information mentioned in the contact database.
  • Spin text. This is an interesting feature which makes your mailing look like many unique emails to a provider. Spin text is a random words placing in the places you need, so that all the newsletters will differ from each other. So, providers won’t suspect that this is spam.
  • Spam Assassin. This is a built-in spam risk checker. It gives to your newsletter the scores which evaluate the chances of being delivered to the Inbox folder. Also, it gives recommendations on how to improve the email in order to enhance these chances.
  • Unsubscribe link. It is placed in the newsletter automatically if you turn on such a feature.
  • Social media widgets. They will allow you to revive your social networks accounts by placing the links on them to the newsletter.
  • Postponed delivery. You can not only send emails immediately, but also take into account the time zones or your own schedule. Just choose the date and time in advance, and program will send the newsletter automatically.
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics, so that you can monitor your mailing campaigns effectiveness.
  • Bounce analyzer. This feature identifies the email addresses that can’t receive your messages.
Advantages Disadvantages
The unlimited size of the email database Outdated interface
Many contact list formats supported
Free templates
Compatibility with SMTP and Proxy servers
Built-in features for minimizing the risks of being blocked as spam (Spam Assassin, spin text, unsubscribe link placing)
Postponed sending

Price: $89.9, 7-days trial version.

Mass Email Sender

Mass Email Sender Reviews


This is a program with the basic features for email sending with a plain interface.


  • Importing emails from .csv, .txt, .xls, Windows Address Book, external sources like ODBC/OLE DB.
  • Free templates. There is a set of them for those who doesn’t want to waste time and effort on creating their own design.
  • Personalization.
  • SMTP support.
  • Scheduled email sending. You can enter the needed date and time in advance.
  • Built-in tracking options. It’s possible to monitor the delivery and open rate.
Advantages Disadvantages
Wide range of functions that make campaigns launching easier (like the scheduled sending, free templates, and other). The lack of features for preventing going to the Spam folder
User-friendly interface. Social networks widgets can’t be included to a newsletter

Price: $144.9.

SendBlaster Pro 4

SendBlaster Pro 4 Reviews


This is a professional instrument for email sending.


  • Importing contact lists from .xls files, Outlook, Gmail.
  • A set of free templates.
  • Basic features for mailing list managing: finding duplicates, segmenting contacts.
  • Blacklisting.
Advantages Disadvantages
Easy-to-use interface. All the main features can be found on the main window. SMTP connection has some restrictions: you can use only one SMTP server, there is no rotation
Built-in basic features for mailing list managing, so, you will have to use an additional program for this only if you need some advanced options. Proxy is not supported
There are free templates for your emails. There are no features for helping you to pass spam filters (this disadvantage is very significant, because cold emails have a higher risk to be blocked as spam)

Price: $129.

G-Lock EasyMail 7

G-Lock EasyMail 7 Reviews


This is a software for sending emails with a wide range of features. It’s a good variant for launching cold mailing campaigns.


  • SMTP support.
  • Unsubscribe link.
  • Personalization.
  • Links to social network accounts.
  • Spam Checker. The developer of a program offers you to test your email by sending it to the one of the test addresses and get the information about where it appears: in the Inbox or the Spam folder.
  • Scheduled sending.
  • Compatibility with the services for analytics.
  • Ready-made html templates.
Advantages Disadvantages
A wide range of features Doesn’t support proxy
Spam Checker which is very important for cold emails A bit difficult to use because often asks for password

Price: $159

Bulk Mailer Pro

Bulk Mailer Pro Reviews


This program is light and easy to use. It is a good variant for the beginning marketers.

The set of options is rather ordinary and not really rich. This software is appropriate for those who want to try sending cold emails but has a tight budget. For more professional campaigns, you will need to try another one.


  • Importing contact lists from .csv, .txt, .xls.
  • Compatibility with SMTP.
  • Personalization.
  • Bounce Manager.
  • Spam Rate;
  • A few free templates.
Advantages Disadvantages
Plain interface, so you don’t need to waste much time on learning how to work with a program Functionality is rather poor
Bounce analyzer A program is not compatible with proxy server
Democratic price There is no feature of unsubscribe link placing
Spam rate There are no social accounts widgets
Free templates are present, but there few of them
The program is not compatible with Google Analytics

Price: $69.95

MaxBulk Mailer

MaxBulk Mailer Reviews


This is a tool with the basic set of options for cold email campaigns.


  • Importing email addresses from files.
  • Compatibility with SMTP server.
  • Spam Check.
  • Delivery logs.
Advantages Disadvantages
Very easy to use. There are no ready-made templates
Has a built-in Spam Check tool. Proxy is not supported
Has delivery logs that allow to control the effectiveness of mailing. There is no function of scheduled sending
There are no social media widgets

Price: $70

AY Mail

AY Mail Reviews


This is a tool with advanced functionality for professional marketers.


  • Importing contact lists from files, databases, Outlook.
  • Finding email duplicates.
  • Mailing lists combining.
  • Blacklisting.
  • Personalization.
  • Active scripting for generating the parts of messages.
  • SMTP support.
  • Scheduled sending.
  • Bounce processing.
  • Reports about the finished campaigns.
Advantages Disadvantages
A comprehensive set of features High price
Understandable interface Outdated interface

Price: $189.95

AB Bulk Mailer

AB Bulk Mailer Reviews


This is a software for email sending with the basic set of options. This is a good choice for those who want to get minimum functions for a minimal price. But for more advanced features that can be helpful while launching an email campaign, it’s better to find a more professional tool.


  • Exporting files from .csv or .xsl files.
  • Manage lists.
  • Unsubscribe and blacklist emails.
  • Connect to SMTP server.
Advantages Disadvantages
Very easy to use because the program has nothing extra but the basic features for email sending. Poor functionality
Low price. No proxy support
No functions that help to avoid spam filters

Price: $37 for the corporate version, $22 for the plain one.

Bulk Mailer Lite

Bulk Mailer Lite Reviews


This is a plain email sender that doesn’t stand out from other similar programs. It works good but haven’t got anything special.


  • HTML editor;
  • Personalization;
  • SMTP compatibility;
  • Results monitoring.
Advantages Disadvantages
Fast work No features for evaluating spam risk
All the basic features are present Rather outdated interface
Limit of 10000 receivers for one email campaign

Price: $45


There is a big choice of the software for email sending. But it’s very important to choose the one properly. The most important criteria while choosing the program for sending cold emails are:

  • The usability: the interface can be modern or not, but it should be easy and convenient to use.
  • The presence of free templates: especially it’s important for those who has no enough time for creating their own design.
  • Features for avoiding being blocked as spam: pay much attention to them because cold emails are under risk anyway.
  • SMTP and proxy support are very recommended for cold mailing campaigns.
  • Compatibility with the services for analyzing the campaigns’ results.
  • The price: it should be proportional to the functionality of the software.

Choose the right software and send your cold emails successfully!

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